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Hey there!!!!

well I started this a little time ago and since i really like the penguins of madagascar I started with one episode so if you read one of my stories please review even for grammar spelling mistakes XD

Q: How it is your personality?

I am usually a quiet person and I prefer to not be around people but if I find some one interesting or funny which who I like to sped time I become very loyal to that person. Also I have a bad temperament because I spend most of my time being angry and rarely I smile or laugh (mostly because my laugh sounds like the one of a super villain and people use to see me weird when I laugh), I am not a sentimental person and mostly every thing people tell me does not affects me but I also know how to defend me so usually I am the one that ends hurting people.

Q: Do you like to share with your friends?

No, not really or at least not in real life I prefer to talk with people online and there is when I share things about my life, in real life before I can share with someone about my life I need to know more about that person of what I should know. Also I have a characteristic that helps me in these cases 'cause since I don't like to talk much I always here people so most of the persons with which I am around are very open with me even when I am not.

Q: Are you open with your family?

No, not at all. I know it sounds weird but we get to that point in which my parents doesn't know what to gift me on my birthday or other parties. Don't ask why I don't share with them lets just say I got my reasons.

Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, a sister who is younger than me but she is use to obey everything that I say (I think she is afraid of me) why? because once she took one of my plushes and her notebooks ended outside of the window. MUAHAHAHA :)

Q: Which T.V. shows do you like?

Pokemon ( my favorite pokemon is lucario as you can see in the picture)

The penguins of madagascar ( my favorite character is Dr. Blowhole and my favorite episode was "The return of the revenge of Dr. Blowhole.")

T.U.F.F. Puppy

Person of interest

Scrubs ( my favorite character is Dr. Cox) because he is like my father :P

The Big Bang Theory

Two and a Half Men well before they took out Charlie (not that i have something against Ashton Kutcher he is a funny actor if dont believe me there is a really funny escen in "dude where is my car")

CSI: mostly Miami

How i met your mother ( favorite character Barney ha! obviously)

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

On my free time i really like to read mystery books a lot of them about murders :S

Q: Which are you favorite singers/songs?

Scissor sisters (i love the song called: i can't decide)

Crush 40

Voltaire (my favorite song is "when you're evil")

Ja! all dark songs well the scissor sisters songs are not all of that some are about love...

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PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR: The revenge of Denmark reviews
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