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HI! I'm Marorin5!

Things about myself: I'm a female, I'm in school and I'm from Chile!

I love both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but I don't really like Dragon Ball GT. I prefer to think as if it does not exist.

I also like other animes as well, but Dragon Ball/Z is the closest to my heart. In addition, I like playing videogames. Like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, the Legend of Zelda, etc. When it comes to music... I actually have a very varied taste. Jonas Brothers, Evanescence, Chayanne, Latin American music, Taylor Swift, Nirvana... Yeah, a very strange and varied taste. Basically, Rock and Pop and some few others, I guess. xD I'm not a fan of the classical music or jazz, though.

My favorite characters:

1. Son Goku
2. Son Gohan
3. Krillin
4. Son Goten
5. I'm not really sure... Videl, I guess. xD

I just love all the DBZ characters, especially the Z-Fighters (warriors and supporters) and Goku's family. They're just great! xD Also, I don't bash any of the DBZ characters! I love all of them and I ain't gonna bash any them in my stories! There will be no character bashing!

What I dislike about DB/DBZ/DBGT: Not too many things. I dislike the fact Toriyama forgot about or made useless characters like Launch, Chiaotzu and Android 17, so I try to include 'em. I also don't like the fact he kille' Goku at the Cell Games just to get him out of the picture. Sure, it would've been nice to see Gohan as the main character (I prefer Goku though) but was it necesary to get rid of Goku, only to bring him back in the Buu saga? True, it was because of the fans. But personally, I think Dragon Ball would not be Dragon Ball without Son Goku. I hate that some characters like Yamcha or Krillin are hated. C'mon! So what if they're not match for Piccolo or the Saiyans? They kick some serious ass compared to 99% of the other warriors in DB/DBZ!

And…Dragon Ball GT. I don't like it. It just doesn't….fit. I mean, I admit the whole 'Dragon Balls get negative energy accomulated' thingy's kinda interesting and there were funny parts too. I actually like the Super Saiyan 4 concept and all. It's pretty badass if you ask me. It was probably one of the few things I liked from that crappy show. Seriously! Why turn Goku into a kid again? Why make everyone except Goku and Vegeta useless? Hell! Even Vegeta becomes useless! And why did they make Goku leave with a dragon?! Oh well, everyone has their own opinions.

About the dubs: I like the FUNimation dub 'cuz the voices fit well, the acting's great and I like the dialogue, but I prefer the japanese dialogue 'cuz there more swearing/cursing, and sometimes it makes more sense, hehehe. I also like the Latin American dub (the one they show in Chile, made in Mexico) 'cuz they keep the original dialogue to an extent, but in my opinion some few voices doesn't fit well to the characters, and sometimes the acting kinda bad. It's a cool dub though! And the Big Green dub... for me, that one's a joke to laugh at. I laugh at how horrible the acting is! xD

Favorite animes/mangas:

1. Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z
2. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
3. Death Note
4. Elfen Lied

Couples I support: Goku/Kakarot & Chi-Chi, Vegeta & Bulma, Gohan & Videl, Krillin & Android #18, Yamcha & Bulma (Yeah, I liked it. But I prefer Vegeta & Bulma. Let's just say it was good while it lasted), Tien & Launch. Basically every canon couple. :)

If you guys want, please go check my deviantART. I'm guessing I'll mostly submit drawings about Dragon Ball and think like that. :)

Dragon Ball Pact: "This pact is meant to hold together the remaining fans of Dragon Ball/Z/GT. Whether you like the FUNimation dub or the Ocean dub, whether you like the manga or the anime, whether you say 'Saiyan' or 'Saiyajin', we must stand strong and united, for we are the last of our dying race. And all those who are true fans, post this up on your page, forever proclaiming your Dragon Ball heritage. Be proud, for you are - a true Sayain!"


Piercing the shining clouds, I fly away (fly away),
While a panorama spreads through my body.
Kicked in the face, the Earth gets angry (gets angry),
And makes a volcano explode!

Within the melted polar ice,
If there’s a dinosaur, I want to train it to balance on a ball!

No matter what happens, I feel like it’s no big deal!
Just as loudly as my heart pounds,
The Genki-Dama roars...Sparking!

Diving through the sky on a roller coaster (coaster),
I fall into a paradise of panic!
The scenery turns upside-down and I cheer up (cheer up),

’Cause the mountains even look like butts!

There’s no time for worrying,
’Cause there’s a suprise hidden somewhere, and I wanna find it!

I’d rather have my head be empty, so I can stuff it with dreams!
With a smile that’s Ultra-Z,
Even today is ai-yai-yai-yai-yai...

No matter what happens, I feel like it’s no big deal!
Just as loudly my heart pounds,
The Genki-Dama roars...Sparking!


The chaos is advancing toward us,
This is no time to be crying.
Increasing our excitement one hundredfold,
Let’s become the stars of our party!

The things that captivate you
Will someday make you an incredible guy!

NO-TEN P-KAN, the sky is clear,
IPPAI OPPAI, I feel fine.
Play with trouble, you naughty boys!
We gotta power! Dragon Ball Z!

Kicking a lump of surprise,
Make the future your goal.
Let the flowers of “no worries” bloom,
And make everyone laugh!

You, who love mischief,
Will become a rival competing for your dream!

NO-TEN P-KAN, my head is clear.
RA-MEN ROPPAI, Mom doesn’t mind.
It’s the century’s end, so have fun, you naughty girl!
We gotta power! Dragon Ball Z!

The things that captivate you
Will someday make you an incredible guy!

NO-TEN P-KAN, the sky is clear.
IPPAI OPPAI, I feel fine.
Play with trouble, you naughty boys!
We gotta power! Dragon Ball Z!

HERO —Kibou no Uta—

From time to time, reality puts you through all kinds of ordeals, just like God does
All Day [All Day] All Night [All Night] they can sometimes grow irritating, but
despite that, your figure as you go clashing and fighting against them, is engulfed in light
Oh Yeah [Oh Yeah] All Right [All Right] shine away like the sun!

Courage, Gimme Gimme power Power Up Power Up power call it forth right now
No matter how many times you’re about to be knocked down, blaze up and stand again
So let’s get energetic and full of power so as to protect to the end, this small dream
Your running figure looks from behind just like that of a HERO

Worries that mere words just can’t describe everybody’s got their share of them
Wishes Come True yes, that’s true and it doesn’t even matter how harsh the present is
The melody that gave us courage in those days we raptly kept fighting,
softly, and eternally, let it echo in your heart

Vigor, Gimme Gimme power Power Up Power Up power so awesome, and invincible
No matter how many times you’re about to be knocked down, blaze up and stand again
So crack crack let’s get full of power.. so as to protect to the end, this small dream
Your running figure looks from behind just like that of a HERO

We take these firm steps right now, to ensure the future as it starts to expand
The world we are moving forward into, has surely only just started

Power of belief, that we achieved just now, go and reach out, to the direction of the emitting light
No matter how many times you’re about to be knocked down, blaze up and stand again
Courage, Gimme Gimme power Power Up Power Up power so much that it would daze all eyes
Your running figure looks from behind just like that of a HERO

Surmounting our tears, our chests throbbing, overflowing with emotions, echoing faraway, into the aspiring sky, our wishes granted
Continuing into tomorrow

Surmounting our tears, our chests throbbing, overflowing with emotions, echoing faraway, into the aspiring sky, our wishes granted
Holding out to you, the song of hope

Jingle Bells
Level: Dragon Ball Z

Flying through the snow,
on a magic yellow cloud,
over Capsule Corp we go,
laughing really loud.

Vegeta's lost his pride,
the explotions were bright,
Yamcha's tried to run and hide,
Krillin's wished back tonight.

Oh, Jingle Bells, Bacterian smells,
Goku's died again,
Oh, how hard Super Saiyan 3
is to mantain.

Jingle Bells, here comes Cell,
perfection all the way,
Buu is bored and wants a house
so he turns people into clay.

Note: I don't own these lyrics up here. They are owned by whoever's came up with these great lyrics! xD

I apologize if my English is not the greatest. My native language is Spanish, and I'm still learning. Also, in my stories, some characters (mostly some the Z-Fighters, like Goku or Krillin) will talk with slangs and accents. Why? Because they do speak that way! It’s not like they speak as the perfect heroes or something. Each of them got their own accent. Goku is a country bumpkin, Vegeta talks with curses, etc. You’ll see if you either watch the Japanese dub or read the manga. Here are some examples I took from the manga, when Raditz arrived to Earth:

"Cold one ain'tcha? Y'never come 'nless we ask you!" —Master Roshi (Chapter 196).

"Well, Chi-Chi's been teachin' 'im an' all." —Goku (Chapter 196).

"I know he got it in 'im." —Goku (Chapter 196).

"Wha… Wha's he's talkin' about?" —Krillin (Chapter 196).

"The last thing we need is drunks like you hangin' around th' place." —Krillin (Chapter 196).

"Explain what?! What th' heck are you talkin' about?!" —Goku (Chapter 197).

"Who's that guy? And what's he got t' do with Goku?" —Bulma (Chapter 197).

"Just lookin' at him makes my hair stand on end…an' that's never happened t' me before." —Goku (Chapter 197)

"You tell 'im, Goku!" —Bulma (Chapter 197)

"Y-You call yourself a warrior!? Usin' a kid…!?" —Krillin (Chapter 198).

"Wait! Don't go runnin' half-cocked!" —Master Roshi (Chapter 198).

"That's fine, but… how th' heck're y' gonna get t' it?! —Krillin (Chapter 198).

"Now we're talkin'-! Don' you worry, Son—we'll help th' best we can!" —Master Roshi (Chapter 198).

"…Speaking of Dragon Balls, how's this for an idea? Why don'tcha get all seven t'gether an' tell Shenlong "Save the world!" or whatever?!" —Bulma (Chapter 198).

"I, f'r one, don' intend t' miss it!" —Master Roshi (Chapter 198).

See? They all speak with slangs! Even Bulma does some few times, and she’s a rich city girl! I’m guessing it was Goku’s influence or something. So, in my stories, Goku will speak with slangs, Vegeta with curses and so on.

The one character I’m not sticking with her accent is Chi-Chi. In the Japanese dub she talks with even more slang than Goku. But for some reason I don’t think it fits her. Sure, if you consider she’s the Ox-King’s kid (and Ox-King also speaks with slangs) and that she barely even talked with someone else before she met Goku, it does make sense she speaks like that. But, she’s a Princess and she’s also, in Master Roshi’s words, “an education-minded mama”. True, she may want Gohan to have more opportunities than she or Goku ever had, but still… I just can’t picture her speaking like a country bumpkin considering she lived in a castle and stuff (though it seems it was only in the anime).

It’s like some kind of personal opinion though. To explain why Chi-Chi doesn’t speak with her Canon country bumpkin accent, I’ve come up with this; little Chi-Chi, dreaming of being a Princess and all, tried to speak as royally as she could. And in my AU, after she finally gained a Kingdom after meeting Goku and made royal friends (like, for example, Danielle and Rachel from Getting Together For A Promise), she ended up talking as them. In other words, she ended up talking formally and pronouncing words right. When she grew up in this AU, she was just used to talking this way, so she doesn’t speak with that much slang compared to Goku, Gohan, and the others.

Also, I’m making Gohan speak with more slang. In the Japanese version he spoke more formally and with less slangs than both of his parents (maybe all of that reading did the trick), but in my AU, Gohan’s accent was somewhat influenced by his father and the others. I’m not saying he’ll be a total hick though; he’ll just talk with more slang.

I have many stories in mind. Almost all of them if not all A/Us. Actually, most of them occur on the same A/U of my story Getting Together For A Promise (which is the story where this AU was first introduced). In that A/U Goku and his friends knew about his Saiyan heritage from before Raditz came to Earth. Actually, Goku lived his first 5 years of his life on Planet Vegeta. And now that I think of it now, in the few images of Akira Toriyama's new manga Dragon Ball Minus (the bonus of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman where Goku's mom is introduced), Goku seemed to be around five when he was sent to Earth, and in the last chapter of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, Goku is not a baby. He's shown as a kid, around five, with Saiyan armor who's eating a meal on Grandpa Gohan's house. Hmm... Maybe I wasn't so wrong after all! xD

I'll get the A/U with more details. I did a timeline, where I put the important years and the events that occurred during that time. It will start with the creation of the Dragon Balls, and it'll go all the way through the Z-Fighter's major battles until the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament.

Long ago, seven magic Dragon Balls were forged, that when gathered together would summon a dragon to grand a wish. This is the story of those whose lives were touched by the Dragon Balls.

(Taken from the Story Mode of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2)

"We're the ones who have a Dragon's soul. We're the ones that protect Earth and the entire Universe as well. We're the Earth's Special Forces: the Z-Fighters!"


Age 470: Kami creates the Dragon Balls.

Age 550: Saiyans were a warrior race. They weren't cold hearted, they had feelings. When the Super Saiyan appeared, they had to move to another planet, Planet Plant. Tuffles welcomed them, but as time passed they started to enslave Saiyans with Ki-Collars.

Age 720-730: The Saiyans, unhappy of their slavery, led by King Vegeta rebelled, and after a ten years war won against the Tuffles. They renamed Planet Plant to Planet Vegetasei to honor the King. To their bad luck, when the war ended the planet ended up accidentally without enough recourses to make all the Saiyans survive.

Age 723: Shotsu, Tights' husband, is born.

Age 725: Tights Briefs, Bulma Briefs' older sister, is born.

Age 728: Violet is born.

Age 730: Launch is born.

Age 731: King Cold's youngest son, Frieza, took advantage of the Saiyan's problem and told them he'll give them recourses if they purged planets for him. The Saiyans, desperate for a solution, reluctantly agreed. They ended up being used by Frieza. This year King Vegeta mates with his Queen Serony. Also, Raditz and Kyuri are born.

Age 732: King Vegeta's eldest son, Prince Vegeta is born.

Age 733: Bulma Briefs, Yamcha, and Tien Shinhan.

Age 736: Krillin and Mark "Hercule" Satan are born.

Age 737: Kakarot—later known as Son Goku, the Z-Fighters' leader—is born. Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan is born, the same day as Kakarot. Kakarot's two best friends from Vegetasei, Celga and Resu are also born. Chi-Chi, daughter of the Ox-King and Princess of the Ox-Kingdom is also born.

Age 738: Chiaotzu is born.

Age 739: Prince Tarble, King Vegeta and Queen Serony's youngest son, is born.

Age 740: Oolong is born. Suno is born.

Age 743: After receiving the ability to see the future on Planet Kanassa, Bardock, father of 11-year-old Raditz and 5-year-old Kakarot saw a vision were Frieza destroyed them all. He orders his team to go back and warn the Saiyans. The Saiyans believe him, but get worried as they know they have no chance against Frieza. Raditz was off with Vegeta and Nappa purging a planet, but Kakarot was still on the planet. Bardock and Gine send him away in case something goes wrong to a planet called Earth. King Vegeta and Queen Serony also send their youngest son, Trable, off planet to a planet called Tech-Tech. The Saiyans have to hide in some underground tunnels the Tuffle left long ago. Frieza destroys the planet’s surface, making it look with no life. He believes he killed all Saiyans but Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz when they were in reality, all alive. When Kakarot arrives to Earth, two low-class soldiers from the Planet Trade Organization, Kira and Sashin, saw Kakarot's pod and decided to investigate. Thinking that Frieza would give them a prize or something from bringing back a Saiyan, they fight Kakarot, gaining the upper hand. Gohan senses the fight and goes there. He helps Kakarot to fight Kira and Sashin and they succeed. Kakarot and Gohan become friends. The Saiyan told him what happened and Gohan decided to adopt Kakarot as his grandson. Also, Puar is born.

Age 744: Raditz and Kakarot's sister, Tanip, is born. Also, Tora and Fasha's son, Mato, is born.

Age 748: Gohan dies from a virus with no cure. Kakarot decides to call himself 'Son Goku' in order to honor Gohan, as 'Goku' was the nickname Gohan had for him.

Age 749: A year after his Grandpa died when he was 11 about to be 12, in September 1st Bulma Briefs met Goku and told him about the Dragon Balls. They team up and thus create the Z-Fighters (though the team is named later). In the journey he met Oolong, Yamcha and Puar. He also met Master Roshi after he helped Turtle and received his faithful cloud, the Flying Nimbus as a reward, and—although Goku already knew how to fly—he decided to keep the Cloud, who became his faithful sidekick. If it wasn't for them and Oolong's underwear wish the world would've been conquered by Emperor Pilaf. Afterwards Goku went off to train with Master Roshi, and met Krillin and Launch. He trained along Krillin delivering milk, working on farms, among others, for eight months.

Age 750: Master Roshi, Goku, Krillin, Turtle and Launch went to the Tournament, where they met with Goku's other friends. Goku, Krillin and Yamcha passed the preliminaries. Goku got to the finals, but lost against Jackie Chun, who was Master Roshi in disguise. Krillin and Yamcha also lost to him (in the semifinals and the quarterfinals respectively). Four months later, Goku went looking for the 4-star ball his Grandpa used to own and ran with the Red Ribbon Army. He and his friends fought against them, and eventually attacked their base. While attacking, Yamcha ran into Colonel Violet and managed to get her join their team. In the end, they manage to defeat the Red Ribbon Army. There was one problem, though. Upa's father, Bora, had been killed by Mercenary Tao. Feeling guilty, Goku decided the wish he'll make when collecting all Dragon Balls was to revive Bora. After fighting all of Fortuneteller Baba's fighters and meeting his Grandpa again, he got the last Dragon Ball and Bora was revived. He said goodbye to his friends and went to train 3 years by himself, athough he sometimes came to visit.

Age 753: The gang got together to go to the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament came, and they met Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu. They were members of the Crane School of Master Shen, Roshi's rival. Tien Shinhan won the Tournament and Goku became the runner-up, though Tien felt he didn't really win, as Goku lost because a truck got in his way of landing. Tien and Chiaotzu left the Crane School and befriended the gang. But then, Goku's best friend Krillin was murdered. Goku, extremely angry for the loss of his best friend, went to avenge him. He met Yajirobe in the way and killed Krillin's murdered. But, for his bad luck met King Piccolo, who got the wind out of the poor Saiyan. Afterwards with Yajirobe's help he climbed up Korin's tower, just to learn Master Roshi and Chiaotzu died too. He drank the Ultra-Divine Water, a water no human could ever stand to, but because of his Saiyan heritage he survived. With the power the water gave him plus the Saiyan Zenkai, he gained some newfound strength. He went to fight King Piccolo and with some little help from Tien and Nimbus, he kicked his ass and killed him, but ending mortally wounded. After getting a Senzu Bean he came to Kami's lookout to ask Kami to revive Shenron who was killed by King Piccolo. Kami agreed with the condition he stayed training there by him until the 23rd Tournament as King Piccolo's recantation, Piccolo Jr. was going to be there. But noticing the Saiyan wanted to see how his friends came back to life he decided to give Goku a week to be with them. [My one-shot Those Predators People Calls The Press occurs here] Goku did as told and after one week he came to the lookout to train.

Age 754: Kami offered Goku to cut his tail in order to prevent him transforming into an Oozaru when there's full moon. Goku refused, not wanting to lose his tail. Goku explained to Kami the Oozaru's transformation, telling him there was about the need of absorbing 17 million zeno units of Blutz Waves through the eyes to initiate the transformation. Kami then offers Goku to put a spell on him that would prevent the transformation after absorbing the 17 million zeno, unless it is really needed. Goku agreed. And so, since that day, Goku was able to see the full moon without transforming for the first time.

Age 756: At the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku defeated Piccolo, eventually destroying the entire place. He also became engaged to Chi-Chi, and he and his friends went to the Ox-Kingdom. They two got married and moved to Goku's old home, at Mount Paozu's East District.

Age 757: Son Gohan, Son Goku's and Chi-Chi's eldest son is born. Videl Satan, Mr. Satan's daughter is born. Erasa, Sharpner, Angela, and Lime are born as well. Kami uses the same spell he used on Goku years ago (the one that prevents the Oozaru transformation unless it is really needed.)

Age 759: Vela, Tights and Shotsu's daughter, is born. Kubu, Vela's future boyfriend, is born too.

Age 760: Resu and Celga's twins, Cumber and Cella are born.

Age 761: Five years after the Tournament on a Z-Fighter friendly reunion Raditz, Goku's older brother appeared. Apparently, Raditz was told about his brother’s whereabouts by their parents. He explained Goku and his friends Prince Vegeta decided it was time to revel against Frieza. He explains the idea is that all Saiyans fight all the Planet Trade Organization and Frieza himself. Goku and his friends accepted to help. Piccolo overheard and accepted to help, feeling that world dominating was not really his path. Goku and Raditz have a little reconnecting. Raditz was shocked by the life Goku had and even envied him a bit. They told Raditz about the Dragon Balls and Raditz told Nappa and Vegeta. While the two elites were discussing that probably there are Dragon Balls on Namek due of the Earth's ones being created by one Namek, Frieza overheard and decided to go to Namek. They make a plan—while all Saiyans go fight soldiers of the Planet Trade Organization, Prince Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, Tarble, Goku and the Z-Fighters (who had knowledge of the Dragon Balls) go to Namek to distract Frieza and get the balls before him.

They ponder what to do. Kami tells Goku to train with King Kai in Other World, though that meant he wouldn’t be home for some time. Goku was hesitant to leave Chi-Chi and Gohan behind, yet Kami managed to convince him that it was the best for everyone and that way, he would be able to protect his wife and son. Chi-Chi was not pleased with Goku going to Other World to train but she understood, despite how it hurt. She did make him promise, however, that he would return when their second child was born, thus revealing to him she was pregnant. Goku agreed to this with no hesitation. Gohan was also sad with his Dad having to go for some time, and he didn’t want to stay behind. Sensing the child’s potential, Piccolo—who had surprisingly somewhat become an ally in the past five years—offered to train him. Goku accepted (though he even threatened Piccolo so that he did not do anything to his son) and Chi-Chi also reluctantly accepted, with the condition Gohan came home every week minimum. In the end, Piccolo ended up considering Gohan as his best—and maybe only—real friend, and became a good guy.

Kami and Mr. Popo trained Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Yajirobe. Raditz came back to Vegeta and Nappa. They contacted Vegeta’s brother, Tarble, and told him the situation. He accepted to help. Goku managed to learn the Kaio-ken, and the Genki Dama—the Spirit Bomb. The Saiyan often contacted Chi-Chi and Gohan to check on them, and to talk even though they were far away.

Age 762: When Goku mastered King Kai’s technique, he came back to Earth, much to everyone’s happiness. He also arrived in time to see the birth of his daughter, Son Chimaki. Goku joined Piccolo and Gohan in training (and ended up having some kind of friendship and friendly-rivalry with the Namekian). They all trained hard until they day they had to depart for Namek. Goku requested Dr. Briefs a Gravity Room where he could train in. In the Gravity Room, Goku gains much more strength. The year passed and everyone left to Namek. Of Earth the ones who went to Namek were: Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Piccolo and Bulma in a ship Bulma and Bulma's dad, Dr. Briefs made based on Goku's ship and Kami's ship. Yajirobe didn't go saying he needed to stay on Earth to make sure no one attacked it. The Z-Fighters that stayed on Earth thought that even though Yajirobe said it as a stupid excuse it was actually a good idea so they prepared.

Everyone gets to Namek. The Rebellion gets together. First to arrive were Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz. Then Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Bulma, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Krillin. Afterwards Tarble and Gure. Everyone has the Dragon Balls in their minds. Frieza, Dodoria and Zarbon so that Frieza becomes immortal. Goku, Vegeta and the Z-Fighters in order to prevent Frieza for getting them all and to revive the fallen ones. They cook up a plan. Bulma stays in the ship contacting Earth and informing the others Z-Fighters what's happening, as well as taking care of making everyone to be in contact, Gure stays with her. Tarble and Chiaotzu stay to protect them. Vegeta, Raditz, Nappa, Goku and his friends look for the Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, the Saiyans attack the soldiers that are on other planets.

They go do as planned, and look for the Dragon Balls. They also befriend some Nameks like Dende, Cargo, Moori, Elder Tsuno, Nail and Grand Elder Guru (who unlocks Gohan and Krillin's potential). They team up and fight against Dodoria, Zarbon, and the Ginyu Force. Goku is put on a Rejuvenation Chamber as he was hurt from switching bodies with Ginyu. Meanwhile, Gohan and the others decide to summon the Dragon as they already know the password from Dende, which is to speak in Namekian language, in order to prevent Frieza for getting his wish. They summon Porunga. The first wish is to revive all the Nameks killed by Frieza and his henchmen (yes, in this A/U the Namekian Dragon Balls were powerful enough to ask that wish.) The second is to bring Tarble, Chiaotzu, Bulma and Gure with them. Just as they wonder what to wish next, Guru dies, making Porunga to disappear.

Even worse yet, Frieza arrives and is angry because the Dragon Balls are gone. Chiaotzu takes Bulma and Gure to safety, while the others team up and try to face Frieza, but it is not enough. Somehow they survive Frieza's first, second and third form until Goku is healed and arrives. With new found confidence, the Rebellion teams up and once again take on Frieza on his final form. Sadly, Nappa, Raditz, Yamcha, Tien and Tarble die. Vegeta realizes Goku's a Super Saiyan and shouts it out happily, but get shot through the heart. The Saiyan Prince, knowing his time has arrived, asks Kakarot with his dying breath to defeat Frieza and avenge the Saiyan Race, as he is the only full blooded left and Frieza must die in the hands of a Saiyan. Goku, angry at Vegeta's death as well as his friends', takes on Frieza himself. Goku tries to fight Frieza by himself, and although Goku has smart ideas and uses the advantage that Frieza cannot sense Ki, it seems all hope is lost, as Goku is no match for Frieza. Goku almost drowns thanks to Frieza, but Goku remembers his wife, son, brother, friends and comrades, and all his fellow Saiyans. He manages to get out and uses a Kamehameha with the Kaioken x20, but he fails.

Goku then used the Large Spirit Bomb against Frieza and they all thought he killed the tyrant. But Frieza came back with his tail cut and angrier than ever. After witnessing how he hurt Piccolo deathly after trying to protect him and killed his best friend Krillin, plus the fact Frieza intended to kill Gohan next, Goku transformed into the legendary Super Saiyan. The Z-Fighters on Earth summoned Shenron and revived everyone who died against Frieza (not Krillin, because he was revived once). Thanks to Porunga, everyone bar Goku and Frieza are sent to Earth. After a deathly battle and Goku finally killing Frieza, Namek exploded, killing Goku also in the process. Everyone mourns his death, especially Chi-Chi, Gohan, Raditz, Bardock, Gine, Tanip (even though they had never met to this point) and Goku's closest friends like Bulma and Yamcha, and his Saiyans friends for childhood Celga and Resu. Piccolo, Nappa and Vegeta also mourns for him and so do the Nameks.

Age 763: They all get together and summon Porunga again. The first wish is to bring Goku and Krillin (who had both kept their bodies) back to life. The second wish is to bring Planet Namek back. The third wish is to restore Planet Vegeta as it was before Frieza attacked it. Gohan and Chi-Chi are overjoyed. Goku tells everyone that in the short amount of time he managed to transform into a Super Saiyan willingly and he learned a new technique called the 'Instant Transmission'. Goku afterwards uses Instant Transmission to teleport the Saiyans and everyone else (the non-fighters using special wristbands to prevent being crushed by gravity) to Vegetasei. He and Raditz are finally reunited with their parents, as well as finally meeting their younger sister. Gohan finally gets to meet his grandparents and Vegeta and Tarble are reunited with their father King Vegeta. While Nappa and Raditz decides to stay on Vegeta, Goku decides to stay on Earth. Tarble decided to go to his wife Gure's planet and Vegeta surprisingly decides to go to Earth too. And although the Prince claims that it is to learn the secret of the Super Saiyan, it is because he considers the Z-Fighters as his friends, although he'll never say. Bulma manages to finish a ship large enough to transport all the Namekians and their Dragon Balls to their planet. Also, Raditz reencounters his childhood best friend, Kyuri. Eventually, they fall in love, and marry.

Age 764: Frieza's brother, Cooler, his father, King Cold, and his son, Kuriza, come to Earth to avange Frieza. The Z-Fighters fight them, and kill them all but Kuriza, realizing Kuriza was not evil and he was just a child. Kuriza did not despise the Saiyans. Gohan, being a kid himself, convinced Kuriza that he would be happier if he joined them instead of following his family’s path of destruction. Kuriza reluctantly stays with them and eventually forms a friendship with Gohan. Realizing his family's mistakes, Kuriza apologizes to the Saiyans for everything the Saiyans have done. The Saiyans reluctantly forgave him after Goku managed to convince them. Eventually, Furiza became one of them and made of Planet Vegeta his home, deciding to let behind everything his father, uncle and grandfather did. Not too long after, Mirai Trunks appear when the Z-Fighters were in a get-together. He warns Goku about the Androids and gave him the antidote for the heart virus. The Z-Fighters get prepared, but also had fun and new surprises. Goku's family as well as Tarble decides to help them fight them. Also, Raditz and Kyuri's son, Daikon, is born. Suto, Tights and Shotsu's son is born, too.

Age 766: Trunks Briefs, Vegeta and Bulma's son, is born. Tien Shinhan and Launch marry.

Age 767: Son Goten, Son Goku's and Chi-Chi's third child, is born. Few months later, in May 12th, the Androids appeared. Tarble and Goku's Saiyan family came to Earth to help the Z-Fighters. Together, they fight against the androids. Eventually instead of two androids there are five, and also there is another threat that is also an android—but from the future—called Cell, who wants to absorb Androids 17 and 18. After may fights, loss, hiding, training, Goku getting the heart virus, the Androids teaming up with the Z-Fighters to face Cell, looking for a new guardian, etc., the day the Cell Games finally arrived. Hercule Satan and his students went in first, and lost. Then in came Goku. Goku had a plan, he knew Gohan had the power to defeat Cell, but he also knew he was a kid and he shouldn't be there. So he decided to weak Cell as much as possible and if he's not able to beat him, let his son help him give the final blow. In the middle of battle Goku, swallowing his Saiyan pride, asked Trunks for a Senzu Bean. Trunks threw it to him, but Cell caught it, got healed and started to beat Goku up. Gohan wanted to jump in and help his father, and when Cell noticed this he created the Cell Juniors to make it 'fair'. The one on one match becomes a team battle between the Z-Fighters and Cell & Cell Jrs. Gohan is frustrated he can't do anything to help his father and his friends to defeat this enemies, and doesn't realize Cell charges at him. Whe Goku gets in the way, receiving the blast that was meant for him, Gohan snaps and ascends and finally transforms into a Super Saiyan 2.

He destroys all the Cell Jrs. and overpowers Cell but get too cocky. He didn't hear Goku's advice to kill Cell immediately and toyed with him. He punched the android so hard Cell spit out Android 18. Cell decides to destroy himself, taking the planet as well. Gohan is unable to do anything and blames himself. Goku then walks in, makes the ultimate sacrifice and teleports Cell to King Kai's planet. Cell exploded and killed Goku, King Kai, Gregory and Bubbles. Everyone mourns Goku, Gohan the most affected. Android 16 sees the honor Goku has and stops hating him. However, Cell didn't die and came back, killing Trunks in the process. Vegeta tries to avenge his son but fails, and actually Gohan got a broken arm due of him protecting Vegeta from Cell's attack. Gohan, with help from Goku from the otherworld, used a Father-Son Kamehameha and finally killed Cell. Then he fainted for exhaustion. Yamcha took him to Kami's Lookout; Tien took Trunks and Krillin took Android 18. They summoned Shenron. The first wish is to bring everyone killed by Cell back to life, bringing Trunks and Goku in the process. No one could think about a second wish so Krillin spoke up. He told the dragon to turn Androids 16, 17 and 18 into humans, but Shenron told him he couldn't do it because they were stronger than him. Then he decides to get the bomb out of them and Shenron does it. When they got down the lookout, they discovered Mr. Satan stole the whole credit. The Z-Fighters started to get a dislike for the man. Soon everything came back to 'normal'. Well, almost. Some things changed. Also, Yamcha and Violet ran into each other again. Eventually they started dating, fell in love and married each other.

Age 768: Yamcha's and Violet's daughter, Rose, is born.

Age 769: Mato and Tanip's daughter, Pia, is born.

Age 770: Krillin and Android 18 married. 18 moved to Kame House along her twin, Android 17. Also, Mato and Tanip's other daughter, Kytsu, is born.

Age 771: Marron, Krillin and Android 18's daughter is born.

Age 774: 7 years have passed since the Cell Games. The Z-fighters had had peaceful lives until now. That is, until a new threat appears, Majin Buu. Babidi, Majin Buu's creator's son is about to revive the moster by collecting energyters. The Z-Fighters were warned by Supreme Kai and Kibito, and they fight all the Majin possessed people, unknowingly giving energy to Buu. Majin Buu is revived. The Z-Fighters go fight Majin Buu but are unable to beat him. They all go to Dende's Lookout to hide as Goku and Piccolo teach Goten and Trunks a technique King Kai made Goku learn—the Fusion Dance. Supreme Kai and Kibito return to their planet after the deadly battle. The Z-Fighters hear Babidi plans to destroy West City and freaks out. They cook up a plan. Goku distracts the two bad guys and Trunks get the Dragon Radar. Goku shows his Super Saiyan 3 transformation, shocking everyone but Gohan, Chimaki and Goten, who knew all along their father had achieved this form, although they'd never seen it before. Trunks gets the radar and he and Goku returns to the Lookout.

They continue with Fusion. Meanwhile Majin Buu kills Babidi and goes have 'fun'. He meets Mr. Satan who was trying to beat him and surprisingly befriend each other. They save a Puppy and call him Bee. Buu agrees not to kill more. When some men shots both Mr. Satan and Bee Buu heals them and then loses it and his evil side appears. Evil Buu asorbs Good Buu and turns into Super Buu. In the lookout after two failed tries to fuse they finally manage to do it right and so Gotenks is born. Suddenly Supreme Kai and Kibito return. They tell there is a sword that could help to beat Majin Buu that is located on Supreme Kai's planet. Goku and Gohan go with them and Vegeta and Piccolo has been left in charge of Gotenks. Super Buu arrives at the lookout as he senses the strongest are there. After a confrontation between him, Piccolo and Gotenks in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Buu kills everyone (besides Gotenks and Piccolo [who were in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber] and Dende, Chimaki and Vegeta [who flee away the lookout to survive, as if Dende dies the Dragon Balls disappears]) and flies away being followed by the Half-Saiyans and the Namekian. Meanwhile Goku and Gohan accidentally break the Z-Sword. Supreme Kai and Kibito freak out. Old Kai is freed. Old Kai tells them he knows a way to defeat Buu, but it'll take 20 hours. Goku and Gohan complain they don't have the time. Old Kai then suggests the Potara Earrings, and explains what they are. Supreme Kai and Kibito give it a try and fuse into Kibito Kai. Goku and Gohan are both happy they can defeat Majin Buu with the earrings, but becomes hesitant when hearing that the fusion is forever. They agree to only use them if needed and go to Earth, Goku with one earring, Gohan with the other one.

Meanwhile, Vegeta, Chimaki and Dende reunited with Goten, Piccolo and Trunks. Vegeta, Chimaki, Gotenks and Piccolo fight Buu. Buu absorbs Piccolo and absorbs Gotenks. When Goku and Gohan finally arrive they see that Vegeta and Chimaki are fighting and losing to Buu while Dende's hiding. The four Super Saiyans attack Buu but are still losing. Old Kai tells an almost unconscious Gohan to use the earrings. Gohan using the last of his strength throws the earring to Goku. Just then, Buu decides to increase his power and absorbs both Gohan and Chimaki. Not seeing any other option for victory, Goku and Vegeta agree to fuse. They manage to fuse while the Nimbus Cloud is making time distracting Buu and Vegito's born. Vegito fights Super Buu by himself and owns him in his base form. Suddenly Mr. Satan appears along his puppy Bee, stating he will beat Majin Buu. He tries to defeat Buu to only get punched in the face, but survives nonetheless. Vegito even jokes that Hercule's immortal because although he always put himself in great danger, he never dies, and feels sorry for Bee too. Then the Saiyan fusion proceeds to knock Mr. Satan out cold so that he does not get himself into danger and tells Dende to take care of him and Bee. Vegito fights once again and gets the upper hand, in his base form and as a Super Saiyan, and even after becoming a candy. Vegito decides to save his children and Piccolo and tricks Buu into absorbing him so he can go into his body, but using a Ki Barrier in order to prevent being absorbed. When Vegito gets the barrier down he separates into Goku and Vegeta again and so start their journey in Buu's body. Meanwhile, Dende, Nimbus and a now conscious Mr. Satan (who is finding har do believe what's going on) follow Super Buu. Inside the Majin, Goku and Vegeta find Goten, Gohan, Trunks, Chimaki, Piccolo and Good Buu and manage to get them out (with the exeption of Buu, they just set him free from Super Buu, but did not get him out). Super Buu transforms back into Kid Buu. Buu destroys Earth but Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Nimbus, Mr. Satan and Bee manage to get away thanks to Kibito Kai.

They fight on Supreme Kai's planet. Hercule starts believing he is just dreaming and taunts Kid Buu. He even tries to fly but fails. Goku knocks him again in order to keep him safe and Vegeta jokes that 'he was knocked twice in a day, a new record!' and that 'we were right, he is truly inmortal!'. The Saiyans start battleling but have a clear disadvantage. Dende, Kibito Kai, Old Kai, Nimbus, Bee and the uncouncious Hercule go to New Namek. The first wish is to bring Earth back. The second is to wish the earthlings back to life. They can't think of a third. Vegeta comes up with using Goku's Spirit Bomb to defeat Buu. They do so. They ask the earthlings for energy but the only ones to help are the Z-Fighters and Goku's childhood friends, Suno, Eighter, Upa, Bora, their villages (Goku has kept in touch with them), the Tournament's announcer and the Ox-Kingdom. Meanwhile, Vegeta and the Good Buu (who was spitten out by Kid Buu) distract the monster. Out of ideas, King Kai comes up with asking the Saiyans and Nameks. Th both races help their friends/family. Goku launches the attack but Buu resists. Dende uses the third wish to give Goku his energy back. Goku then transforms into a Super Saiyan and pushes the attack, killing Kid Buu. Dende and the others go back to the Sacred World of the Kais and heals Goku, Vegeta and the newest Z-Fighter; Buu. They all go to Kami's Lookout and get reunited with their family and friends. They a accept Buu as a friend when hearing he helped in the fight. They decide to let Buu live in the lookout because people would recognize him. Buu agrees. He still can go to Capsule Corp., Kame House, 439 East District and the Ox-Kingdom anyways. But the Z-Fighters now wonder what will they do with Mr. Satan. Majin Buu notices his new friends dislike the man a bit. The Majin decides that it was better to get him to his home, and that Hercule forgets about him. They ask why and Buu responds that his counterparts did horrible things and that Mr. Satan might be angry or scared of him, so that that was better. Buu takes Mr. Satan and Bee to his 'house'. He bid them farewell and goes back to the Lookout.

Although the Majin was sad about not seeing Hercule or Bee again, he was happy with his new friends and that managed to cheer him up. When Mr. Satan wakes up he notices Buu is not there, and only has small memories about what happened after Buu flew off, including Vegito, Nimbus and Dende (he didn't see Gohan), and wonders who they were. Although he is worried about Majin Buu, he still claims the credit for his defeat. The Z-Fighters are bothered by this, but Buu tells them that the truth is that he is a good man. Some weeks after Chi-Chi decides to take Gohan to High School so he can make normal friends that aren't Z-Fighters, their suporters or aliens. But there is a single little problem, Hercule's daughter; Videl Satan is in the same class than him and suspects his relationship with the Majin Buu event along some other things. Gohan wants to help fight criminals but does not want to show his super-human strength, so he gets the identity of the 'Gold Fighter'. He tries to hide his hero identity and survive High School along his three new friends Videl, Erasa and Sharpner. [What happens here is the plot-line of That Golden Fighter After some time the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament comes and the Z-Fighters decides is time to teach Hercule Satan that he's not the strongest around so that he lowers his ego a little bit, plus reunite him (and Bee too) with his only true friend, Majin Buu. [What happens here is the plot-line of 25th Tenka'ichi BudōkaiMr. Satan befriends the Z-Fighters and is joined with his friend Buu. Buu goes to live with him, Bee and Videl. Uub, Kid Buu's reircarnation, is born.

Age 776: The Z-Fighters face the God of Destruction, Beerus (better known as Bills). Goku turns Super Saiyan God with the help of Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten and Chimaki.

Age 778: Bra Briefs, Bulma and Vegeta's daughter is born. Gohan and Videl get married.

Age 779: Son Pan, Son Gohan and Videl Satan's daughter is born.

Age 784: The Z-Fighters decide to go to the 28th World Martial Arts is somewhat expectant to this Tournament for some reason. When is Goku's turn to fight, he fights a 10 years old boy named Uub, whose Majin Buu goof recantation and have great potential. Goku wins and tells the boy that maybe he can go to his house once in a week or so to teach him some better techniques and to control his power. Uub agrees and the tournament continues. Hercule wins because Goku, who got to the finals, let himself lose. Since then, Goku has been training Uub personally.

Age 788: Gohan's book, Groundbreaking Science, is published, with the support from Capsule Corporation, the World Champ and the King of Earth. The book reveals the true of Ki, how to use it, the excistence of aliens, Gods, etc., (though of course, it does hide some information, like say, the Dragon Balls.) Now the Z-Fighters are finally introduced to the world as heroes (even though people believe they were allies to Mr. Satan). Earthlings become less ignorant about Ki, aliens, among others. Due to people's new interest in fighting, the Z-Fighters decide to open a dojo together—the Z Dojo. Now, the Earth has begun a new period on its history. It's a whole new era!

Alright, I did a timeline. Phew! Some events may be wrong from canon, but this is an A/U after all. I hope you didn't get bored reading all that…And where did I get that quote at the beginning? I invented it! :3 DBKai's theme song, "Dragon Soul" got this quote in my mind. Heh heh heh… Anyways! Whenever one story is placed on this A/U I'll put it in here so you can know the time the story is placed.

Mirai Timeline:

Like in Canon, this A/U has a Mirai Timeline, where—just like in Canon—Goku was killed by the Heart Virus, and all the Z-Fighters but Gohan were killed in battle against the Artificial Humans. The big difference was the Saiyans are alive on Planet Vegeta. Because it would be extremely difficult and risky to take all the population of Earth to Vegetasei, instead some of the best Saiyan warriors were brought to Earth. Among them, Goku’s family. Kuriza came along too to help. Bardock, Raditz and Kyuri were killed by the Androids, while Gine, Tanip and Daikon survived. Tarble and Gure also came, but as he knew he was no match, he just tried to help in any other way possible. Kuriza managed to survive as well. The Saiyans were practically like the ‘police’ of the people, and the humans trusted them, despite them being aliens. Humans knew whenever you saw someone with a tail, it was a Saiyan and you could trust them. Other people related to the fallen Z-Warriors, like Bulma, Chi-Chi, Launch, Violet (who in this world was also Yamcha’s girlfriend), Oolong, Puar, Master Roshi, etc., also tried to help. Gohan trained Chimaki, Daikon and Trunks to be Super Saiyans. Gohan and Kuriza were killed by the Androids. Eventually Bulma built a time machine to send someone into the past, to give Goku the medicine and warn them about the Androids. Trunks, being the strongest one of the group, was the one chosen.

When Trunks travelled to the past, he was able to meet the warriors he never metincluding his father—and was able to see Gohan again. He was able to meet the baby versions of him and Goten, and see two and a half years old Daikon too. He was able to see a different side of the Androids of that world. He helped out in defeating Cell and became powerful enough to defeat the Androids of his time.

When Trunks returned, he killed the Androids easily. Then he, Daikon, Chimaki, Bulma, Chi-Chi, the Saiyans and everyone else started to rebuild what the Androids had destroyed, and there wasn’t a single day he didn’t thank Goku and the others for making it posible.

About Super Saiyans:

From the thousands of Saiyans that are alive, less than the 1% of them have managed to become a Super Saiyan—the first of them being Son Goku, who “awakened” the legend and defeated Frieza. Other Super Saiyans are Gohan, Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, Pan, Bra, Bardock, Raditz, Kyuri, Tanip, and Mato. Among these Super Saiyans, there are only eight that at one point of their lives managed to become Super Saiyan 2. These are Goku, Gohan, Chimaki, Goten, Vegeta, Pan, Trunks and Bra. Reaching Super Saiyan 3 is even harder than that, but it is possible, Goku being the first to do it. It is unknown who is the Saiyan who turned into a Super Saiyan God in the past, but Son Goku—with the help of Gohan, Goten, Chimaki, Vegeta and Trunks—managed to reach this form and retained its power after losing it.

And if you're wondering about Broly... he's a special case. I'm guessing he's the reincarnation of the original Super Saiyan or something, or maybe some genetic alteration, or destiny or whatever *shrugs*. Dunno, Broly's just... Broly xD

Saiyan's tails and Oozaru Transformation:

All right, as you've all noticed, in my AU Saiyans have their tails. Yaaay! The reason? Dunno, I kinda like their tails. Make them look more... 'original' I guess. I loved kid Goku with his tail, and kid Gohan too. So, I decided they still keep their tail. But what about the full moon? In this AU it wasn't destroyed... Will there be giant monkeys rampaging everywhere? Nope!

Why is this? Well, I came up with this: Kami offered Goku to cut his tail in order to prevent him transforming into an Oozaru when there's full moon. Goku refused, not wanting to lose his tail. Goku explained to Kami the Oozaru's transformation, telling him there was about the need of absorbing 17 million zeno units of Blutz Waves through the eyes to initiate the transformation. Kami then offers Goku to put a spell on him that would prevent the transformation after absorbing the 17 million zeno, unless it is really needed. Goku agreed. And so, since that day, Goku was able to see the full moon without transforming for the first time. Eventually, this spell was used for all Saiyans who lived on Earth. So the transformation is willingly. You may think this is a crazy idea, and it is, but if Kami can créate a spell to prevent Goku's tail from growing back anymore, why wouldn't he be able to create a spell to prevent the Saiyan to absorb Blutz Waves?

About the Saiyan hybrids' tail, all 1/2 Saiyans (Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Bra) inherited their tails from their fathers. Half-Saiyans have a very high probability to inherit the tail, if not 100% probability. Now, for 1/4 Saiyans (like Pan) there is around 50% of probability they inherit the tail. Pan, for example, does inherit the Saiyan tail.

And this is my crazy theory about tails and stuff, just because I like Saiyans having their tails... Dunno why, though. xD

Who is Tights Briefs?

I don't know how many people know this, but Bulma has an older sister! Her name is Tights (and like all her family, is a pun of an undergarment) and she appears in Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. She is blonde like her mother and has black eyes like her father. As far as I know, her personality is similar to Bulma's, and she interested in Sci-Fi and writing. Eventually, when she grows up she becomes a writer who writes Sci-Fi based on her adventures with Jaco.

In my A/U, she never really met Jaco. She still does write Sci-Fi and actually bases a lot of her stories on her sister's adventures with the Z-Fighters. She usually travels a lot, so that's why she is not in Capsule Corp. so often. She usually brings Trunks and Bra gifts when she come back from trips. She knows about the Z-Fighters and their adventures, and is one of the few Earthlings that know the truth about Cell and Majin Buu. She's pretty smart, but Bulma is smarter. Besides, she prefers to write other tan create inventions. She usually supports her younger sister and advices her. As I didn't know Tights' age, I made her eight years older than Bulma.

As you've seen, I have some OCs. Mainly Vegeta's Mom ('cause she never actually appeared in the series), Raditz's mate and son, and Yamcha's daughter (which neither of them ever even existed). I have a LOT of them, mainly Saiyans, but the following list will just include the main OCs for my “main AU”. Here’s what I imagine them to be like:

Son Chimaki: Goku and Chi-Chi's daughter. She's four years younger than Gohan and five years older than Goten. She's an energetic, somewhat tomboyish girl. She likes fighting, training, relaxing, art and cooking. She's friendly and is out-going. She also can be really tempered and aggressive when angry. She has her mother's skin color and eyes. Her hair is similar to Chi-Chi's when she was a teenager, but it's spiky like her father's. She usually wears it in a high ponytail with two bangs falling down in either side of her face. Like her brother Gohan, her name is a word for food (rice, to be more precise). Her name is based from Chinese chimaki, a rice ball... which happens to be Chi-Chi's favorite food. Eh... nobody notices that. xD

Kyuri: The mate of Raditz. Her hair is somewhat similar to Launch's. She has spiky hair (like most Saiyans) that goes past her shoulders, but it nowhere near as long as Raditz's or Daikon's. She also has bangs covering her forehead and front spikes too. She has eyes similar to Raditz's. She was Raditz's childhood friend but eventually became his mate. She is arrogant and prideful, like any Saiyan, though she does swallow her pride when she knows she has to. She loves to fight. She dislikes to be ordered around. She cares for and respects her family, including her parents-in-law and her brother-in-law (which she recognizes as the strongest Saiyan) and his family. Actually, she has a friendship with Chi-Chi. She is protective of her son. When somebody she cares of is in trouble, she tries to help them out. Her name is the Japanese word for cucumber.

Daikon: The son of Raditz and Kyuri. Physically, he is very similar to his father, the only difference being that he has bangs. He is three years older than Goten. He is mischievous, prideful, and likes to make fun of people. Despite this he has a good heart and he means well. Whenever he goes to visit his cousins, he usually teams up with Goten and Trunks and pull pranks. He also respects his uncle a lot and thinks of him as a hero. He loves his father and looks up at him. Like all Saiyans, he loves to fight and hopes to be one of the strongest Saiyans ever. His name is the Japanese word for radish.

Queen Serony: She is King Vegeta's mate, the mother of Prince Vegeta and Prince Tarble and the grandmother of Trunks and Bra. She has long spiky hair (similar to Kurenai Yūhi's from Naruto) and also similar eyes than Tarble. She has Tarble's skin color. She is a good queen, who cares and rules her people with responsibility and care. She loves having luxuries. She cares a lot for her sons and was extremely worried when Vegeta was taken away from her and onto Frieza's ship when he was ten. She is stubborn and acts like a leader should. She is prideful and hates to be proven wrong. Like every Saiyan, she loves to fight. She does what's best for the Saiyans and their allies. She respects Vegeta's friends, even when they're not Saiyans, and is nice to them. She also respects and tries to help both of her daughters-in-law and loves to spoil her grandkids. Her name is a pun of the Japanese word for celery (serori).

Rose: She is the daughter of Yamcha and Violet. She has long hair, usually in a low ponytail (similar to Yamcha's in the Piccolo Jr. saga and in the beginnings of the Saiyan saga), that has the same color as her mother's. She also has her mother's eye color. She is a year younger than Goten. She is stubborn, energetic, somewhat a tomboy but fundamentally well-meaning child. She knows the basics of martial arts, though she is not nearly as strong as Goten and Trunks. She, along her parents, are one of the few Earthlings who actually know the truth behind Mr. Satan's claims of defeating Majin Buu, and in fact she is one of the few people who saw Majin Buu personally (as she was in the Lookout when Buu attacked). Just like her mother, her name is one based on a flower.

Tanip: She is the daughter of Bardock and Gine, as well as Goku and Raditz's younger sister. She is six years younger than Goku. She is very similar to her mother physically, except her hair's a bit longer. She has a similar personality than Gine's as well. She is the mate of Mato and mother of the two girl, Pia and Kytsu. Her name is a pun of Turnip.

Mato: He is Tora and Fasha's son, the mate of Tanip and the father of Pia and Kytsu. He is a carbon-copy of his father physically and personality wise. He's a calm man who means good and really cares for his family. He respect his brother-in-law as well as the Z-Fighters. His name is a pun of tomato.

Pia: Mato and Tanip's eldest daughter, and the sister of Kytsu. She's calm and friendly, and can also be quite shy. Despite this, she loves to fight, and she's very good at it. Her name is a pun of apio, which is the Spanish word for celery.

Kytsu: Mato and Tanip's youngest daughter, and the sister of Pia. Unlike her sister, she's a troublemaker, and an energetic girl who loves fighting. Her name is a pun of the Japanese word Kyabetsu, which means cabbage.

Resu: One of Kakarot's two childhood best friends. He's the mate of Celga and father of Cumber and Cella. Resu has short black spiky hair with his sides and back trimmed shorter. Resu is pretty honest, and he is a good friend. Like all Saiyans, he loves to fight. Resu is trusted deeply by his comrades. He usually jokes around and is somewhat carefree, but he has shown to have a serious side. He also has a temper, and he may get into fights, especially if a friend of his is threatened. While he doesn't care much for other people other than Saiyans, he respects the Namekians and Earthlings, especially the Z-Fighters. His name is a pun of the Japanese word retasu, which means lettuce.

Celga: One of Kakarot's two childhood best friends. She's the mate of Resu and mother of Cumber and Cella. She has black spiky hair that she usually helds in a high ponytail. She has two fringes of hair drapping in either side of her face (in fact, her right finge mainly draps over the right side of her face, covering her eye, though she tends to push it away sometimes). She is somewhat nochalant and quiet around most people. Despite this, she can still be friendly and caring when she's around people that she's close with, like her mate, children, and close friends. She always wear a red bandana around her next, as it reminds her of her parents. Her name is a pun of the spanish word 'acelga'.

Cumber: The son of Resu and Celga and twin brother of Cella. He is two years younger than Gohan. He is somewhat an eccentric, proud, childish and careles boy. He can be pretty honest like his father, but unlike Resu who is more cautious, Cumber can be really blunt which can get him into fights. Despite this, he means well and is a very good friend. He loves to fight. Another hobby of his is annoying his twin. Despite this, he cares for her a lot and would do anything to protect her. He has a hairstyle similar to his father's, though he is said to have his grandmother's eyes. When he grows up, he starts a relationship with Chimaki. His name is a pun of the word cucumber (I have no idea if it's really a vegetable or not... but meh).

Cella: The daughter of Resu and Celga and twin sister of Cumber. Her hairstyle is somewhat similar to her father's, though her hair reaches her shoulders, similar to her mother. She usually keeps her hair in a low ponytail. Like her brother, she can be eccentric and proud. She's more femenine than most Saiyans as she has shown to be interested in clothes. Despite this, she is still (like most female Saiyans) a tomboy who loves to fight. She means well, and can be friendly and caring when she needs to be. She is good friends with Chimaki, despite being two years older than her. She can get annoyed by her brother's childish attitude and is more mature than him. Like her brother, she is said to have her grandmother's eyes. Her name is a pun of the spanish word cebolla, which means onion.

Shotsu: Shotsu is the husband of Tights, and the father of Vela and Suto. He has brown hair and green eyes. Like his wife, he is also a writer. His name is a pun of “shōsetsu”, the Japanese word for “novel”.

Vela: Vela is Shotsu and Tights’ daughter, and the older sister of Suto. She has her mother’s blonde hair and her father’s green eyes. She is smart like her mother, as well as girly and confident. Vela likes scary movies. She also likes writing stories, like her parents, but she prefers to “experience” something first, and then writing about it. Her name is a pun of “novela”, the Spanish word for “novel”.

Suto: Suto is Shotsu and Tights’ son, and the younger brother of Vela. He has his father’s brown hair, and his mother’s black eyes. He is smart like his mother, but he is mischievous and a prankster. This makes him be good friends with his cousin, Trunks. He has an interest in Biology, mainly cells and genetics. His name is a pun of “sutōrī”, the Japanese word for “story”.

Kubu: Kubu is Vela's boyfriend. He loves books, and that was the main reason he and Vela got close in the first place. He has red hair and blue eyes. He is nice and loyal. He is aware of the Z-Fighters and Vela's Saiyan family. He had always believed aliens exist so when he was proven right, he was happy. His name is a pun of "bukku", the Japanese word for "book".

I drew some of them and the picture is on DeviantART. These some of them are Chimaki, Celga, Cumber, Resu, Kyuri and Daikon. You can go check 'em on my DeviantART :)

I'll try to update frequently but with school and all that jazz it'll be difficult so bear with me!

I really hope you all enjoy reading my stories! Some of them may be a little shitty at the beginning (with some few plot holes [because of me still getting my ideas in order concerning my A/U, some grammar errors, etc) but as time passes I've been progressing as a writer and hopefully the story becomes better as it progresses! :) Please review them and tell me what you think of them, but please don't be too mean! xD

Happy readings, my dear readers!

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Dragon Ball Z - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 66,781 - Reviews: 210 - Favs: 169 - Follows: 54 - Updated: 6/8/2011 - Published: 4/29/2011 - Goku, Bulma, Vegeta, Chi-Chi
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A/U: Prequel to "Who Will Fight Who?". We already saw the adults fight. But, we can't forget what happened before that, now can we? Follow the Z-Fighters as they arrive to the Tournament, pass the Preliminaries and most importantly, follow Chimaki, Goten and Trunks as they struggle, or better yet, not struggle at all to be this year's Junior Division's champion! *Hiatus*
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