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What's up guys, my name (username that is) is TDDolphin. I write primarily Total Drama stories, while I love to read stories from Total Drama, Fairy Tail, and several other series. I tend to read majority Romance stories cause they can have some really good stuff in them. Anyway, here's some general info about me:




June 22, 1990


Hampton Roads, Virginia



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Going out to eat

The Legend of Zelda

Kingdom Hearts

Super Smash Bros.

Harry Potter

Fairy Tail

My Hero Academia

Total Drama

Nintendo games

Fighting games

Marine Biology

The Disney Animated Classics

Coming up with ideas for writing, but never having enough time or willpower to write them :P

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Favorite Movie

Jurassic Park

Favorite Video Game

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I am a PROUD geek, so here's a list of my favorite series from throughout many entertainment mediums. These aren't in any particular order outside of the top most ones being my favorites:

Favorite Video Game Series'

The Legend of Zelda

Super Smash Bros.

Kingdom Hearts

Super Mario

Crash Bandicoot (1-3 and Crash Team Racing)

Halo (1-3 and Reach)

Persona 5

Fire Emblem (Awakening, Fates and Three Houses)

Final Fantasy VII

Kid Icarus


Donkey Kong Country

Dead or Alive


Star Fox



Favorite Movie Series'

Harry Potter

Jurassic Park/World

The Lord of the Rings

Star Wars (Episodes 1-6)

Indiana Jones

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Avengers (plus Captain America: Civil War)

The Dark Knight

007 James Bond (Daniel Craig series)

Toy Story

Ocean's (11-13)

Favorite Cartoon Series'

Total Drama series (Seasons 1-4 and Ridonculous Race)

Looney Tunes

Kim Possible

Teen Titans

Ed, Edd n' Eddy

Xiaolin Showdown

Tom and Jerry

Batman: The Animated Series


Tiny Toon Adventures

Scooby-Doo! Where Are You?

Favorite Anime Series'

Fairy Tail

My Hero Academia

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z

One Piece


Food Wars


Favorite Book Series'

Harry Potter

The Hunger Games

This section is for my favorite parts of my favorite shows, games, etc., as well as my favorite characters from some of my all-time favorites. Unlike the last section, these are actually ranked, and there are some ties. Anyway, my favorite favorites are as follows:

Favorite Total Drama Seasons

1. Total Drama Island

2. The Ridonculous Race

3. Total Drama Action

4. Total Drama World Tour

5. Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Favorite Legend of Zelda Games

1. Ocarina of Time

2. Breath of the Wild

3. Twilight Princess

4. Skyward Sword

5. The Wind Waker

6. A Link Between Worlds

7. Majora's Mask

8. Spirit Tracks

9. A Link to the Past

Favorite Kingdom Hearts Games

1. Kingdom Hearts II

2. Kingdom Hearts

3. Kingdom Hearts III

4. Birth By Sleep

5. 358/2 Days

6. Dream Drop Distance

7. Re: Chain of Memories

8. Re: Coded

Favorite Harry Potter Stories

1. Deathly Hallows

2. Goblet of Fire

3. Order of the Phoenix

4. Prisoner of Azkaban

5. Half-Blood Prince

6. Chamber of Secrets

7. Sorcerer's Stone

Favorite Disney Animated Classics

1. The Lion King

2. Beauty and the Beast

3. Aladdin

4. Mulan

5. The Little Mermaid

6. Peter Pan

7. Alice in Wonderland

8. 101 Dalmatians

9. Sleeping Beauty

10. Pinocchio

11. Hercules

12. The Jungle Book

Favorite Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters

1. Link

2. Pit

3. Wolf

4. Joker

5. Banjo & Kazooie

6. Palutena

7. Cloud

8. Falco

9. Corrin

10. Mewtwo

11. Toon Link and Young Link

12. Zelda

13. Inkling

14. Pokémon Trainer

15. Chrom and Lucina

16. Yoshi

Favorite Total Drama/Ridonculous Race Characters

1. Cody

2. Bridgette

3. Noah

4. Owen

5. Harold

6. Dawn

7. Lindsay

8. Izzy

9. Emma and Kitty

10. Leshawna

11. DJ

12. Duncan

13. Gwen

14. Heather

15. Courtney

16. Jasmine

17. Sky

18. Sammy

19. Shawn

20. Ennui and Crimson

21. Geoff

22. Trent

23. Sam

24. Brick

25. Brody

26. Tyler

27. Dakota

28. Alejandro

29. Cameron

30. Zoey

31. Tom and Jen

32. Sanders and MacArthur

33. Jo

34. Lightning

35. Ella

36. Beth

37. Scarlett

38. Josee and Jacques

39. Max

40. Mike

41. Rock and Spud

42. Chet and Lorenzo

43. Jay and Mickey

44. Ryan

45. Kelly

46. Carrie

47. B

48. Beardo

49. Topher

50. Scott

Favorite Kingdom Hearts Characters

1. Sora

2. Aqua

3. Roxas

4. Riku

5. Lea/Axel

6. Ventus

7. Xion

8. Mickey Mouse

9. Kairi

10. Donald Duck and Goofy

11. Leon

12. Master Xehanort

13. Terra

14. Namine

15. Cloud

16. Tifa

17. Xemnas

18. Ansem, The Seeker of Darkness

19. Maleficent

20. Braig/Xigbar

21. Yuffie

22. Aerith

23. Pete

24. Vanitas

25. Luxord

26. Larxene

27. Hayner, Pence and Olette

28. Isa/Saix

29. Marluxia

30. Yen Sid

Favorite Harry Potter Characters

1. Harry Potter

2. Hermoine Granger

3. Albus Dumbledore

4. Severus Snape

5. Ron Weasley

6. Sirius Black

7. Luna Lovegood

8. Neville Longbottom

9. Ginny Weasley

10. Rubeus Hagrid

11. Minerva McGonagall

12. Remus Lupin

13. Voldemort

14. Kingsley Shacklebolt

15. Fred and George Weasley

16. Nymphadora Tonks

17. Draco Malfoy

18. Mad-Eye Moody

19. Arthur and Molly Weasley

20. Buckbeak

21. Hedwig

22. Bellatrix Lestrange

23. Lucius Malfoy

24. Cho Chang

25. Dean Thomas

26. Filius Flitwick

27. Fleur Delacour

28. Bill Weasley

29. Viktor Krum

30. Cedric Diggory

Favorite Fairy Tail Characters

1. Erza Scarlet

2. Natsu Dragneel

3. Gajeel Redfox

4. Lucy Heartfilia

5. Jellal Fernandes

6. Wendy Marvell

7. Kagura Mikazuchi

8. Gray Fullbuster

9. Mavis Vermillion

10. Mirajane Strauss

11. Laxus Dreyar

12. Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheeney

13. Zeref Dragneel

14. Igneel

15. Juvia Lockser

16. Levy McGarden

17. Makarov

18. Erik

19. Yukino Agria

20. Ultear Milkovich

21. Cana Alberona

22. Meldy

23. Sorano

24. Loke

25. Gildarts Clive

26. Jura Neekis

27. Pantherlily

28. Mystogan

29. Freed Justine

30. Anna Heartfilia

Favorite My Hero Academia Characters

1. Izuku Midoriya

2. Shoto Todoroki

3. Tsuyu Asui

4. All Might

5. Eijiro Kirishima

6. Tenya Iida

7. Momo Yaoyorozu

8. Denki Kaminari

9. Ochaco Uraraka

10. Shota Aizawa

11. Fumikage Tokoyami

12. Katsuki Bakugo

13. Mirio Togata

14. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

15. Kyoka Jiro

16. Ibara Shiozaki

17. Itsuka Kendo

18. Stain

19. Midnight and Mt. Lady

20. Kamui Woods

21. Himiko Toga and Dabi

22. Mina Ashido

23. Nejire Hado

24. Inasa Yoarashi

25. Gang Orca

26. Gran Torino

27. Mezo Shoji

28. Eri

29. Mei Hatsume

30. Camie Utsushimi

Also, I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm a romantic kind of guy. Whether it be anime, cartoon, video game or book, I support numerous pairings from a variety of entertainment genres. Here is my list of couples I approve of for some of my favorite series':

Total Drama

Cody x Bridgette

Cody x Dawn

Cody x Gwen

Cody x Courtney

Cody x Heather

Cody x Lindsay

Cody x Sammy

Cody x Zoey

Cody x Sky

Owen x Izzy

Owen x Kitty

Owen x Lindsay

Noah x Emma

Noah x Courtney

Duncan x Gwen

Duncan x Courtney (TDI only)

Alejandro x Heather

Trent x Gwen

Harold x Leshawna

Harold x Bridgette

Harold x Heather

Harold x Lindsay

Sam x Dakota

Geoff x Bridgette

Geoff x Gwen

DJ x Heather

DJ x Leshawna

DJ x Lindsay

Cameron x Zoey

Cameron x Gwen

Tyler x Lindsay

Shawn x Jasmine

Legend of Zelda

Link x Zelda (Particularly in Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild)

Link x Malon (Ocarina of Time)

Link x Tetra (The Wind Waker)

Fairy Tail

Natsu x Lucy

Gray x Juvia

Erza x Jellal

Gajeel x Levy

Zeref x Mavis

Happy x Carla

Laxus x Mirajane

Elfman x Evergreen

Wendy x Romeo

Sting x Yukino

Rogue x Minerva

Loke x Aries

Kim Possible

Kim x Ron

Drakken x Shego

Ron x Tara

Ron x Yori

Kingdom Hearts

Sora x Kairi

Riku x Namine

Roxas x Xion

Roxas x Namine

Aqua x Ventus

My Hero Academia

Izuku x Ochaco

Izuku x Tsuyu

Shoto x Momo

Eijiro x Mina

Tenya x Camie

Denki x Kyoka


Ichigo x Rukia

Orihime x Uryu

Ichigo x Orihime

Rukia x Renji

Kisuke x Yoruichi

Toshiro x Momo

Grimmjow x Nelliel

Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates

Robin (Male) x Lucina

Robin (Female) x Chrom

Chrom x Sumia

Corrin (Male) x Azura

Corrin (Female) x Silas

Gaius x Lissa

Stahl x Cordelia

Lon'qu x Tharja

Vaike x Cherche

Ricken x Maribelle

Gregor x Nowi

Kellam x Olivia

Virion x Sully

Owain x Severa/Odin x Selena

Benny x Charlotte

Persona 5

Joker x Makoto

Joker x Ann

Kid Icarus

Pit x Viridi

Pit x Palutena

Dragon Ball Z

Krillin x 18

Food Wars

Soma x Erina

Soma x Megumi

The Hunger Games

Katniss x Peeta

As some of you know, a couple of years ago I tried to write my own season of Total Drama with 14 contestants of my own design called Total Drama Paradise. However, I decided to discontinue it due to personal issues I had with the story and a couple of characters. Lately though, I've been thinking about whether or not I want to try again with Total Drama Paradise, with the only differences being between 2 of the 14 characters I made. After lots of time of thinking it over, I decided to change the appearance of one character, completely scrap another in favor for a new OC who I think could be a more interesting contestant, and I made some tiny edits to a few other character's appearances. Also, some characters have different personalities than what was originally conceived, but only a few.

With that all being said, here's the new list of my OCs for Total Drama Paradise, complete with bios, team info and updated audition tapes:

Adam - The Arrogant Rich Guy

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'11

Appearance: Adam is a handsome teenager with short blonde hair that is slicked up in the front, gray eyes, and is well-built. He wears a pink polo shirt, with a white jacket tied around his neck, khaki shorts, a silver watch on his left wrist, and brown loafers with white socks.

Personality: Adam has a very high opinion of himself. Cocky, but also slightly athletic, he also has a low opinion of people of a lower status than him and loves to show off to pretty girls at his school who he deems worthy of his attention.

Team: Dynamic Dolphins

Audition Tape: Adam stands on his privately owned tennis court dressed in a sky blue tennis uniform, complete with headband. "What do you think of THIS producers?" he said with a grin as he smacked a tennis ball toward the other side of the court. "Name's Adam, and my father is one of the richest men on the east coast. And I happen to be the best tennis player on the east coast." Adam bragged before hitting another tennis ball. He then smiled smugly at the camera while twirling his racket. "So I have the athletic ability you're looking for. So pick me for Total Drama Paradise, and the other losers won't know what hit 'em!" A third tennis ball catches the boy be surprise and slammed into his head, knocking him to the ground. "Oww."

Alexis - The Kind Athlete

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'8

Appearance: Alexis is a beautiful and athletic girl with tanned skin, blue-green eyes, thick lips, short blonde hair that goes just past her neck and a relatively big butt. She wears a white halter top with a thin blue line that goes down the left side of her shirt and giant blue A on her back, blue sporty short-shorts and white tennis shoes and socks.

Personality: Alexis loves sports. She is a part of her high school's Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer teams, so she's geared for a competition as fierce as Total Drama. Alexis is also kind, and is always willing to lend people a hand when it comes to athletics.

Team: Mighty Mantas

Audition Tape: Alexis is playing in a basketball game against a rival school. After scoring a three-pointer, a time-out is called. Alexis comes over to the camera and holds it up to her face. "Hey there, my name's Alexis!" she greets kindly. "I'm making this video to show the Total Drama producers that I have what it takes to join the newest season of Total Drama." Alexis takes a sip of water before continuing. "As you could see from my performance, I'm pretty good when it comes to sports. So I can handle anything you throw at me. Not only that, I'm a team player, and I'll do whatever it takes to help my teammates during the show." A whistle is then blown, signaling the end of time-out. "Well, time to get back to the game. If you want a girl who can hold her own against the boys, then I'm your girl. Ciao!" Alexis finishes with a wave to the camera before running back to the game.

Blake - The Water Boy

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'11

Appearance: Blake is a good-looking teenager with short brown hair, blue eyes, and a toned mid-section and arms. He wears a white T-shirt with black-colored linings on the sleeves and collar and a killer whale design in the center, blue jean shorts, blue sandals, a shelled bracelet on his right wrist and a shark tooth necklace around his neck.

Personality: Blake gets his Water Boy label from his love for everything involving the ocean. Whether it be swimming or surfing, Blake tries to spend as much time as he can in the water. Unlike Bridgette though, he is not a klutz on land. He is known to be a sweetheart, but he can also be quite comical and cynical, especially toward people who are jerks to him or his friends.

Team: Dynamic Dolphins

Audition Tape: Blake sits on his surfboard in the ocean as one of his friends films him "Aight dude, we're rolling!" said the friend before Blake grins to the camera and starts. "Yo, what's up Chris, Chef, Producers and Interns? Name's Blake and I'm about to show you why I'd be awesome for Total Drama Paradise!" Blake looks up to see a large wave approaching, and then smirks to the camera. "Don't blink now." Blake paddles out toward the wave before getting up to perform several tricks on his board for a 2-minute montage edited after the fact, such as surfing a barrel, riding the top of the wave, and finishing with ten-eighty spin before landing back on the water. Blake and his friend cheer wildly before the former jumps into the sea in hype. After resurfacing, Blake rests his arms on his board and turns back to the camera. "So how about that?! If you pick me, I promise to show you even crazier stuff then that. I'm also a team player, who will always play fair, and I always look out for my friends... Well, unless I gotta face them in the finals for the million." Blake laughs jokingly before flashing the hang-loose sign. "Blake for Total Drama Paradise."

Eli - The Obnoxious One

Race: Caucasian

Height: 6'2

Appearance: Eli is a tall and very fat boy with short, messy red hair, brown eyes and freckles. He wears a black shirt with a comic-strip POW design in the center, gray cargo pants and red tennis shoes.

Personality: Eli is rude, obnoxious, loud, annoying and extremely talkative. He'll gladly tell you his opinions on things, and he'll never shut up about them. He also thinks of himself as a ladies man, even though none of the girls at his school like him in the slightest.

Team: Mighty Mantas

Audition Tape: Eli is sitting in his school cafeteria eating his massive lunch as his camera records him. "That's right, from what I saw over the last four seasons, none of the chumps competein' got what it takes to be famous. That silly Chris shoulda picked me for Total Drama World Tour. I woulda given a thousand times more percent than any of those idiots coulda done. Not to mention I'm much more handsome then that, what's his name? Jalapeno? I coulda got any of those girls to fall for me with a snap, that's just how much of a ladies man I am..." Eli talks for so long that the camera on his battery runs out.

Keiko - The Cute Girl

Race: Japanese-Canadian

Height: 4'11

Appearance: Keiko is a short and cute girl of Japanese descent, with long black hair and gray eyes. She wears a white, sleeveless gothic Lolita dress with a lavender ribbon on her chest, white arm sleeves tied together with pink straps, white knee-length Lolita boots, and a white headband in her hair. The straps and bottom of her dress, as well as the ends of her arm sleeves, are decorated with pink lace.

Personality: Keiko is relatively quiet, usually speaking softly, but formally. She is a huge fan of several anime and video game series from her home country, and loves dressing up in the gothic Lolita style. She is kind, but has a hard time making friends since most people at her school don't share the same interests as her, so she usually spends her time alone.

Team: Mighty Mantas

Audition Tape: Keiko is sitting at a desk in her bedroom drinking a cup of green tea as J-Pop music lightly plays in the background. "Konichiwa Total Drama producers." Keiko says quietly with a bow of her head. "My name is Keiko, and I am making this video with the intention of joining Total Drama Paradise." she takes a sip of her tea before continuing. "I've been a huge fan of the show since Total Drama Island, and it's been a dream of mine to one day compete in the show myself. Mostly because..." she suddenly looks away sadly. "Well, it would be nice to interact with kids outside my school for once. Many kids there don't understand me or my culture..." she regains her composure before looking fiercely at the camera with her fists on her hips. "But I'm not ashamed of my roots, and with any luck, I'll be one of the less quirky ones playing the game... You know, if I'm selected to compete." Keiko chuckles lightly before setting her tea down, standing up and bowing in front of the camera. "Thank you very much for your time." Keiko finishes in her native tongue.

Kelly - The Idol

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'6

Appearance: Kelly is a gorgeous teenaged girl with long platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, and a curvaceous and well-endowed figure. She wears a light blue tank top that slightly shows off her belly, black short-shorts, white flat sandals, and a shiny blue flower hair clip in her hair.

Personality: Kelly is very vain and stuck-up, and is HUGELY popular among the students at the private school she attends. She is frequently followed by an entourage of boys, who are always willing to do things for her just to stay in her company. Kelly is very smart, always getting top marks in her classes, and she is considered by her peers, and herself, to be the perfect woman.

Team: Dynamic Dolphins

Audition Tape: Kelly is leaning over her sink, staring at her reflection in the mirror and applying lip gloss. Her reflection's eyes turn to the camera, then smiling, the real Kelly turns to face the camera. "Heeeey Chris and Total Drama!" Kelly greets brightly with a wave. "I'm Kelly. Daughter of the principal of Vancouver's most prestigious private school and ALSO the most beautiful girl here." She flips her long hair as she says this last part. "Why am I telling you this? Cause I wanna join Total Drama Paradise sillies." she charms, knowing that this may influence Chris and the producers' decisions. "See, I'm a big deal at my school. Everybody wants to be near me. Boys and girls both adore me, but the boys especially love to follow me around and do things for me when I need them to." Kelly informs smugly with a hand on her hip. "So I thought, why not do the same thing and win a million dollars in the process? Sounds like a great idea to me." Kelly leans down right in front of her camera and smiles seductively. "Wanna see if I can do it? Then choose me, you won't regret it." she finishes off by planting a kiss on the camera's lens before walking away, leaving a lip print behind on the lens.

Mary - The Boy-Obsessed Freak

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'0

Appearance: Mary is a short, rather plump-sized girl with long brown hair tied in a ponytail, and black eyes hidden behind a thick pair of rectangular glasses. She wears a white shirt underneath a moss green jacket, gray pants and dark green sneakers.

Personality: Mary is absolutely obsessed with boys. She rarely ever talks about anything else besides how good-looking any guy she sees is, and she longs for the day when she'll meet the perfect guy to call her boyfriend. Mary also hates pretty girls, due to boys she's interested in usually being interested in them.

Team: Dynamic Dolphins

Audition Tape: Mary is walking down the sidewalk in her neighborhood carrying her schoolbooks. "It would be great if someone like me could join Total Drama. Maybe then, I could meet the boy of my dreams!" she held her books close to her chest as she squealed. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE! That would the greatest thing to ever happen to me!" Mary turned to the camera, frowning, before she dashed over and yanked it from the person holding it. Putting her face right up to the lens, she begged. "So please pick me! Please, please, please, PLEEEEEASE pick me!" she shook the camera wildly before it cut out.

Naomi - The Rock Girl

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'7

Appearance: Naomi is a pretty teenager who has long brown hair, brown eyes, purple lips, and has a thin figure with wide hips. She wears a purple crop top, black jean skirt, a black choker with metal spheres around her neck and black shoes with purple knee-high socks.

Personality: Naomi is into the punk lifestyle. She loves listening to all kinds of rock music and is the drummer of a garage band set up in her home town. Naomi's usually pretty laid back, but is quick to anger when insulted. She's easily capable of looking after herself.

Team: Mighty Mantas

Audition Tape: Naomi sits in her garage, playing a session on her drums before stopping to smile at the camera. "What up, Toatal Drama? You wanna know why Naomi would be a good pick for your show? It's simple really. I'm a HUGE fan of Total Drama! Particularly Chris." she then points at the half dozen or so posters of Chris McLean behind her on the garage's walls, each with him in a different outfit, like his badminton outfit, roman robes, and even one where Chris was shirtless. Naomi sighs dreamily before continuing. "I LOVE Chris! I'm practically his biggest fan." she twirls her drumstick in her left fingers as she finishes up her audition. "So if Chris wants someone who will fawn over him all summer long, then I'm your gal. Vote for Naomi!" Naomi flashes the double bullhorns before the video cuts off.

Nicole - The Spoiled Brat

Race: African-Canadian

Height: 5'8

Appearance: Nicole practically has a permanent frown on her face. Her short black hair is tied up in a bun, she has hazel eyes, and a thin figure. She wears a black and white striped dress with a brown belt wrapped around her waist, white slip-on shoes, large gold earrings and several gold bracelets on her left wrist.

Personality: Nicole is nothing short of spoiled. Always wanting the newest brand of lip gloss, the fanciest purse, or top of the line jewelry. She always gets what she wants, and if she doesn't, she'll whine and moan until she does.

Team: Mighty Mantas

Audition Tape: Nicole is out shopping in a high-end clothing store in her town's mall, trying on different hats of varying color. As she puts a salmon-colored one on her head, she turns toward the camera. "Don't even waste your time looking at the other audition tapes. All you need for your show is me." Nicole takes the salmon hat on and then puts on an aqua-green one on. She then says to someone offscreen excitedly. "I'll take of them!" Holding both hats now, Nicole turns back to the camera. "Seriously though, look at me. I'm GORGEOUS! You've got nothing to lose by choosing me." she suddenly frowns and glares back toward the offscreen person before yelling "Are you deaf or something? I SAID I want both of these hats NOW!" The camera then turns off.

Patrick - The Artistic Rebel

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'10

Appearance: Patrick has light brown hair cut in a buzzcut style, black eyes and a thin physique. He wears three earrings in his left ear, a navy blue hoodie, gray cargo shorts and red converse shoes.

Personality: Patrick is a rebel, who doesn't like to follow trends and doesn't like being told what to do, especially by bullies or people he doesn't like. He's a talented artist, and is able to draw, paint and build masterpieces without using much effort. He can be difficult to get to know, but once, you do, you realize that Patrick isn't a bad guy.

Team: Mighty Mantas

Audition Tape: Patrick is standing in the parking lot of his school, as the lower half of an unconscious jock bully layed at his feet. Patrick was smirking at the camera. "Yo, Patrick here, and I'm sending in this audition for Total Drama Paradise with sole purpose of joining Total Drama Paradise." Another jock approaches Patrick from behind. "As you can see..." Without even turning to face the bully, Patrick knocks him out with a single punch. He continues like nothing happened. "... I'm quite popular with the jocks at my school. They always try to get the jump on me, but..." A third bully charges at Patrick, but the rebel merely kicked him in the face, knocking him out. "They just never learn." Patrick dusts himself off before continuing. "You could say I'm pretty resourceful, plus I know how to adapt to my surroundings." Patrick ducks and a forth jock goes flying over his head, landing painfully offscreen. "If you pick me, then I promise to give you all a good show." Patrick walks away whistling, leaving the bullies unconscious on the concrete.

Russell - The Angry Bodybuilder

Race: African-Canadian

Height: 6'3

Appearance: Russell is the tallest, and most muscular of the TDP cast. He has black buzzcut hair and black eyes, and wears a gray tanktop, black jeans and black military boots.

Personality: Russell is a jerk, and he's quick to get angry. He often bullies those who are smaller and weaker than him, and he takes fitness and his bodybuilding goals very seriously.

Team: Dynamic Dolphins

Audition Tape: Russell is lifting weights at the gym in his hometown. "One hundred and twenty-eight... One hundred and twenty-nine... One hundred and thirty." He grunts with every lift. He then puts the four hundred pound bar on it's holder before sitting up to grin smugly at the camera. "Check it out Chris. I just did a hundred and thirty, four hundred pound lifts. If THAT doesn't get me a spot on your show, then I don't know what will." Russell bragged, before laying back and bonking his head on the weight bar. "Argh! Stupid piece of *Bleep* WEIGHTS! GETTING IN MY *Bleep* WAY LIKE THAT!" Russell screams furiously, picking up the four hundred pound dumbbell and chucking it away without much effort. The weights crash through a window as Russell stomps away angrily, holding his head. The camera then cuts off.

Sonia - The Brazilian Bombshell

Race: Brazilian

Height: 5'9

Appearance: Sonia is a gorgeous teenager from Brazil, with tanned skin, long brown hair, green eyes, and a curvaceous figure with a relatively large butt and a well-endowed bust. She wears a purple T-shirt that slightly exposes her belly, blue skinny jeans, a silver bracelet on her right wrist and brown-colored sandals.

Personality: Sonia is very no nonsense, but she is also kind, and she greatly dislikes people who treat others like dirt. She was raised in a rough part of town in Brazil before moving to Canada, so she's pretty tough, and can stick up for herself just fine.

Team: Dynamic Dolphins

Audition Tape: Sonia stands in her room with a sexy grin on her face. "Hey there, I'm Sonia. And I'm here to tell you why I'd be great for Total Drama Paradise. Firstly, I'm a strong competitor. Growing up in favelas of Rio have made me tough. Secondly, I'm not gonna let ANYONE push me around! Third and finally, anyone who DOES try to get up in my face..." Sonia continues more dangerously. "Will get their FACE smacked so hard that no one will recognize them!" she exhales, calming herself down before finishing up her audition. "I think I gave ya'll a pretty good reason to pick me... so pick me already!" she finished fiercely.

Travis - The Island Boy

Race: Jamaican

Height: 5'10

Appearance: Travis has shoulder-length dreadlocked hair tied in a ponytail, teal eyes, a goatee and a toned physique. He wears a blue tank top with a large yellow X crossing over the shirt, a greenish-yellow bandana on his head, khaki pants and gray sandals.

Personality: Travis is a friendly guy who recently moved to Canada from his native home in Jamaica. He tries to get along with everybody, unless they're mean to him or his friends. He speaks with a Jamaican accent.

Team: Dynamic Dolphins

Audition Tape: Travis is lounging on his towel at the beach near his home. "Total Drama. It would be so knarly if I could get chosen for it." He then opens his eyes to face the camera. "Then I could take my parents on a trip around da world with dat million dollars." He was interrupted by a beach ball landing near him. Travis picked it up and handed it to the small boy who came to get it. After muttering thanks the boy went away, allowing Travis to continue. "Mon it would be good to treat them to something nice after us moving all da way here from Jamaica. So if ya want someone who will always play fair, then I'm ya guy mon." Travis smiles and closes his eyes, looking forward to some more chilling.

Zac - The Skater

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'9

Appearance: Zac is a tall and handsome teenager with muscular arms and a chiseled physique. He also has long, dirty blonde hair that goes past his neck and hazel brown eyes. He wears a gray beanie on his head, a red tank top with a T.H. logo on the left chest, a small gold hoop in his left ear, gray cargo pants and black skater shoes.

Personality: Zac has a pretty-laid back demeanor, rarely ever raising his voice. He's athletic, and very good at skateboarding. Not much else is known about him outside of these facts though.

Team: Mighty Mantas

Audition Tape: Zac's audition is a montage of himself performing various tricks on his skateboard at the skate park in his hometown. First, he performs various flips and spins on the ramp, then he moves over to the rails, jumping from the ground and grinding all the way down. Zac then ollies onto a step about three feet off the ground, followed by a kick flip of the top of a ten-step set of stairs. The kids and teens all around the park cheer wildly for Zac as he smiles confidently and stops next to the camera. Looking at the camera, Zac says in a cool voice. "Sup Chris, Total Drama. Pick me for Total Drama Paradise, and I'll show even more awesome tricks." He stomps his board to try and catch it, only for the board to slam into Zac's crotch. The skater drops to the ground in pain, holding onto his kiwis as the camera cuts off.

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