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As of December 2013:

Project Psynergy is being discontinued.

This probably surprises nobody after 16 months without an update, but given the usual timeframe for updates is almost yearly at this point anyway, perhaps there were still a few people hoping it might happen. Well, I'm dashing those hopes now. The odds of me ever updating this story again are so low as to be non-existent, let alone finishing it. So don't anybody get your hopes up anymore.

I loved writing this story to pieces. I was really proud of the Project and how in-depth and intricate I'd made it. The problem was that it became TOO much. Every time I wanted to write a chapter I had to reread much if not all of the story just to take down notes on what had happened and what I was doing. So much of it was being made up on the spot when I thought I could do something better than my existing plans. It was taking so long and using so much effort that I couldn't bring myself to write the story unless I really, REALLY got inspired and fell into the mood for it. Well, that hasn't happened since the last update, and given the status of my life now, it's probably not going to happen again. Let's be real: I began writing this when I was 16, and now I'm 25. So much has gone on in that time that I'm hardly the same person anymore. If I were to rewrite the story from scratch now, I would do a heck of a lot of things differently (not the least of which is writing better progress notes), but it's too late for that.

So it's done. Project Psynergy is cancelled and will regretably not be finished. I made several pushes to get myself to do it once upon a time, but it didn't happen. And I don't even have an ending or even one of my numerous cliffhangers to leave you all with as a parting chapter, meaning I doubt this will ever actually be noticed by anyone who cares. But it's done. Sorry guys. If you've stuck with me this far, I am truly surprised at your tenacity and patience and thank you for your time and support. Without Project Psynergy, I really have no drive or interest in writing other fanfiction either, which means this will probably be the last time this account is ever updated or has anything done with it, so that extends further to anybody who ever looked at my stuff, read it, liked it, or supported it in any way, shape, or form.

I did have notes and a few points written down regarding the ultimate progression and conclusion of Project Psynergy, so while it's incomplete, if anybody cares enough to actually hear it then leave me a message here or send an email to jake.delfeir@gmail.com. I'll probably check the FF Net inbox every few days until January or February just to see if there's a response but I check the email more regularly and for much longer. Would love to receive the mail if people are curious. So yes. That's all I have to say for now, I suppose.

Thanks guys.


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