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Pirates of the Caribbean Fics:

Arianne: The first installment of my PotC saga, complete, and in need of a little editing.

The Fountain of Youth: The second installment, continuation of Arianne's adventures, and also my least favorite...however, it needs to be read to understand the next story, and it's all in all not TOO bad...also needs quite a bit of editing.

Reanna: The third, and what I had hoped final, installment of my PotC saga. The cast has come a long way from the first story, and I was apparently on a bit of a schedule to get at least one chapter out a day to finish it out in one month. Well, it worked, but at the cost of quality.

The Flight of Raven Firestorm: If I ever get the time to sit down and write again...I will write this out. This will be the fourth, and final, installment as the saga isn't yet complete and Reanna is getting tired of sitting in my head with nothing to do.

Sailor Moon Fics:

Confession: This story, I feel, is the best I have written to this site. The plot's not terribly thick as my knowledge of the series was minimal at best, but the idea hit me one night and I had to sit down and write it out--it took me five days to complete it and all in all I am quite impressed with the quality of writing for this.

Where my PotC fics and the DW fic have a more developed plot line and are good stories, the writing is less than impressive, while this is relatively short and feelingly written in a way that draws the reader in.

To Feel Your Lips: Complete! 7 chapters total! Also, I feel I should mention that I am deeply ashamed of this story. The plot is, to put it mildly, shit, the characters are crap, and there was one point to the whole thing. I'd remove it, but I'm a bit afraid of being hunted down by 14-year-old girls who shouldn't be reading this kind of trash anyway.

Dynasty Warriors Fics:

Engagement: Chapters Twenty-two and soon twenty-three have been posted!

Important Note to Readers:


Engagement, as some of you may have noticed, is starting to proceed again!

It's occurred to me in the process of attempting to write my novel (and getting distracted numerous times) that I really need to tie up the loose ends of Engagement before I can give it the sort of focus it so desperately needs and deserves. I am moving the story along, and likely at a faster clip than is necessary, but I am trying to at least do the story some justice and hopefully the writing will be decent enough to satisfy my readers.

My book sales are...well, minimal as far as I know--I only know of 4 copies being sold, but that doesn't necessarily mean more haven't been--ah well.

At any rate, if any of you are interested in checking out my book, do feel free to visit my website ( if the link isn't above)--on which there is a list of websites at which my book may be purchased.

Thank you all for sticking with me, and I appreciate all of your input in my stories and fervently hope not to disappoint any of you!


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