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Author has written 13 stories for Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, and Frozen.

Updated: New: Okay those links aren't working for me anymore and i'm really hoping it's just me. If it's everyone then I'm doing my best to see what's up and try to fix it. Also a lot of these categories are so outdated I'm so embarrassed for myself.

Hello there! Wandered onto my profile page I see. Or unless you meant to see a bit about me that works too. Let's see... this page is filled with a butt load of about me, what I like, my writing, and other stuff! If you're looking for some chain letters to add to your profile page, turn back now. I don't have any chain letters here. Only my lame talking of stuff I feel like talking about. But for the rest of you guys, welcome! And happy readings!

(Skip to stories by clicking that little 'hide bio' button to hide all of this rambling!)

Stuff I Need to Organize at Some Point:

EVEN MORE NEW: Amazing fanart of a chapter of Childish by Magdalenaa!! It's so adorable thank you!

NEWEST: Currently working on a collaboration with Foreverofbff for 'Queen Regnant'. A story written for Aromantic-Asexual Elsa!

NEWER BECAUSE TOO LAZY TO UN-NEW EVERYTHING ELSE: So! I've never actually given much thanks and credits after seeing this which makes me a major butt-hole because I'm a freaking idiot but fanart for my story Childish by GKC07NF!! I freaked out when I was first notified of it by them and saw it because it's so adorable and I love it! But I was stupid around that time and too shy to do anything BUT! There it is! A drawing I am eternally grateful to have! Thank you so much!

NEW!: Okay I've actually had a tumblr for a while but haven't bothered to announce it due to having no idea how it works. But I think I have a pretty good idea now so here it is if you guys want to say Hello! (Warning. I am basically a Frozen blog.)

-Dear my Frozen readers, a lot of my profile is Adventure Time related. Though my Frozen-related stuff is split up everywhere too so you'll have to dig through everything if you want to find all of my Frozen talk. EDIT: Lol jk. There's like a giant block of Frozen talk takes up like so much room. BUT! There's little Frozen stuff around outside of the block of information. Like an Easter egg that you have to find.

Disclaimer: Do I need to put it? I think so. I do not own my profile pic. If some trouble comes up from it, let me know and I'll remove it immediately thanks. Amazing picture by: membrillita on Deviantart.com

I like to read other peoples profile pages. And I have come to a conclusion that my profile page is way too flipping long. Well compared to all of the ones I've read. (And yet I continue expanding it. Sigh)

(Previous Name)- BubbleBum -Why I changed it?- It sounded to much like Bubblegum. And I'm not a fan of Princess Bubblegum.

Age: Well I'm sixteen now. It doesn't feel like two years since I started writing pfft I cringe at all of my old work though don't remind me

Favorite Shows: Adventure Time! And many others that escape my mind at the moment and will probably never be updated onto here because I'll be too lazy to do so once I remember!

Favorite Color: All the colors are awesome. But my main would have to be Blue. All kinds of blue. Especially light blue. Then even lighter blue.

Favorite Movie: Now officially Frozen.

Favorite Thing to Do: Eat. Sleep. Play Video games. Write Fanfictions. Draw. What else do I like to do? I have no idea.

Favorite- What else do they put on here...?

Let's move on to favorite pairings!

Adventure Time!

1. Finn and Marceline!- I would be extremely happy if they end up together.

"But she's a thousand years old!"

Yeah well tuff nubs man. Marshall Lee and Princess Bubblegum are a thousand years old too. And basically she stopped ageing since she's a vampire. So I kind of like to think of it like she's permanently 18 or whatever her biological age is. I mean c'mon. It's not like she's some old wise person or anything. Her age just like FROZE basically and she still has a teenage personality. But that's just me thinking like this probably.

"She thinks of him like a brother!"

I don't recall her saying that.

"Nobody likes them together!"

Ha! Okay I don't even understand why people even say that...

"It would never work out!"

Neither have PB's or FP's. Marcy barely even got a chance.

"(Insert Other Pairing) is so much better!"

Yeah... That's cool...


Elsa! By herself! Heck yeah! -high fives self and whoever else is with me- Elsa is a strong independent woman that don't need nobody!

"But then she's forever alone!"

Family. Friends. Platonic love. There is such a thing as not wanting a romantic or sexual relationship and it's perfectly normal and okay. Some people don't need romance to be happy.

"Everybody needs a partner!"

Please refer to the previous answer.

"But what about representation?!"

Oh but it is. But. it. is.

"But I think Elsa should end up wi-!"

Good for you.

(Edited: 5/4/15) All Time Favorite Character List:

1. Elsa the Snow Queen of Arendelle (Hehe adorable)

2. Marceline the Vampire Queen (whoops sorry marcy you're 2nd now)

(It's extremely difficult to be placed on this list because I'm too picky for my own sake.)

So basically everything in my profile has been Adventure Time related so far due to being the only thing I've been obsessive over. But when I finally saw the movie Frozen I became obsessed with it too and decided Frozen gets it's own category (AKA Right here) (PS: May contain spoilers) lol theres no spoilers for a movie thats everywhere

So when I first watched the movie... I was just like "Meh. Another Disney movie." And didn't exactly pay attention to the movie. (*Cough* I even started watching during the middle of the movie which I regret with all my heart because it kind of ruined my first experience). For some reason I watched it for a second time and thought "Hey it's not that bad." The third time around was probably when my obsession started to grow because I actually looked into the story this time. I had taken an extreme admiration for Elsa the Snow Queen for various reasons (Way too many to say. Some would be how she's so relatable and adorable). The fourth time watching the movie was when the obsession got worse. Like way worse. Listening to "Let It Go" nonstop and researching the movie and characters multiple times along with animation and all that stuff. Literally everything (As I have done with Adventure Time)

Anyway. So one of the main reasons why I ended up practically loving the movie was because of Elsa. Probably without Elsa (And of course Anna) in the movie I wouldn't have liked it so much. [Spoiler?] Because then there would be no twist on the whole "True love" thing and it'd just be another Disney romantic love movie. But then again Frozen is loosely based on The Snow Queen so Elsa had to be in it. So maybe what I'm saying is if her character (And the story since The Snow Queen fairytale and Frozen are really different from each other) were different I wouldn't have liked it so much. [Edit: Okay maybe if she became the hardcore villain I'd still like her. If the ending ended the same way too and she turned back to good! That'd be pretty cool. But I probably wouldn't have liked her as much]

-In conclusion to that reason above: The movie is really able to relate to for different reasons. And shows me how to deal with a lot of things in my life too. Like being myself instead of somebody people want me to be. That's a big one.

And yet another reason: I have an older sister and we're three years apart like Elsa and Anna. And Elsa and Anna's relationship kind of mirrors our own so that's why I absolutely love Anna and Elsa's sisterly relationship and the entire movie.

Frozen Movie View Count: I lost count. Pretty sure somewhere around 80th or 90.

Shout out to my first ever official story that I have ever written in my not-so-very-long life "1000 Years Back"! The story that started my fanfiction writing and has led me up to this day! Without the attention and support it had received, I probably would have quit my story writing and wouldn't have any of the other stories I have now.

Story Updates (Edited: 1/19/15):

So I will still be updating fast. Sort of. Not really. Depending on which story I'm working on. Now that I have multiple stories, it's getting a bit tougher to update. But I'll see what I can do. Writing ties between my life a great deal so I can't always just sit around writing as much as I want to.

The thing is. I don't even know which stories to update anymore. I figured out that I usually update the more popular among the people ones. Or ones that I feel like at the moment.

Edit: Okay never mind I don't even update all of my stories anymore.

Edit: I SWEAR YOU GUYS. EVERY TIME I COME UP WITH A NEW STORY IDEA -BAM- SOMEBODY HAS A SIMILAR IDEA AND WRITES IT BEFORE ME. T_T But I guess that's my fault... I can't actually write my idea once they post theirs because well that's kind of make me seem like one of those copiers. -Sigh-

Goal (Edited: 1/6/16):

My main goal on this website is to make it to the front page of the "Most Favorited" filter page or the "Most Followers" or the "Most Reviews". That is really hard to do at the moment until I become a good writer in like a few years. Or if I become an amazing writer over night. Or if I just somehow manage to get to the top anyway.

New: Okay... I guess I did make it to "Most Reviews" after all. Shoutout to my story "Childish" in "Frozen" for making it to the front page of most reviews! And of course all of your reviewers for that story too! I couldn't have done it without any of you!

New: Whoa okay even though it didn't make the specific achievement yet, "Childish" is really close to getting on the front of "Most Favorited". Most Favorited was my motivation to get even better in writing and I planned to reach that goal in a few years. But after only around one year of writing, my story has nearly reached that goal and I don't even know what to say or how to express how proud I am.

Newest: OH HECK YEAH "Childish" MADE IT TO THE FRONT PAGE OF MOST FAVORITES (Okay excluding M rated stories but I never planned to beat them in the first place) FILTER AND I AM SO PROUD AND EXCITED. It may be short-lived but who cares I made it and that's all that matters. (Well... Getting on the 'Most Favorited' filter was my main goal on here in the first place and one of my sources of motivation but now that I've already completed that... There goes the motivation. I guess the next on my list should be to get on the front page of all the story ratings but I don't really care much for that as I did for the other)

What Types of Things You'll Sometimes Be Seeing In My Stories:

I seem to be a fan of things like action and thieves and such. And of course since I'm a fan of em, you'll most likely be seeing things like: Sickness, Stealing, Rebels, Thieves, Capture, Action, Unrealistic Occurrences, Awesomeness. (Will be expanded over time)

I am also a fan of romance too. My most favorite romantic things would have to be sleeping together and cuddling cause I find that darn out right adorable. So for this you'll be seeing things like: Accidental First Kisses, Sneaky First Kisses, Sleeping Together, Cutesy Stuff. (Will be expanded over time)

I am also a fan of Humor. This can't really have a list because I can't just choose one favorite thing that's funny. But you'll (hopefully) be seeing humor in my stories sometimes. Humor is my specialty in writing! And I'm proud of it!

I am also a fan of other things. But I'm tired. And I don't feel like thinking of them.

In Honor of Frozen: I am also a major fan of sistery fluff! And their adorable relationship! Anna and Elsa are the cutest and best sisters ever.

Miscellaneous things are: Dreams, Memory Loss (Will be expanded over time)

Also all of these will not apply to all of my stories. Sometimes I won't want to add humor and just keep the story dark. Sometimes I don't want to add other things to keep them different from other of my stories. But usually I follow my list of favorites depending on the story really.

Just Some Facts That You Should Probably Know About Me:

-I don't like writing rough drafts even though I should. My first 'rough draft' is my final. And it's kind of like a hit or miss kind of deal when I post a new chapter.

-I don't like reading either. Wait... Or actually I do like reading which is why I'm on this site in the first place, but I don't like reading actual books probably due to my inability to sit in place for a long time. I should though since I'm not that great at writing and it could help a lot if I did read and learned new things from it.

-I don't know why but I hold a certain dislike for OC's. Idk. I like to stick with the main characters that are there and stuff. Sure I'll have to make an 'OC' as a side character or something that only has like five seconds of screen time, but I don't really give them names. I will if I have to to avoid confusion but that's about it. I don't usually read stories with OC's either. Or actually stories that revolve around OC's. If they're just minor side character too then yes I would read it.

Backstory-ish Thing (Edit: 1/19/15):

Okay complete rewrite of this since I sounded really awkward the last time I wrote it:

So, before I made an account here on this site, I was really just a lurker who read a whole bunch of other people's fics and then left without any sort of form of me liking their story. Eventually I did get around to making an account and began favoriting and following stories like I should have (Though I still have trouble writing reviews) and had a pretty great time doing that. But... Sometimes I found myself wondering if a story went a different way. Or I made up my own scenarios of ideas despite never writing them down. And I thought... "Wouldn't it be cool to have my own story with my own ideas?" And I just opened Microsoft Word one day and tried writing even though I had like zero experience in writing whatsoever. But I thought my writing was pretty good in a way when I finished and I posted it and bam like favorites and follows and reviews started showing up and that ended up motivating me too keep going. So I did. And really I have no idea how so many people came to like my writing but apparently I just started off good enough for people to like and accepted it and now here I am

How It Was Originally:

I first started writing fanfiction just for fun. But now its more of like a daily job (which is of course still fun). I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Oh well. If it starts stressing me out or stopping me in my life or something then I'll stop. But I doubt that'll happen soon until I'm a bit older when I have to decide what to do with my life. But I've got some time now! haha no i dont im way stressed these days

Writing Style:

Let's start with... I can't actually write anything serious or like dramatic. I always ALWAYS have to add humor to it or something and lighten the mood. That's just me though so you shouldn't be expecting any depressing stories until then. Then best I can do is like two sentences. Then BAM a random funny mood-lightener! I'm working on it though.

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Adventure Time with Finn and Jake - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 5 - Words: 14,009 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 47 - Follows: 57 - Updated: 1/28/2014 - Published: 12/23/2013 - [Finn, Marceline A.]
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