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Riki Greenbottle: Hello!!
Fuji Crimsoneye: We are two friends who have shared pen name, because we happened to write shared fic.
Riki: Either one of us didn't want to claim it as her own, so...
Fuji: Should we tell that we have other fics in here?
Riki: No. They may skip them after they have read "Coffee and playstation just don't mix"
Fuji: Oh...Then back to charecterising... (Riki:Fujis words...?)

Fuji Crimsoneye;
Birth in 1986,
mother language Finnish,
like's coffee,swords and Tatsumaru...

Riki Greenbottle;
Also birth in 1986,
mother language... not english,
likes... Tenchu... generally

We haven't puplished our story yet, because it's still on paper. But soon coming up: "Coffee and playstation just don't mix"
Fuji: As soon as I get it on computer, but my examweek is coming, FAST!*faints*
Riki: Yeah, it's going to take some time...See you!

Fuji: WOOHOOO!! I Was on the Robbie concert...
Riki: And I was not!!
Fuji: Na Na na na naa!! That man is GOD!
Riki: Like I care... whatever... I'm leaving...
Fuji: I am gonna create "I WORSHIP ROBBIE'S ASS CLUB" I.W.R.A.B for short...
Riki slams the door behind her.
Fuji: Finally. I thought that she would never leave...To the point: Chapter 2 is up and I am quite proud of it. Except that we lost BIG parts of Rikimaru's and Onikage's secret love affair thingie from the computer...By the way did you know what Onikage means in english? Never mind I tell it anyway Oni means evil spirit or devil and kage means shadow SO Onikage is something like devil's shadow.
Riki peaks at the door: Damn...! I became the queen of the cursed...?
Fuji: Remember the first date rule!
Riki: What first date rule? I have never been on a date!
Fuji: ...So what are you doing with him?
Riki: ... Nothing!
Riki slams the door again.
Fuji: krhm ... Bye for now I am gonna puke and then I'm gonna call to my shrink...

Riki: Exam week is here again!! It never leaves us... Just like before we are going to put a new chapter in here, but only after the exam week, got it?
Fuji lays in the floor unconsious.
Riki: ... She's not very good handling the exam pressure...

Coffee and playstation just don't mix reviews
Pairings: Ayamaru, Rikikage, Kikage (onesided), FujiCoffee... Little bit Onimaru...We say no more about it! Original version was eaten (by Fuji) so we rewrited it. CHAPTER 3 IS UP! Read and review!
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