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I'm pretty much your slightly-less-than-average Australian teenager who is malcontent with his position in life and struggles to find self-worth. I've recently finished my final year of high school education and I'm looking forward to my first year of tertiary education in game design, hopefully with a focus on narrative design. The most lucid and deep narrative I've developed over the course of my brief existence is none other than Days of Indecision, the Legend of Spyro fanfiction that currently graces my active stories, as the plot has been festering in my mind for well over four years now - or, at least, the saga has been, but we'll worry about potential sequels once we're done with the first story. Other than The Legend of Spyro, I also have a vague interest in many other story-driven RPGs such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect, although I'm not confident enough in my world-building skills to write a piece of fanfiction that I'll be satisfied with.

As for my writing style, I'll admit that my favourite section of writing involves world-building, and that little facet of my hobby will no doubt be glaringly obvious to the observant audience. Sometimes this may be considered a flaw, as it detracts from the reader's enjoyment of the plot - and is a possibility I often worry about - but it also gives the possibility of creating a deeper, stronger narrative, especially if rules and limitations are stretched. In the world of The Legend of Spyro, where the law and lore of the universe is ill-defined, the potential for world-building is immense - which I hypothesise is the reason I was initially drawn to crafting a story from it. My imagery is also intensely, sometimes dauntingly verbose, and if you aren't one for rich descriptors then I apologise profusely. I've drawn comparisons to Christopher Paolini's Inheritance tetralogy, which is not a baseless accusation considering the many hours I've poured into reading and re-reading that series. Other inspirations for my writing include The Moorehawke Trilogy by Celine Kiernan, Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda, and the Dragonkeeper series by Carole Wilkinson.

As for, I'm a bit of a stranger to the community. This is the first time I've ever seriously uploaded my work for anonymous, or not-so-anonymous, critical critique, and I'm both eager and worried about what you have to say to Days of Indecision. I encourage anyone who reads it to post a review regarding their thoughts and opinions, be it concerning the grammar, spelling and sentence structure of the narrative or idle conjecture and personal opinions about the characters and plot, new and old, that they may have. I greatly enjoy discussing the plot and characters of my narrative, and I would dearly love to have my readers' opinions about any new characters I introduce or plot threads I create - after all, I'm doing my best to avoid a cliched or tired story, especially concerning the rest of the TLoS community here on , and, if I may be so prude, many of my worries originate around a certain fiery young dragoness of mine. If you ever wish to give your opinion concerning her, I am more than welcome for any criticism, positive or negative, so long as it is constructive and not destructive.

And on one final note - If any of you are having difficulty understanding different fragments of the lore I keep adding, please inform me. I'm working on a solution that is both entertaining for me and informative for you!

Stories Thus Far

Days of Indecision:

Three years have passed since Malefor's defeat, and the close of the conflict known as the Maleficarum War. As Spyro and Cynder struggle to maintain the balance of power between the Four Nations, a shadow drake with amber markings and a dragoness from an ancient clan become embroiled in the appearance of someone from the Guardians' past, and the violence threatens to begin anew.

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