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What do you want from me? What can I give you that no one else can? Just a glimpse of my soul! Calm down, I'm having a bit of fun. I know my writing isn't perfect otherwise I'd be a publish author and not a fan fiction writer. There is always room for improvement but I'm still going to do things my way. Don't like it? Write your own story! That said, constructive criticism is welcome along with praise!

Guess what all my lovers, haters, whoever else is stalking me, I'd like to tell you to not be afraid to message me with any questions or ideas because I don't bite, but mama says its bad to lie. I do bite, hard, I bite for blood. But I'm harmless. Working on a Facebook page if you wish to stalk me further, I shall endeavor in shameless self promotion, taunt you with teasers from upcoming stories, discuss whatever random thing pops into the storm of chaos that is my brain, and just have fun! Tradgic Rose lives. You were bored enough to come check out my profile and I know I had you at shameless!

I haven't given up on Fire N' Ice, I promise! I just seem to have misplaced my muse and come down with that horrible disease known as writer's block. I've been trying to work through it with some one-shots but even those are not going the way I want them to. Updates will be erratic at best.

Sad to say it but Saved by the Toad fell from grace but don't worry, I'll pick her back up sometime.

Glimpse of Your Love is where I'm having fun with one shots, short stories, and thinking of other new ways to torture NaruSaku fans. Those concerned about Sacrifice, don't worry, enough people have cried out for it to become a true story that I will be making an honest woman out of her and will be moving her soon. But I still have several projects bouncing around that I just need to polish and post. You know that dreaded point where you're no longer sure if its an original thought from you or if its something you've read before because you have spent way too much time pouring through other people's work. I am currently sitting in the middle of that road pouting.

Stop Thinking is done! It feels so damn good to say that! I love that people are still adding it to their favorites, makes me all gooey on the inside.

In case you were wondering yes, I did name all of the herd so that if I ever did have them barge in a scene I was ready.

First boy- Daichi
Second boy-Etsuo
Girl- Chiaki

First girl- Akimi
Second girl- Akina
First boy-Itsuki
First boy-Hansuke
Second boy-Hiroki

For the Stop Thinking fans here is a little surprise for you! This is a chapter, I think it would have been 34 or so, I had done but then decided to not go this route. Its still an interesting direction I thought about pursuing. Anyways, love it, hate it, I don't plan on doing anything with it, but if you know my randomness you know I never say never.

Stop Thinking the Lost Chapter-

Sakura was absolutely giddy as she made her way up the steps to the office of the Hokage. Her mother had been relentlessly pestering her to let her spend sometime with her favorite grand baby, of course, Takara was her only grandchild so she was still allowed to call her that. The young mother had finally caved and let the grandmother have her way. She sent Saya along with her daughter for protection but her mother didn't know the depths of the nanny's skill set. Sakura liked it better that way. The thought of surprising her husband with a lunch date made her smile, she'd even consent to eating ramen. As she rounded the corner to the office, she found a freaked out Haruko, mouth gaping at a seemingly calm Sasuke. All she could see of the head of ANBU was his back side.

As soon as he turned and saw the look in his eyes, she wanted to run. Fear's cold grasp clutched her heart and froze her legs. It was so overpowering, it was almost suffocating. Not since the war had she witnessed such a disturbing stare, the amount of rage that oozed from him was breathtaking. It was a malaise that burned away anything good and pure. The last time, it had shone not only in his red eyes but the rest of those of his almost extinct clan. The madness was part of his burden, his inheritance. That hateful glare brought back memories the medic ninja would rather forget. Once the older Uchihas had been defeated, Sasuke had turned on Naruto with the same look in his insane eyes. They had been feral in their attacks of each other and in the end she had made the hard choice not to save her former crush. Only Naruto's pleas for his life had turned her decision and saved a man she felt didn't deserve another chance. It was then she started to see how much she loved her blond teammate.

In an instant the savage eyed man had her pinned against the wall, a kunai a hair's distance from her neck lodged in the structure she was pressed to. Pink tresses floating to the floor instead of the blood he sought. His eyes bore down on her while his arm drug painfully into her. From her peripheral vision, she noticed another man's hand holding Sasuke's wrist, it kept him from spilling her precious life force.

"Sakura, focus," came his determined voice.

Once again she owed her existence to a man with a borrowed red eye from the deranged clan. Seconds later, Naruto charged in after a shriek filled the hallways from his student. The blond didn't even stop to read the situation, he just attacked the raven haired man holding her to the wall, the first good hold he got on him sent both of them out of the tower. Sakura's knees felt like they would buckle under the strain of the emotions that loomed above her and threatened to crash down upon her.

"Can't give up now, this isn't over yet," growled the older man, he hadn't talk to her like that since she was a child, it stung like a slap to the face.

She'd be damned if she allowed one man to steal her courage now. Her green eyes set on his only open eye, she shifted her knees to make them stand firm under her. He opened his arms to her and she stepped into his embrace. Wind swirled around them, she closed her eyes and leaned on his shoulder for a moment, just for a second. He let her absorb some of his resolve, his knowing that things would be fine. Opening her eyes they were in a clearing.

Two demigods were thrashing each other. Every hit sounded like a clap of thunder, but it was the shattering of bones. The earth trembled under the weight of their blows. Blood danced across silver and black blades as both men took their pound of flesh from the other. The frozen fear melted as her own burning anger rose to new heights she didn't think she was capable of. Thoughts of death to a man her husband called brother tempted her. She didn't understand why he had attacked her or why he was determined to slice her husband to ribbons but she was done standing by and watching them.

Her boys were on the ground running head long at each other when she made her move. As they collided she sent all the chakra she could into the ground causing a massive explosion around the combatants. Chunks of earth flew heaven ward and the masters of the killing arts weaved and sailed from one boulder to another trying to reconnect to inflict more damage to one another. Kakashi sprang into action with her, three versus one, it seemed to stack things in the Hokage's favor but the Uchiha sent all of them to the ground along with the ruble the monster ninja had created.

Naruto had landed a few feet from his love, his broken body did everything it could to drag itself to her body that looked crumbled and discarded. His hands pulled at her, a cry of pain from her was sweet music to his ears, it meant she hadn't abandoned him in this world yet. He knew he should have more confidence in her but when she laid so motionless it was hard to not assume the worst. She was healing herself, her thigh had a serious injury she was working on before she could see to the others. His own body was already knitting itself back together.

The dark avenger was stalking toward them looking ready to end their lives as his silver blade dripped crimson droplets on the battered ground. Before he could ruin any lives, a small figure appeared and stood between him and his intended victims. Her short black hair swayed in the wind, she bore no weapons, only her strong will and need to protect her Hokage. Naruto knew his friend was too far from his grasp, only this woman could stop him now.

"I'm sorry it took me so long, Hokage-sama," she stated, as his name slipped through her lips, Sasuke fell to the ground grabbing his head screaming in agony, blood running from his eyes. He tried to get his feet back under him but she increased her grip on him, "not even an Uchiha can escape me," she growled sending him back to ground.

"Its over," Kakashi sighed in a mixture of relief and mental exhaustion.

Silent tears streamed from green eyes. A million questioned ran through her head but no answers came to her aid. Familiar hands pulled her into his lap and let her shed all her emotions into his broad shoulder.

"Tomo, what happened?" Naruto gently asked.

"I'm not sure, he's been so good for so long. Only thing I can think of is Jun and I have been busy with sick kids, we missed the signs," Tomo confessed.

"You're not alone, I've been busy and haven't had time to spar with him or just hang out like we use to, I'm the one at fault here. I didn't keep my promise to him," Naruto shook his head and held his wife closer.

"Its been so long since the last time, I was hoping we were done. Guess that was wishful thinking," stated the first man to train Team Seven as he looked to the sky for some reasoning behind the fate his students had been handed.

"You weren't the only one thinking it," affirmed Naruto looking at his broken friend clinging to the ground.

Sakura couldn't believe they were talking so casually about their best friend's glorious dive off the deep end in true Uchiha style. He had almost killed her and done a devastating number on everyone's body except for the woman who stopped him in his tracks, his own wife crumbled him into an unconscious bleeding mass. The medic dried her eyes and cleaned the snot from her nose and began to heal her headstrong husband.

"Heal yourself first," he ordered, always worrying about her before himself.

"Shut up," she counter ordered, not in the mood to listen.

He buttoned his lips, not wishing to anger her further. He felt she had a right to be sour about the situation, no one had warned her that their teammate had, from time to time, jumped ship from the boat of sanity. He didn't complain as she sniffled and put his body back together.

"What's your damage, Kakashi?" she called out as she and the fox fished with Naruto.

He did a quick once over before he answered, "bruises and some cracked ribs, nothing life threatening."

She looked to the shattered raven haired man, she had no urges to make him whole again. She knew, there had been a time, where she would have healed him even before herself, but now, all she felt was repulsed by his actions. His student appeared with two other masked men, she could deal with him. Sakura buried herself in her husband's orange and black jacket he still wore under his white coat like his father's.

"In the report I want this put in as a ANBU training exercise," Naruto ordered the men with Haruko. They nodded and vanished on the wind as Haruko did her best to heal the man who had created all the chaos. "In fifteen minutes, I want everyone involved in this in my office," he ordered the rest getting to his feet with his Sakura safe in his arms.

Tomo looked to her husband then her leader, "can we make it twenty?"

He nodded and flashed back to his office with his wife. He set her gently on the couch. She had a dazed overwhelmed look in her eyes that worried him more than the darkening bruise on her neck and chest.

"Sakura, where is Takara?" he questioned, a slight panic in his voice.

She looked at him like he was a madman. Her eyes lit up dangerously as her fist flew into his face. There was no body to it but it still hurt.

"You're just realizing she wasn't with me?" she snapped, her mind questioning his ability as a parent.

"No," he yelled through the hands holding his tender nose.

"She's with my mother," she growled getting to her feet to pace the room. Now that things were calming down her anger with herself was rising. She should have been better prepared for an attack from an enemy than she was. Thoughts of what could have happened if Takara had been in her arms left a bad taste on her tongue.

Naruto knew that look on her lovely face, any moment now she was going to say she needed to get back into training. Maybe even that she was ready to tackle active duty to keep their teammate inline. He was not prepared for the next words that came out of her mouth.

"I want to examine his brain," she stated like it was a normal topic.

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