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Yeap! You guessed it! A new profile! Well what can I say? I am a crazy 19 year old Aussie who is also not to mention a Remus/Sirius shipper fan just like many others on fanfiction.net! Some of you might be thinking ''eeeeeeeeeeeew- that's gross!'' but really it's quite juicy if you ask me :P and i'm not the only one who thinks so! +innocent look+.

Feel free to review my stories whenever you get the chance to read them, remember to think before you actually review because what you say will be on the review list forever! Unless I get rid of the story but that won't be the case! If you hate my stories, well then you hate em what can I say? I tried to impress you, really I did! Forgive me! However, if you like my stories then good for you mate!

There is one thing in this world and that is that you can impress half of it with your work, while the other half you can't impress. (Fact of life which i've come to learn years back).

Anywho's, I'll just get straight to the chase.

Favourite Shows

- Oh I'd have to say definately SUPERNATURAL! I'd love to take Jensen Ackles with me any time! But what can I say both boys on the show are great and hot! Although, I like Dean more...(Sorry Sammy!) my favourite line in the show so far would happen to be, Sam: ''Dad let's you go hunting alone?'' Dean: "Dude...i'm 26 years old!'' ha ha ha that was a classic!

and also ''Rules of the house, Sammy, driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole''

- Charmed. But Supernatural beats it. Totally!

- Midsomer Murders, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and SVU, Ghost Whisperer (Will definately watch Prison Break when it goes on air) and last but not least...BOSTON LEGAL!

Favourite Movies

- I only have one and that is Frequency...

Who'd I'd wanna take home: Hmmm...Good question...But it'll have to be Jensen Ackles! It was either a choice of the cute Detective in Midsomer Murders or Jensen...But Jensen beats the guy in Misdomer Murders.

Stories I Like To Read

Sirius/Remus Ship (now that is hot stuff! Come on you at least have to agree...right? riiiiiight?)

Remus/Hermione Ship (only if written well and if the story has a good plot to it, but all in all these two are very interesting pairings)


Sam and Dean romances are like eeeeeeeew...Hey no offence I mean seriously! Brother and Brother? No thanks! (don't hate me, i'm being honest here)

I like it when something happens to either one of the brothers, whether one gets caught etc. A good story makes me want to read more!


I've come to a final decision and that is that I must delete my stories, I am sorry for those who may be upset with the news but my life has been tremendously busy at the moment and I have no time for writing! Even if there is time, i'm tired and need my rest. Plus, I am also thinking about going back to College so therefore, the time for writing stories will be even more unavailable, due to work load.

Although i'll still be here, reading stories! Just not writing them! But i've kept this account open still so that if in doubt I change my mind, I can always upload a fic.

To those who reviewed I will say thank you, for your feedback and kind support! And I hope that your stories become a great success!

''Don't put your wand there boy! What if it ignited? Wizards like you have lost buttocks, you know!'' (Mad Eye Moody OOTP)
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