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Author has written 2 stories for Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ, and Bleach.

Hey,I'm just a paranoid high schooler.Who is obsessed with the following:




Crossovers(yes look at the name)




Ancient History

More Yaoi

Crack(the ff ones)


Also,if you haven't already noticed,I'm an overly retarded fangirl who have absolutely no life whatsoever.

I hate OCs,just so you know.

My writing skills are very close to none,and no I cannot write over 2,000 words.

I have a habit of adding too much commas and never took an actual writing class in my whole entire life.All the stuff I know is from school(which is not very much)But I have a head full of ideas and that's enough for me.(If it's not enough for you.I'm fine with that.)

More random facts about me:

I think Light's hair is awesome

I think Ryuk is Awesome

Elizabeth from black Butler is not annoying

Xanxus is hot and badass

Byakuran is also hot,annd cute

Igarashi Tora from Kaichou wa maid sama is hot

I often think Usui is retarded

I love bad guys

Prussia is awesome

Gil form F/Z is hot,and awsome and epic

Alexander is also epic

I ship R27

I also ship X27

I ship 10069

I like drawing

about 7 people said im good at drawing

5 people said im annoying

2 people said im good at singing

10 people said that im awesome

i love Block B

my bias is Ukwon

I hate Mary Sues

I occasionally read hentai

I like Rihanna,not in the navy tho

i hate Ron Weasely

I think Harry Potter needs to mind his own business

I ship Dramione

I hate the Heroes of Olympus(new chara)

Leo is okay

Jason is retarted

Piper is Mary Sue

Death Note is awesome

My best time in tetris sprint is 2:12

My fav character in Attack on Titan is Levi

I also like Jean and Sasha

I think the spider thingy is cool

Someone should write a SE/FSN crossover

I've never had a boyfriend(no surprise there)

I hate Emiya Shiro

I love icecream

Im a pacifist

I fail at algebra

I love caramel frapp

Aomine is awesome

Akashi is also awesome

I suck at basket ball,still my favorite sport

I have mukuros ring

I also have all the varia rings

I shall update more

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A Time Not So Remembered by Millie M. Banshee reviews
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A-mail reviews
In which Aizen decided that he didn't want his arrancars destroying Las Nochas in one of their pitiful quarrels,he finds OTHER means for them to communicate...
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