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Who Am I?

I Am:

Sane - but only just

Abnormal - but only by normal standards

Klutzy - all the time, everyday, without exception, period.

Angelic - when I'm not being a little devil

Maniacal - unless otherwise acting angelic

Over the moon - and laughing alongside the man in it

Overly excitable - especially after eating sushi. Better left unasked.

Nerdy - and proud of it

I am SAKA MOON, and no more need be said.


Shattered Winter:

Frozen Tears:

His Burden:

A Force of Nature:

Into Winter's Clutches:

Alone Together:


PROMPTS I AM CURRENTLY WORKING ON THAT I HAVEN'T POSTED ANYWHERE YET (just in case anyone wants to know possible future stories I will post. All titles from here on out are tentative at best. I'm sorry about the three stories that don't have links. I have never had the prompts for these stories recorded anywhere until now, and it's proving to be extremely difficult to find all the prompts again; I'll make sure to insert the links just as soon as I find them.)

Blindsided: ("Scars" is not mine. I take no credit for it.)

Tales of an Undercover Winter Spirit:

Cruel Winter:

Splinters in the Ice: (The fill currently there is not mine. I take no credit for it.)

Cold bodies: (Frankenstein Jack)


The Incubus of Burgess:

The King of Cold and Dark:

A Game of Hide-And-Seek:

A Lesson in Pain:

The Puppet of Darkness:

The Legend of Emma: (The wip posted isn't mine-- yadda yadda)

The Monster Inside:

Broken Halves:

and Then There Was...: (The wip currently there is not mine. I take no credit for it.)

The Incident: (zombie Jack)

The Diary:


Rise to Power: The Life of Jackson Overland: The Guardians see a side of Jack they don't expect. Concerned for both the child's physical welfare and his sanity, they check Jack's memories for answers. None of them expect the epic adventure they are swept into...

Unnamed Fantasy Aladin AU: Jack Frost, the sole heir to Arabia, is kept isolated in his palace by his over protective father, the Sultan known to many affectionately as the Man in the Moon. He has only ever talked to his father and his father's creepy vizier, Pitch Black. Jack wants nothing more than a taste of adventure so he escapes with nothing but the clothes on his back and a mysterious locket he found. E. Aster Bunnymund is a Pooka street rat. He is the only Pooka that he knows, but when he hears of a being that can grant any wish in the world, he sets out on a mission to revive his race. When the two meet, all chaos begins to break loose.

Before Time: Jack Frost is only three hundred years old, but Winter is much older, and Cold even older than that. Read the story of Winter's many forms as it goes about being General Winter, Yuki Onna, Snegurocha, and finally, our lovable Jack.

Free as the Wind: Hiccup, a boy with dreams much larger than the isolated island he lives on, goes about his life quietly, avoiding confrontation when he can, rarely speaking to his father, and secretly taking care of the overgrown panther that won't leave his side. That is, until a strange boy with white hair who refuses to wear anything other than flip-flops despite the freezing weather moves to town and changes Hiccup's life forever.

Adrenaline: A Tale of Cold and Dark: Jack and Pitch are in a relationship kept secret from the Guardians. Jack knows fear is necessary and that, when not driven crazy by a lack of believers, Pitch is not necessarily a bad guy, but he still can't help but feel guilty of the love he feels for his boyfriend. Can Jack and Pitch keep their relationship secret? can Jack handle all the lies and guilt? No one knows.

Frosted: On an otherwise perfectly normal day, Bunny gets an insight into how tragic Jack's life prior to the Guardians was when he sees Jack's reaction to being walked through by a child.

Unnamed Jackrabbit fic: During Jack's three hundred years. He met many people and learned many things, but nothing impacted him so much as the first time he touched another being -- the first time someone else saw him. Even if that person happened to be a seven foot tall rabbit.

The King of Games: Shortly after Jack rose from the lake, he found a golden puzzle box abandoned behind an old game shop. After three hundred years, he finally managed to complete the puzzle but neither he nor his new friends, the Guardians, could have guessed the consequence of finishing that Puzzle, and now they must learn exactly who this King of Games is and why he's trapped in a 3000 year old puzzle.

Winter's Family: Throughout the years, Jack found and assembled a motley family comprising of the Little Match Girl -- aged six physically but older than Jack by a good two hundred years, a Pooka boy wandering the Earth in search of more of his kind, and one poor little spirit of a pre-teen girl he found trapped in a well in Japan. This is a story of their lives.

Winter's Wrath: When Bunny responds to the emergency lights and heads up to North's Workshop, the last thing he expects to see is Frostbite going around freezing his comrades and turning the Workshop into a Winter Wasteland. Yet, that's what happens, and it's up to Bunny to stop the out-of-control winter sprite, no matter how much he doesn't want to hurt the youngest Guardian. But when things come to a head, be careful, for things are never what they seem.

A Case of Brothers: When Dean and Sam run into a strange phenomenon just outside of Burgess, they decide to stay for a few days and see if there's a case, but contrary to their belief, this is no normal case, and they'll find themselves fighting with unlikely allies against a difficult foe that targets older brothers. Who would have known staying at the Bennett Motel would give them so much trouble! And who the hell is the white haired spirit that only Sam seems to see?

The Record: Winter Kills. It is a fact that Jack can never escape, but he tries to atone for it by keeping a record of anyone that perished due to his season. Filling journals and then freezing them and storing them in his ice cabin under the lake is an old habit Jack has, but what happens when the Guardians discover Jack's journals? How will they handle the discovery their little Guardian has had to deal with this kind of self-punishment since he was born?

If any of these sound particularly interesting to you, shoot me a PM and if I get enough requests, I'll definitely make that story a priority. As it is now, I'm working on them all about equally which makes progress on them all kind of slow. Sorry.

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His Smile reviews
There were many individuals in the Tsar's army with the title of "general," but only one was known to everyone as "The General." Seraphina's beloved father, Kozmotis Pitchiner. After uncountable years away, he'd finally come home. And with his return came unimaginable terror.
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Shattered Winter reviews
After 200 years alone, Jack thinks nothing can be worse... until he is captured by a stranger who holds him captive for half a century. Fifty years later, MiM chooses Jack to be a Guardian but he is broken, shattered by his isolation and confinement, and the Guardians must figure out what's wrong and how to help him, all while protecting the world from Pitch.
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