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Update - 08/14/16 - I don't know where this year went, but we're already more than half way through. I got a promotion within my company and my workload became insane. Things seem to be settling down a bit, and my muses are slowly coming back to me after running away. Traitors.

I've gotten back to work on For Love. I had to rewrite quite a few chapters, deleting even a couple because they just didn't work. Like I said at the end of last year, I'm not going to make any promises as to when For Love will be released, but I'm still aiming to get it finished this year. Life just needs to stop getting in my way...

Thank you again to everyone who has continued to express interest in For Love, and continue to enjoy reading For Blood!


For Blood: Ichigo stumbles upon a deeply kept secret of classmate Rukia. He's pulled into an unknown world of vampires where tragedy and death follow your every footstep and wait to strike.

Work(s) in Progress:

For Love (Sequel to For Blood): Rough Draft Being Written. Nine months ago Ichigo met Rukia and triggered a series of tragic and fateful events leading to their friendship, and his eventual death and transformation into a vampire. They discovered the plans of Sousuke Aizen, to throw the vampire community into chaos by destroying their food source, as well as reclaim an ancient heirloom buried beneath Rukia's heart. Aizen escaped and has disappeared, but whispers of his appearance are starting to rise again.

Lost: Legend of Korra. I'm taking it way back to the end of the first season. In the end Korra didn't defeat Amon. He took her bending and left her a broken, empty shell. Unable to deal with her failure Korra leaves everyone behind and disappears, but not everyone is willing to let her go, and as the world plummets into darkened chaos Korra must decide whether to fight or hide.

Future Stories:

Genre: Adventure/Romance

AsymptomaticA Psycho-Pass fanfiction. Akane manages to convince Kougami to spare Makishima, and in the process catches the Asymptomatic's interest once again.

Seven Deadly Sins: A Fairy Tail fanfiction. Trapped in a cage of duty and tradition, Lucy, the daughter of a Grand Duke Jude Heartfillia, takes advantage of a pair of thieves she catches in the act. In exchange for her silence, she makes them promise to take away on their ship so she can experience a life of adventure before being shackled to a marriage of opportunity.

Royal Engagement: Howl's Moving Castle. Princess Sophia has prepared her whole life to sacrifice herself for her kingdom. When this sacrifice comes in the form of a marriage between herself and a Prince of a distant kingdom she is more than willing. But the rage of a witch will force the princess on a long journey to discover that there is more to life than duty.

Genre: Mystery/Romance
Haunted: A Ghost Hunt fanfiction. After Naru returned to England, Mai continued to perfect her abilities. But when she's finally managed to make a life for herself Naru returns, sweeping her back up into his pace and ghostly mysteries. Things, however, aren't the same as they used to be, and Mai finds herself in the cross hairs of a man determined to make Naru pay for his past mistakes.

Second Chance: A Nobunaga the Fool fanfiction. A Golden Age of peace had existed on the Eastern and Western Stars for centuries, but after a series of murders that peace is now threatened. A promising detective from the Western Star must work with her Eastern Star counterparts to find the killer and bring an end to the suffering before everything falls apart.

Moonlight: Bleach. Rukia Kuchiki is a graduate student working on her thesis: Horror Films and their Origins, but when her life turns into what she studies will she be able to keep her wits about her?

Favorite Anime/Manga:

-Fairy Tail
-Anything touched by Miyazaki
-Ghost Hunt
-Samurai Deeper Kyo

Favorite Pairings:

-Lucy/Laxus/Gajeel/Natsu/Gray - I seriously didn't think I would pair a character with so many different guys, but a few authors have opened my eyes and made me see the light.

Age: 30

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