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Author has written 9 stories for Wild Wild West, X-Men: The Movie, and Doctor Who.
I love Wild Wild West. Make that ADORE. The characters of James West, and Artemus Gordon, as portrayed by Robert Conrad aka The Action God, and Ross Martin aka The Acting God, cemented my idea of dogged friendship and tight panted sexiness forever. Whereas some people laud the action qualities of folks like William Shatner in his heyday and the James Bond men of the day, with stuntmen taking most of the blows...Robert Conrad reigned as a true man of action...he coordinated and staged the stunts, he performed most of them until the last season when he suffered a severe concussion and had the risk of serious injury tear him from the action (he still managed to give the network fits as he skirted the new rules)...he was also adamant about learning more to keep him tough. Boxing (not a hobby alot of actors with beautiful faces go for) and Karate and Rodeo. WWW was also blessed with the most lax editing crew in history which kept, on film, ripped trouser after ripped trouser and who seemed obsessed with close-ups of his rear end. In the ep The Night of the Underground Terror...or Underwear Tearer, as it is lovingly known...the entire fight sequence made it into television history when they DID NOT edit out the fact that James West fought so hard that his pants were SHREDDED off his body...he stood for a millisecond in a frayed waistband and a pair of whitey tighties...BLESS THEIR EDITTING BOOBERY!

Okay...I may be a little preoccupied with Jim...but Artemus was the Gentleman caller your mother both wanted and warned you of. He can cook inside and outside the kitchen...he had a keen inventor's mind and he could recite Shakespeare while undressing you...Where Jim had you swinging from the chandeliers and making love on the table, floor, in a ditch, in the hay or on horseback...while Artie carried you to a rose covered bed and made love to you before feeding you chocolate dipped strawberries and reading a sonnet on your beauty...two wonderful sides to a gorgeous coin.

I now have a couple of Who stories under my belt and have become quite fond of Cross-overs. But Hollywood has become quite enamored with them as well lately so I suppose we're all valid now!

Oh...I also like X-Men (ALERT ALERTI'M NOT A ROGUE/WOLVIE SHIPPER...BLEHHHHHHHHH!!!!)...Star Trek, Dr Who and Buffy Fic. Hope ya'll like what I write.

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