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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, Bleach, and Freezing/フリージング.

Name- Foxes creed

Age- 19

Favorite anime/manga- Naruto, fairy tail, trigun, one piece, denpa kyoushi, HTOD, History's strongest disciple Kenichi, pokemon and bleach

Okay im getting tired of people telling me im taking Kyuubikitsune23's story. im not, for that is me. the only reason im not on kitsune, is because my email got hacked and so did my computer. thus why i made a new account. so it doesnt happen again. so please stop saying i took it.


1. Kitsune of raven tail- okay heres the jist of it. it starts right after tenrou island disappears. during the fight between naruto and Sayuri uchiha (yes sasuke must be a girl.) are transported to fiore. along for the ride are temari and a barely alive tayuya. now instead of having naruto land in fairy tail, he must land in raven tail instead. now from here you can let your imagination run free. but naruto must be in raven tail during the games. after that do what you want. yes this is a harem fic. sayuri, temari and tayuya must be in. naruto must also be grayish and doesnt care for raven tail.

2. Mahora's Shinobi-sensei- okay now this takes place a year after the war. so naruto is seventeen and the rokudaime hokage. now one day while doing paperwork, he gets a request from a clan of ninja's outside the elemental nations. the Koga clan ask for a konoha ninja to train one Kaede nagase. naruto seeing this as a way to get out of paper work takes the request himself. now you can start this at any given time during the negima story line. but i ask of two things. first ino must join naruto to mahora. and make it were minato and kushina are alive and are living on Mundus Magicus. harem if you want it to be. naruto and ino can get pactio's if you want.

3. Naruto and the twin alien princesses- naruto must be a Anbu who was given the misson to watch over satsuki uchiha. but one night while taking a shower both momo and nana deviluke teleport into his bathroom. so now he has to protect the two alien princesses while also keeping his true misson a secret. not much to tell for this one really. other than being a harem, go to town with it.

4. I'm a Saiyan?- so Bardock survives against freiza and lands on a new world. there he feels a presence of a saiyan where he meets a six year old naruto uzumaki. now how the stories goes is all up to you. but naruto must be trained by bardock. Mikoto must be alive and paired up with bardock some time after the uchiha massacre. other than this do what you want.

5. demons keeper- okay this is a rather simple challenge. really all it is, is naruto attracting demons. some bad, while others he lives with at his apartment complex. so really just add either demons or monsters from different animes. naruto must be paired with a demon of your choice. so have fun with this.

6. Shinobi and demons- this starts out with nagato bring everyone back to life. but gives naruto one more gift. he summons the gedo and seals the biju the akatsuki had captured into naruto. go where ever you want with this story. but this has to be a naruto/biju harem. but naruto must earn the trust of the biju before he can use their powers. like shukaku's sand or gokus lava jutsu's.

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