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Author has written 2 stories for High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, and Elsword.

Basic Information:


Pen Name - Enderion Sieghart

Game Username - zxVengeance

Birthday: June 22, 1999

Gender: Male

Some Information: I have an addiction with the art of Swordsmanship. Especially from Kirito ( Sword Art Online ) and Kenshin Himura ( Ruroni Kenshin ). So, expect most of my Fanfictions with a lot of Sword Fights. :D


  1. Idol: Kirigaya Kazuto & Kenshin Himura ( Epic Sword Masters! )
  2. Animal: Owl ( Hedwig! )
  3. Place: Home ( Ain't no place like home! )
  4. Sport: Badminton ( Probably the only sport I'm good at )
  5. Books: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series & Geronimo Stilton ( Planning on adding the 'Heroes of Olympus' but haven't finished the set yet. )
  6. Author: Rick Riordan ( One of the Cliffhanger Masters! )
  7. Gadget: Samsung S3 ( My awesome phone! )
  8. Food: Bacon & Nutella ( Can't choose which one )
  9. Band: Simple Plan, Secondhand Serenade, Mayday Parade, Linkin Park, The Script ( They're all awesome so why not? )


  1. Sword Art Online ( Kirito with his epicness! SAO! )
  2. Ruroni Kenshin ( His split personality is quite cool and that Hiten Mitsurugi Style is just sick! )
  3. Fairy Tail ( Fire Dragon: RAWRRRRRRR! )
  4. Fortune Arterial ( A very nice anime with a very nice Plot )
  5. Date A Live ( It's just awesome on how each date is different with the rest. )
  6. Gundam Seed: Destiny ( Who wouldn't love to see awesome giant robots fighting each other? )
  7. Yugi - Oh! ( One of the first anime I've watched... Ahh memories )
  8. Highschool DxD ( Oppai! Nuff said... )
  9. Accel World ( What's her name? That's one mystery people are yet to know. )
  10. Shaman King ( Amidamaru in Harusame! Oversouuuuuul! )
  11. Inuyasha ( Half-Demon, Half-human... Reminds me of someone in Omamori Himari. )
  12. To Love Ru ( Who would've thought that having the undivided attention of certain females be a problem to one guy? )

These are some stories that I might be starting soon. Though I don't really know which one to start first. You can P.M. me on which ones you'd like me to start after my, 'Dimension Traveler: Lord Knight'.

Wands meets Swords: The Squib: A Harry Potter Fanfiction with a bit of Sword Art Online

- Harry Potter was Born as a Squib in his family. Therefore, resulting his fondness of Video Games but gets quite distant to his family except for his younger sister. But what happens when at the Quidditch match of Bulgaria and Ireland, the Potter's Tent was attacked by death eaters with Harry still inside his NerveGear? Hitting Harry with a curse while still in full dive sets some changes into him. The lone swordsman swore to protect his loved ones in a world where wands and magic rule.

Percy Jackson and the Master of Swords: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

- Trained by the Smith God, Hephaestus in secret, Perseus 'Percy' Jackson was sent to Camp Halfblood to live and stay there to continue his life. Not knowing that he has a great potential and even unlocking secrets unknown to the Gods nor the Titans. Will he use these secrets to fight for the Gods despite the fact that he's just another pawn moved forward or will he use it to side to the dark forgetting everything that his Father had taught him?

The Lone Mortal: A High School DxD Fanfiction with a lead character of Sword Art Online

- Hidden away from the Devils, Angels and Fallen-Angels. Believed that all of the humans are oblivious to their existence, the 3 Factions never knew that one mortal knew of their existence. Passing on an art he only knew to a boy named, Kirigaya Kazuto and training him until he reaches High School to end the war that causes destruction in their realm and the Mortal realm. But what he is not prepared is to find affection and friendship along the way...

The Pyro Knight: A Fairy Tail Fanfiction with a bit of Elsword

- Blaming himself after Lisanna's Death, He swore to himself to never net anyone die again. Leaving Fiore in search for greater strength, he found himself in the land of Elrios where he meets a woman who trains in the arts of Swordsmanship along with Pyromancy. Being taught of this art and eventually falling for his master, he goes back to Fiore only to find that his long absence changed alot. Can the Pyro Knight change things to back to what they used to be? Or was he too late to even save it?

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Dimension Traveler: Lord Knight reviews
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What if? reviews
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