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I really have not much to say here, other than I am a student and unhealthily obsessed with fanfiction.

I am always happy to see new reviews, especially since I do not even deserve them what with my last update having been three years ago.

Chances are, though, that at this point in time Getting With the Times will not be finished. My writing style has done a volte-face in these past few years. It, as well as myself, has matured greatly, and I find it very difficult to connect with that young version of myself and the way in which she had been writing. We shall see, I suppose.

I do plan on putting out more fanfiction in the near future, however, but it will probably be in the Harry Potter fandom. Again, we shall see.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has read and/or reviewed this lonely little story I set out to write four years ago. .:;;; I am always so appreciative of your comments. They still make me smile :)

Current Works in Progress:

Getting With the Times

This story is not completely abandoned. I kind of stopped being really into Sailor Moon for the most part, and with that I mostly lost my inspiration for the story. I still do like the basic plot, although I think the story itself needs some HUGE revising, so we'll see. Hopefully one of these days I will wake up feeling like continuing this story.

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