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Author has written 7 stories for Elder Scroll series, and Warcraft.

4/26/16 UPDATE:

I am moving to AO3 and re-hauling the Oblivion novelization. The original version will remain here for posterity.

--Drunk Serval

What I'm Doing and Why I'm Doing It

I have a strong love for Elder Scrolls. I could wax poetic about this, but I will spare you the inconvenience, and say that I love this series and that is really all you need to know.

I have found it to be the best expression of my affection to undertake a novelization project, which has been done a thousand times, but not by myself. Every interpretation brings something different to the table and it is my hope that readers will enjoy the spin I put on the well-known series.

The one-shots found here are offshoots of the same project unless stated as otherwise.

Volume One, the Adarise Salvel saga, (a retelling of "Morrowind") has been 100% completed. As it stands, I would estimate I am somewhere between 40-50% done with Volume Two ("Oblivion"). There have been personal and family-related delays in producing this second work but I will persist and the project will continue to the very end. The necessary preparations have been made to also write Book Three ("Skyrim"), and I anticipate it will be my most ambitious fan-project to date as it will not only encompass the epic story of the Dragonborn but bring an entire Trilogy to a close.

Aside from my love for the series, the reason I am doing this is as a challenge to myself. I am good at conceptualizing yet poor at seeing long projects through, mostly attributed to a lack of discipline. This keeps me writing while I test my mettle against projects of this size, an experience I hope to learn from the ups and downs of so that I am better prepared to put my own worlds to paper in novel format.

What You Can Expect

The Elder Scrolls project will be completed, of course, but Warcraft-related works may continue to crop up here as well simply so I have a place to put them.

Other Sites Where My Work is Found

The Drunk Serval Writing Blog

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