Drowning In A Wave Of Sadness
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Hey! I'm MeguMegu-Pyon!

I'm female and my birthday is during the first seven days of June. My age is between 15 and 20.

I'm from Canada, more precisely Quebec. Therefore, my native language is French, but I speak English nonetheless.

Uhm, I can't really write right now, as my laptop broke and my tablet can be really shitty most of the time, so yeah. I'm trying to write a chapter on it, but it's kind of hard... Well, it takes really long. Sorry!

I'm on tumblr, MeguMegu-Pyon.tumblr.com

I like gore-ish, horror things a lot, like Corpse Party.

I love to write, and this is the reason why I'm on this site. I also love to add other persons OCs in my stories, plus my own. I just like doing this.

I'll mostly write for Corpse Party, Dangan Ronpa, Mad Father, The Witch's House (Majo No Ie), Misao and .Flow.

Some things about me:

I love cats, bunnies, turtles and midget hamsters (because that exist!)

I hate chihuahuas. Kill them all.

Cats or dogs? CATS.

I love chocolate. CHOCOLATE!

I love horror movies.

I love fantasy, action and horror books.

I like animes and mangas.

Characters I dislike the most in my fandoms: Dangan Ronpa: Hinata, Yamada, Fat/Fake Togami, Hanamura

Misao: Yoshino, the teacher-whose-name-I-forgot

Mad Father: Aya, Dr Drevis

I love Vocaloid.

Smile (.Flow) and Dio (Mad Father) are my husbands. And Male!Ellen and Male!Viola (The Witch's House) are also my husbands. Actually, they are my Waifus.

Yuuya Kizami (Corpse Party) is my big brother, while Sachiko Shinozaki and Tokiko Tsuji (Corpse Party) are my little sisters.

Ryou Yoshizawa (Corpse Party) is my younger brother and Sister (.Flow), Viola and Ellen (The Witch's House) are my sisters-in-law.

Male!Aki is my brother just like Fem!Aki (both from Misao) is my sister. Nagito Komaeda, Chihiro Fujisaki, Gundam Tanaka and Byakuya Togami (not the fat one) (Dangan-Ronpa) is also my brothers. My last sis is Celestia Ludenberg (Dangan-Ronpa).

My best friends are Makoto Naegi, Sayaka Maizono, Sonia Nevermind, Kazuichi Souda, Toko Fukawa and Mikan Tsumiki.

I'm weird.

The saddest scene ever is Mikoto's death and Yashiro's one, and everything after. Cried so much.


I like psychopathic characters and cutely idiot dudes, like Yogi from Karneval (that's another of my Waifus)

I have lots of Waifus. I'm polyandric or polygynic or polygamic however you say it. I have lots of Waifus whatever is the name.

I can't put the whole list of my Waifus because I have too much.

I talk French.

I want to learn almost all European and Asian languages.

I think that's all.

I'm random. And ramble a lot.

One last thing! Review. To any story you like, review. The author will be sooooo happy, you can't even imagine! It gives us inspiration and determination. With reviews, we want to write more quickly. Even a simple 'Good chapter, Update soon!' make us super happy. It simply shows your appreciation. And when complete strangers and people you know appreciate your work, you feel so proud! You just feel... Awesome. And it's awesome to feel awesome. So review, to make the authors of your favorites stories happy, proud of their work and feel awesome! And us, authors, are like "You're awesome, random dude!"

That's it!

Enjoy my stories! :D

MeguMegu-Pyon tells you goodbye and have fun! ;P

And don't forget to be unique, and... AWESOME! \(*o*)/ ...

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