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age: 16

Gender: male

Hello everyone I am The-Crazy-Lone-Wolf77. I will not tell my real name because I have no idea who could be on here and I am very paranoid. But any way what I will start with us why I chose my account name. It is because it describes who I am. I am really crazy, if you knew me you would tell me or just think that to yourself. I am a loner, I do have friends but I prefer to be alone. I like wolfs that is why I write my fanfics about Alpha and Omega. And my favorite number is 77. Plus if you really want to know my name, my full name and my birthday even I leave a ton of hints in my story's.

Now into my personal life. I like sports, mainly Football, Basketball, and Baseball, and recently wrestling. I am a heavy set kid. I weigh about 195, but don't let my weight deceive you I am very fast and strong, bigness just runs in my family. The reason my favorite number is 77 is because every year I play football my number is 77. And I'm talking about American football, I hate soccer.

My personalitie, well that's a tough one. I have a very complicated personalitie almost like multiple personalities. I acutely put my personalities into some of my OC's. Like Earl I can be caring and helpful, then like Smitty I can be quiet and a bit of a loner, then like Andy I can be perverted and funny, Like David I can be very smart and mature, then like McCabe I can be all of them at the same time. A bit confusing.

I have a bit of a dark humor and am very violent when made to be. I do not like being touched and I am not afraid to hurt you if you invade my space.

My hobbies are to play sports, shoot guns, listen to music, or play video games. I got an interest in shooting guns at a young age when my dad took me and my family out to the dessert and we shot off guns.

My favorite bands are A7X, Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Escape the Fate, bowling for soup, Pierce the veil, Falling in Reverse, Green Day and a few others that I can't remember the names to. I will really listen to any types of music it just depends on my mood. My favorite songs are 'A little piece of heaven' A7X, 'Carry on' A7X, 'Teenager' MCR, 'The Black Parade' MCR, 'Before I forget' Slipknot, 'ballet of monalisa' Panic at the Disco, 'High school never ends' BFS, '1985' BFS, and much much more.

My favorite video games are: All Call of Duty games, all Halos except Halo Wars, both Crackdowns, both borderlands, All Bio shocks, all Assassins Creed, and yes I am a X-box player. Screw the playstation.

Since we're on the topic of video games, another thing I really love is Rooster Teeth, and Achivment Hunter. They are the creators of Red VS Blue, RWBY, entertaining videos of all different kinds of video games. They are some of the funniest people ever and if you don't know who they are I encourage you to get to know them. Warning: if you do not like crude and volutes humor these are not the people to watch.

My favorite old games are Banjo-kazooie, 007 Golden eye, gauntlet ledgends, Tony Hawk pro skater, and Super Mario bros.

My favorite TV shows would have to be Doctor Who, Primeval, NCIS, NCIS LA, Supernatural The Walking Dead and Criminal minds

My favorite Movies would be the Jurassic Park series, Balto, Pacific Rim, Dark knight series, Independence Day, Starwars series and Alpha and Omega.

My favorite books are the 'Jurassic park' books and the Percy Jackson series.

I am a Mormon or LDS. I am pretty religious. I do believe in God and Jesus Christ. I believe in the Bible and our book The Book of Mormon. One of my worst pet-peeves is the stereotypes about my religion, like no I do not have multiple moms and I will not have multiple wife's. If you have any questions about anything about my faith feel free to PM me and I'll gladly answer them

I am also into scouting. I am a scout and I have almost achieved my Eagle.

I love writing my stories it has become a Daily routine for me it has become apart of my life and I love it. I am thankful for the support I get from my readers.

A list of things I hate is:

People being cocky

people saying they have Swag


people who make fun of others for no reason

people falling under peer pressure

disrespecting your parents


brothers who are the devil

control freaks

interfearing with people's personal life's

Spoiled kids

People who think they're better than everyone else

OC INFORMATION (Alpha and Omega)

Name: McCabe

Fur color: Black colored fur with crimson red stripes running down both of his sides.

Eye color: Green

Appearance: Is very muscular, has scars all over body from being in a lot of fights.

personality: Natural born leader. Tough and aggressive. You mess with him he will fight back. He is nice to his friends and will defend them. Is partially insane, and has a crude sense of humor.

Strengths: head on fighting, stealth

Name: David

Fur color: white with black tipped tail.

Eye color: Dark red eyes

Appearance: slightly muscular

personality: Is really mature, is a natural born leader. Tough and aggressive.

Strengths: Strategic fighting

Name: Andy

Fur color: light brown

eye color: brown

Appearance: A little over weight but has some muscles.

personality: Is immature, and has a perverted mind, he is usually telling dirty jokes. But is tough when need be.

Strengths: speed

Name: Smitty

Fur color: pitch black with crimson red blended in

eye color: pitch black

Appearance: Extremely muscular, has scars running all across his body.

personality: Mysterious, never talks, past is unknown, deadly and stealthy. Has a soft spot for pups.

Strengths: Stealth, head on fighting, speed fighting, sprinting.

Name: Earl

Fur color: Black with white paws and a white tipped tail.

Eye color: Blue

Appearance: Muscular with scars all over body but one very noticeable one running over his eye all the way down his body.

Personality: Kind, nice, and will take in any wolf that needs help.

Strengths: healing, sneak attacks

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