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Update 11/18/2013

I've been working a lot recently, I also recently graduated so I'm focused on looking for full time employment. I haven't had a chance to really work on my fan fiction, but fear not! I hold my Star Trek: Justice series very close to me, and while I may be taking a break from it right now, I won't leave it unfinished. I promise that Justice: Reflections will be done. After that, I'm not really sure. I may start a new series. I may just end it there. For now, I expect Reflections to be the last story until I get inspired again.

This is the home of the Star Trek: Justice series! Star Trek: Justice is based on the events of Star Trek Online, characters I've created in the game and also pulls source material from the rest of the prime Star Trek universe (As well as the new, alternate universe!). Please leave reviews about what I can do better and what you thought of my stories.

Update: The Justice Series is now part of a shared universe! Space Viking and I have decided to mix our universes up, and we also have plans on collaborating on future stories together, so be sure to read his STO stories as well.

Update 2: The first chapter of the next Justice story will be posted up this weekend, 9/21/13.

Phase 1 features my first three stories, establishing my characters and the U.S.S Justice.

The chronological order of the Justice series for Phase 1 is...

Star Trek: Justice (The first story. Meet Velma and her friends as they're assigned to the newest ship to carry the name Justice. To fit in with the rest of the stories as far as titles go, I'd say another title for this one is Justice: Cadets. Completed)

Justice: Prime Directive (A dangerous First Contact mission on a planet with a theocratic government. This is a more cerebral take about the ethics of the Prime Directive. Completed)

Justice: Vengeance (The Borg have returned, but Starfleet must also deal with a man on a mision of Vengeance. Plenty of references to Star Trek Into Darkness, so spoiler tag. Completed)

Phase 2 will comprise of one more story, and a collaboration with Space Viking

Justice: Reflections (Q puts the crew of the Justice through one final test to prove that the Federation is ready to explore the Delta Quadrant. In Progress.)

Unnamed Collaboration Project

So enjoy the exciting adventures of the U.S.S Justice!

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As a young Ensign aboard the Endurance, Sam's mischievous ways threaten to end her career. But when an Orion agent exposes her and her shipmates to a dangerous virus that removes inhibitions, it's up to Sam to contain the disease and bring them home alive. Set in 2405, introducing Sam Hayashi.
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This short story takes places right after Star Trek: Justice, so make sure to read that first if you want to avoid Spoilers. Delve into the mind of the Vulcan Captain of the U.S.S Justice as he confronts a hard truth about his heritage with the help of a former class mate.
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On their way to the borders of the Alpha Quadrant, Q makes an unwanted visit. He forces a test unlike any other on the crew of the Justice, making Velma and So'Gam reflect on what they value about Starfleet and the Federation the most. What is every person truly capable of?
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The Borg are coming. After years of inactivity following the attack on Vega Colony, they have returned in full force. However, Starfleet has another problem. One lone man, hellbent on righting wrongs he believes were committed against him, has attacked Federation ships. Who is this man, and why does he believe the Federation and Starfleet brought the Borg attack upon themselves?
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The year is 2412. The Alpha Quadrant is in chaos. In the midst of a war with the Klingons, the machinations of the remnants of the Romulan Star Empire, and the resurgence of the Borg, Starfleet must now deal with a threat they never thought they'd face again. Based on the game Star Trek Online, follow the paths of three ambitious cadets and the crew of the star ship Justice.
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