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Author has written 12 stories for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, SWAT Kats, League of Legends, BioShock, My Little Pony, Storm Hawks, RWBY, Metro 2033, and Star Wars.

I am a huge hunger games fan as well as swat kats, star wars, sly cooper (can't get my mind of Neyla), storm hawks, slugterra, My little pony Friendship is magic, and I'm a Trekkie. Nearly forgot I LOVE HETALIA I do a bit of Hetalia roleplay with my friends and I'm an colony of America and considered his brother (my friend Lauren claimed America so technically it's her) and I'm known as Mars Colony of America or just Mars (I do what America says HAIL AMERICA AND HAIL WHOEVER IS HIS CLOSEST FRIEND or in my terms HER FRIENDS) and I think everyone should stop shipping Italy and Germany it's a bit creepy.

I have an irrational fear of spiders ( no really when I see one I just wanna take somepony's or somebody's .44 Magnum and shoot it.) and i am scared of hights.

I love animals that don't try to kill me, I love sushi, LUV the irish for their culture and modern rock music, I love to take care of my sisters children even though they are a hand full I love my nieces and nefews, I like to role play and like to teach my self different languages.

I can draw a bit and draw only males, for the life of me i can't draw women T_T :'( DX

I play team fortress 2 my steam is PaintBrush of ponyvile if any one recognize the name *clears throat* I'M STILL LOOKING FOR YOU METALFISH YOU OWE ME A RECLAIM FOR SUCH A CRAPPY MINIGUN HELL MY BEST MINIGUN IS THE IRON CURTAIN SO U STILL OWE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sits back on spinny chair and calm self down* any one who is a fellow brony or pegasister hey there :) :D XD and those who goes to outpost brony just wait for me and please don't kill me or I will send h8 mail and horrible reviews so anyway *stands up with America huging him with my left and Ukraine with my right and unknowingly land my hand on her huge bust) HELLO THERE INTERNET!!!! *gets high five from America while getting slapped by a blushing Ukraine*

Me: what sorry

Ukraine*runs back to Russia*

Me: Fuck See ya America and if you see France tell him he sucks *runs to nearest motercycle and punch England off to "borrow" and sped off*

Original character #1

Achilles Blade The First

Alter Ego: Shadow Sword

Occupation:Prince to become king(on how just read my story Split Personalities), Jedi Knight, inventory manager of the medical ward and voluntary cleaner of the temple

age: Reaper age:16, standard years: 1600 (he is still a teen and still looks like a teen)

Weapons:light saber based: sword, broadsword, scythe, battle ax, chained kana and hand ax, shield and plus plasma bow and if that breaks he still have a laser crossbow

Mystical weapon: Genesis the life scythe (it rises from his white blood)

Main job: ferry the good souls to heavan

dislike:idiot clones, the knowlage (he kept to himself) of order 66, bugs, and being shot at

Major dislikes aka hate: transdoshan bounty hunters or game hunters, sith, droid gunners, the hutts, anyone who enslave people for a living, anyone who is a bounty hunter(not the ones under Chirons employ), and seeing Maris die before his eyes

likes: Ahsoka Tano (first friend and treat her like a sister), Barriss Offee(also treated like a sister), the younglings, every other Padawan in the temple or out basiclly every jedi who stayed good and sweets

Major likes aka love: Exercise, flying with his wing (actual wings because of his species something I made up since the TCW movie came out), teaching the youngling a new leason if asked to, very sugery sweets and Maris (he just want to express his love for her every way possible)

Padawan: Maris Brood

hobbies:reading, writing love poetry, drawing (mostly Maris in action(training) or when she is meditating with him) and baking

weird hobbies: cross dressing for truth-or-dare games, putting his ear on his heel and (this sound kinda creepy) watching Maris as she sleeps to make sure she is safe

Brothers:8 excluding himself, (going down from first born) Achilles, Partacluse, Chiron, Ajax, Arkantos, Aggnemnon, Zethos(the last three are triplets) Odysseus, and Leonidas


Home world: Roen

Favorite food: roasted pork aka very salted pork

favorite drink: apple wine

favorite desert: shturdel

favorite animal: Manticors (because their skins make awsome decor for his armor)

attire: jedi robes covered by thick armored plates to cover the torso, legs, crotch, and arms(armor from Roen not clone)

non-jedi: Black khakis with red t-shirt, black boot and teal sweater with golfer's hat without the poofy puff

Shadow's attire: Black skin fitted jump suit with skin-tight hood and black durasteel mask

Shadow's weapon S-shaped scyth

guys I feel a tad mad for no aperant reason so I'm gonna vent it at Canada

Me: Hey Canada *turn on video cam*

Canada: yay somebody noticed me

Me: *punches Canada in the gut and pours wine at his face*

Canada: *groaning on the floor* why????? X_X

Me*runs away*

England: what happened here?

Me*throws a gym sock into Englands mouth*

England: DX X_X

ME*high fives America*

Russia:there you are

ME: *scared beyond any reason whatsoever* Um... LOOK BELARUS

Russia:HIDE ME!!!!! :( D: T_T

Belarus: Big brother *evil glare*

Me: OH CRAP RUSSIA YOUR ON YOUR OWN *found France on a motor scooter* *punches France and steal scooter*

Oc #2

Reginald (Reggie) Blade XVI

Age: 20

Species: Half Reaper half zabrak (from dormant genes from Achilles I wife)

Weapon: Hate the black bat'leth (similar to Achilles)

wears: A standard Enforces uniform with a medics shoulder patch

Occupation: Chief medical officer of the Enforcers

job weapon: tazer based guns

association: Enforcers/Swat Kats

Likes: Felina Feral, walks to the beach, flying and taking care of the injured/mentally unstable

dislikes: every bad guy in Megakat City (exept Turmoil) fighting(or rather killing, and pears

siblings: James XVI and Richard (Richie or Dick) XVI

favorite food: Lamb Bolognese

Favorite drink: mango wiskey

Favorite desert: Key Lime Pie French style


Me: *takes Italy and Romano (Sicily) and grabs glasses of wine and plates of pasta and sets table* SO PEOPLE GIVE ME WHAT YOU GOT BUT THE HAVE TO BE SWAT KATS OR STAR WARS (not just jedi please have some sith)

Me: I SAID I"M SORRY *still running away from Russia)

Russia: every bad deed will not go unpunished especially if that bad deed include my sister *readies dragonov sniper rifle*


Russia: *shoots me in the leg*


Oc #3

Gareth Blade AKA Gunrun

Age: 21

Siblings: Hexachiah

Family: Achilles (uncle), Ajax (father)

weapons: 2 heavy revolvers

Species: half reaper half fairy

wears: a brown steaton hat, dark grey trench coat, black shirt with holsters and bandoliers, crimson pants and steel rollerblades

occupation: Professional mecenary

Mystical weapons: hate and tolerance

likes: guns, more guns, and Scottish music

dislikes: people who spam him, people who think he is unpowered or overpowered, and Gangplank

people he tolerate: Miss Fortune, Lux, Garen, Annie(whenever her bear is not around) and shen

people he doesn't tolerate: Graves, Warick, and Pantheon

Favorite place: Pixie Hollow (former home)

Favorite person: Fiddlesticks (because of curiosity)

Favorite ability: high noon

Ability list (read down)

Passive: slinger: his attack increase more damage when Gunrun is not engaged in combat for more than 8 seconds

High Noon: a devastating single target attack

Hawkeye: a skillshot with a far reach

Torch: for a short tie Gunrun can switch to incendiary rounds bringing more pain

Red Square: Gunrun Hunker down and open fire in a general direction but staying rooted in place.

Stat list (read down)

health: 523

movement speed: 325

attack speed: 1

damage: 68

type: ranged aka glass cannon

oc #4 & 5

Razor Blade=

Gareth Blade=-

Razor Blade XIV

Gareth Blade XV Aka Blast Cannon

: age: 20

-: age: 20

: weapons: twin razor swords

-: weapons: twin tri-barrel machine guns

-: gun names: tear-'em and rip-'em

occupations: travelling mercenaries

mystic weapons: : construction, -:rewritten, both weapon shapes: trench knives

-: wears: a black trench coat with ammo bandoliers, crimson skull mask, grey shirt and brown leather leggings

: wears: heavy knight's armor with a navy blue skull mask

Lore: After being time displaced and meeting all the clones who defected to the rebels after order 66 they Gareth was able to master all forms of guns. As for Razor he choose to learn the his way around a lightsaber. They learned additional skills from the original 'nine Blades of the court of Achilles'. They now travel trough out time, space and different universes expanding their two man business.

:likes: sharpening his razors, sleeping and three gallons of Vodka

-:likes: cleaning his guns, buying ammo for his 'boys' and charity

:dislikes: dull swords, waking up early and being sober

-: dislikes: his brother when he's drunk, missing ammo and anyone who touches his 'boys'

Family: each other and Elizabeth Comstock Blade (explained in up coming fanfiction)

:Favorite activity: drinking contests

-:favorite activity: reading 'how to better your gun' manuals

: favorite food, drink, etc.: turkey, whiskey and apple/cherry pie

-: favorite etc.: roasted beef, white wine and banana/ cherry cakes

Here is a brief insight what exactly are the Reapers in my fanfictions

Yes they are immortal but only to an extent

The black blooded are the toughest warriors when it comes to combat but they are very vulnerable to spiritual attacks

so in terms if you are a vengeful wraith of some kind then you can make quick work of the black blooded

The white blooded are as fierce but their ability to heal themselves without medical attention can only take them so far

Lets say I'm a white blooded and you have an army to tanks and gunships

I could take out a large portion but the pain of having to face a thousand tanks and a thousand gunships

I could die from the excessive pain alone

Now the honor guard they are completely mortal but have the fighting spirit of a reaper and skills of one but can destroy themselves if they tap into the hidden reservoir of energy in their bodies. The power and energy alone can physically rip an honor guard's body into nothingness and destroy their spirit leaving no trace of their existence

They go to war if they feel threatened or if the gods tell them to: which is to tell them to restore balance in conflicts or to make sure evil doesn't win

There are some battles the reapers didn't win


This was cut out from the fan fiction but during the second battle of Geonosis the reapers lead the first ground team but their forces were quickly dealt with causing the reapers to make a hasty retreat. They lost more than a third of their army in that first landing attempt and the replacements were conscripted teenagers from Roen (the reaper home system).

For those who would like to flame my stories read this first before calling them OP

Take into consideration there is a difference of being a ferryman of souls and being a god

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