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Note on RinXLen:

Contrary to the MikuXLen fan base stereotype, I don't hate RinXLen. I see the two as a very close pair of twins who love each other deeply and truly believe they share the same soul, and once you see them as siblings - complete with constant bickering and sibling rivalry - it's kind of difficult to think of them as anything but. However, as with any and every Vocaloid ship, RinXLen can be a good ship when done right. There is no wrong or bad Vocaloid ship, and as much as I see Rin and Len as twins I can't honestly say RinXLen is an exception. Granted if a fanfic is RinXLen I am less inclined to read it, but if I find the plot intriguing enough I may give it a chance. I don't like RinXLen, but I don't hate it either. Just thought I would clear that up.

Questions and Answers:

Q. And since I'm crazy enough...What's your favourite food?

-asked by Ushinatta Neko

A. I was kidding when I said that so I actually can't believe you asked me what my favorite food is. Well that's easy, my favorite food is chicken fried steak with white gravy, but soft tacos is a close second. :)

Q. Why do you like LenKu? I know this is a crazy question but ... JUST WANTED TO KNOW I'M A CREEP IKR.

-asked by Hana Okita

A. No, you're not a creep. I think a lot of people would like to know why I love this pairing. Hmmm, I think Servant of Evil is to blame. Since the "servant" (AKA Len) fell in love with "the girl of green" (AKA Miku) at first sight, I thought that was really cute. Believe it or not, but I used to never ship Vocaloids; and because of that I didn't think much of the two at the time. Then I came across a duet of them one day and instantly fell in love with how they sounded together. I didn't start shipping them right away, but since I was hooked on Servant of Evil part of me began to really wish their relationship wasn't so tragic. As time went on I heard more and more MikuXLen duets and fell more and more in love with the two as a couple. Next thing I knew, I was a die hard MikuXLen fangirl who was always looking for new MikuXLen fanfics to read. I find so many of their songs inspiring, and if not for this couple I most probably wouldn't be here because if I didn't pair Vocaloids then I really wouldn't have anything to write because I like to throw in some romance in my stories.

Q. RANDOM QUESTION! What made you like Nero/Rin? I know you explained it but yeah, just some deeper explanation?

-also asked by Hana Okita

A. I didn't know whether or not you wanted that answered here, but I thought I'd put the answer here anyway. I'm not sure why I love RinXNero. For all I know, I just looked at the two and said "I'm going to ship it." Not to mention the incredibly low fan base, so why not show some love to the guys who get almost no love? I have been finding myself loving it more and more, though, and I hope RinXNero gets more fans one day.

Q. Do you roleplay? :)

-asked by ChaoticColoredGirl

A. No, I do not role play. As fun as it sounds - and I'm sure it is - role playing has never been something I wanted to try.

Q. As much as I hate Lenku with a passion, I must admit you're a very great writer! The description pulled me in, and while I (admittedly) have just been replacing Miku and Len's interactions with RinLen while reading, I can't help but say that Lenku is just a tad bit cute. The plot is very good as well, too!

I have a question, if you don't mind answering? What, exactly, makes Lenku better than RinLen to you? I don't think this is too similar to the question of why you like this ship. I guess I'm asking why you chose it over Rin and Len..? Something like that, I really hope you answer it though! See, I'm wondering this because:

Miku and Len don't have many love songs, shippers usually have to use RinxLen songs for it and it kind of annoys me when they do that. Their colors don't mix as well, and their voices aren't nearly as great sounding as Rin and Len's when they do a duet (though that's to be expected, of course.) Their height difference is.. weird, my opinion though. Heck, even Crypton themselves don't seem to ship Lenku, if the Project Diva games are anything to go by (which have a lot more MikuxRin, MikuxLuka, MikuxKaito and RinxLen, it seems.)

Don't take this the wrong way, please. I'm just wondering and putting my opinion here, I guess? I'd love to see your opinion! Its nice to see a (hopefully) very nice Lenku shipper. RinxLen fandom has some bad eggs, but so does the Lenku fandom.. You won't believe how many of them have tried to shove this ship down my throat or say its canon..

Anyways, I'd love your opinion on why you chose it over RinxLen and KaitoxMiku/what makes this ship different/whatever! Thanks for your time, too! :)

Just a die-hard RinxLen shipper passing through

-asked by Just Passing Through (Guest) via review Wolves and Flowers chapter 60

A. Firstly, a hundred times thank you for liking my fanfic so much! I don't mind that you read my MikuXLen scenes as RinXLen; I'm just thrilled to have someone enjoy the story regardless of shippings. :)

The reason I ship MikuXLen over RinXLen, well . . . I won't go into too much detail why I ship MikuXLen, but before I begin I will make it clear that when it comes to RinXLen I'm completely neutral. I don't ship it, but I don't hate it either. It's an okay, but sometimes admittedly cute, pairing. However, it's just not one that works for me.

Even though the very first Kagamine video I ever saw was RinXLen, all I could think the whole time was "Wait, aren't they twins?!" I promise I spent the longest time believing that they were twins in a relationship. . . . Once I learned the true relation behind them and that what they are to each other is left to the fans I immediately settled for twins and nothing more. They were indeed meant to be twins, and, just my personal thoughts, it would be weird to date someone who looks like your genderbent. Mirror images is selfcest the way I look at it since when I think of mirror images I think of a parallel universe which is exactly like ours except our genders are reversed. Now I don't care if someone ships RinXLen as long as they are respectful of another's ships. If you love that ship, don't let anyone tell you that it's wrong! Just because our opinions of their relationship varies doesn't mean we both can't love Rin and Len regardless.

As I just mentioned, I settled on thinking of the Kagamines as twins, and I'd be lying if I said they're similar appearance wasn't a huge factor. However, in my head, their relationship is better suited for siblings. Anyone who reads my fanfics knows that I love to portray the two as incredibly close twins who love each other more than anything. I love love love to imagine them as siblings who, even though they bicker and argue and sometimes are each other's worst rival, are very close and would do anything for the other. Do they really have to be together romantically for it to count? Plus you can always take joy in the fact that Miku HAS to share Len with Rin. I would not allow it any other way!

And for the MikuXLen over RinXLen factor, that's partially because I can't imagine the Kagamines as anything but twins; and, thanks to Promise by Miku and Rin, I can't help but imagine Miku and Rin as best friends while Len, according to my head canon, has a crush on Miku. Strange enough, those two little head canons were my first step towards MikuXLen even though I could swear that it was never my intention to ship Vocaloids. It just . . . happened.

Now for your opinions on why MikuXLen doesn't work, I'm going to as nicely as I can manage disagree. Yeah, I think their height difference is weird, but one can always change it if such works for him or her. (Come on, I made Len a whole head taller than the girls! I don't know why I did, though; I can't remember. . .). Overall appearance, I think it works. With Rin and Len most people think twins, but I believe that differences between Miku and Len is what makes them so appealing. They contrast in looks, but not in ways that cause sore eyes. As you stated, it is expected that Rin and Len harmonize well. There's no argument other than they have the same voice provider, but even that's not a valid reason for some to claim it makes Rin/Len duets boring. As for the all famous Hatsune Miku, she has the kind of voice that can't mix with just anyone. Miku/Kaito duets sound horrible to my ears (granted their V3 voicebanks sound much better together), and even Miku/Luka duets fail to sound nice if Miku is singing too high. But with the Kagamines, Miku mixes well not just with Len but Rin too. Granted, I've heard some pretty awful Miku/Len duet covers, but when done right Miku can be mixed with either twin and they will sound phenomenal together. I'd be lying if I said the way Miku and Len sound together wasn't what sort of got me into their ship, hehehe. Lastly, the mass number of Rin/Len songs is mostly due to their being sold together. Why get two different male and female voices when you can get both Kagamines for the price of one? There are actually a lot of original Miku/Len duets out there, but, same with why none of them are in the Project Diva games, they're not popular. Crypton isn't going to put a song that isn't popular in their games and concerts, so it's not as if they're against MikuXLen (even though I do believe they ship MikuXRin).

So in short, Rin and Len are too alike for me to personally think of them as anything but twins, but the differences between Miku and both twins contrasts in ways that make them work together incredibly well (yes, "both twins"; the same reasons to ship MikuXLen also exist for MikuXRin). As I said before, I don't hate RinXLen and won't try to tell any RinXLen shipper that they're wrong to like the pairing. I mean for the love of God, people, do we really have to be mortal enemies over computer programs?! How can we fully enjoy the Vocaloid community if we limit ourselves to just our ships? I've read some pretty nice RinXLen fanfics and actually really liked them. Half of my favorite Vocaloid songs are sung by Rin and Len both (though only a couple are actually RinXLen). Just because one pairing is your OTP does not mean it's better than the other. NO VOCALOID SHIPPING IS SUPERIOR TO THE OTHERS. THEY ARE ALL EQUAL.

Well, I hoped I answered your question, and I hope I didn't come off as offensive. Honestly I think RinXLen is cute, but it's just not for me. However, anyone is free to choose whatever he wants. :)

Q. Why do you write and what does it mean to you?

-asked by Awesome D.T

A. Excellent question. Darn you for asking something I have to thoroughly think about and phrase properly. (Kidding; I'm glad you asked.)

As for the whole "why" portion of your question, I wish I had my sheet for school asking a similar question because I gave a great answer on that which I can't remember now. (Hahaha.) Well, there are loads of reasons why I write. One is I've always loved telling stories even before I knew how to write my name. Now, I didn't tell the stories verbally, but I drew pictures representing each scene. I wrote loads of "books" in my pre-reading days, but I don't have them anymore because my mom threw all but one away (thanks, Mom). I still love to tell stories and have loads I want to write and share with everyone willing to read them. For me, writing feels like something that God built into me, such as a cool feature like a doll that sings when you push her button. (Ironic illustration given I can't sing.)

What writing means to me is a little tricky to say since I don't know how to answer that and remain coherent, but since this works with the "why" of writing I find it appropriate to talk about this next. I suppose I'm going to bounce back to my last paragraph and work a little deeper into those reasons. Remember how I said I never told my stories verbally? Well that's because I'm not a verbal person who can never voice her thoughts properly. Now I'm not implying that I have a rare condition that leaves me with the inability to speak like a normal person, I'm one hundred percent average both physically and mentally in that area, but I have never been able to commute the way I want to. I spent my entire life believing that nobody ever wants to hear what I have to say, thus self-silencing myself in all things, and I still believe that at times. Undoubtedly this has left me, let's say, "out of practice" with communicating with my peers, and trying to have a voice is something I'm afraid I'm going to struggle with for the rest of my life. However, it's different with writing. I don't know what it is, but when I write my words are stronger and more powerful than the things I could ever say. At times my characters will have dialogue that leaves me thinking, "Shiz, where the hell did that come from?!" With my lips my words are weak, but with my fingers my words can rule the world. I'm more confident in writing than I'll ever be in speaking, but at least this way I will never cease to surprise anyone with how different I can be in this way.

Lastly, writing means as much to me as my hands, eyes, and ears. As you can infer from the above, writing gives me this undeniable sense of power that I will never possess anywhere else. I don't think of myself as this amazing writer with unbelievable talent, but I do believe the things I write will better tell you about me than anything I can tell you if we were to meet in person and have lunch together. Oh, and let's not forget that God must have built writing into me when He created me, as mentioned already. I know this seems cheesy in the cheesiest way possible, but writing is a part of me. There's no way I could ever picture myself not wanting to tell a story. I have so many inside of me that I'm afraid I won't live to tell them all!

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