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Author has written 4 stories for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

Hello, I am TwoZeroTwo. I'm here to write a massive amount about various original characters and setting ideas I've had in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha franchise. I have a lot of music influences, and hopefully you enjoy the bands or songs I reference, if you go listen to them. But yeah, I have finished my Lyrical Nanoha series, and I am unsure if I'll use this account for anything more.

Stories in plot order

Raze the Stray

First story in my MGLN series.

I always saw the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha universe as much bigger than the shows focus on - so many planets and so many things that could happen on those planets that it seems almost criminal to focus on the same people. So while this story sticks to the Nanoha rules of magic and does feature some of the characters from the main shows, it is very original-plot-and-character driven.

Bathory Kardenis is a mage on the planet Siba who has become a fugitive after killing his Captain during a raid. Sixteen months later, the General in charge of the Siban TSAB calls in the best of the best, Enforcer Fate T. Harlaown, to find him. The story mainly follows Bathory's current situation as things start unraveling around him and the Bureau gets closer and closer to capturing him. How far will he go to stay alive, and what really happened on the night of the murder? Is there more to the story than what Fate and the audience knows when she takes the case?

Raise the Dawn

Second story in my MGLN series.

Bathory Kardenis is now on Midchilda and is most of the way through his rehabilitation program. He plans to go back to Siba after he's done, but things are complicated as the leader of Siba's Administration Bureau tries to stop him from doing so. The situation gets muddled further as more people from Siba begin to intersect Bathory's life, including some people who he wronged during his original flight. Soon, the Sibans' beliefs come into play against the cast on Midchilda, and the discussion, which starts peaceful, may turn ugly. With devils on both shoulders, Bathory is caught in the middle, and it's up to him to see his way through things that might be out of his control.

RtD is much less action-heavy than the first story, focusing on escalation and arguments more than battles. Still, things come to a head in true Nanoha fashion.

Times of Grace

Third story in my MGLN series.

After the events of Raze the Stray and Raise the Dawn, Bathory Kardenis and two others have left their home planet of Siba forever and settled on another administrated planet, Nemelendelle, for rehabilitation. This story is set a couple years later and as the characters are going along, conflicts arise between them from past memories unfinished. They will also have the chance to save another group of mages headed down their own dark road.

ToG has a lighter tone than the previous 2 stories. There's a larger focus on friendships, relationships and, yes, romance. Also, the characters, setting, and events are 100% OC with only references to the canon Nanoha material.

End of the Harvest

Fourth story in my MGLN series.

Everything has come full circle - a crisis on my original planet, Siba, the return of the main OCs to that planet, and the struggles and interactions between them and the Bureau they left behind as well as between the Bureau and its citizens. I want to show conflicts that the main Midchildan characters cannot solve directly with giant lasers and raw power. As well, new characters introduced as part of the Siban TSAB will challenge the Midchildan group in diplomacy while having their own personal struggles to deal with. It's a story about reaching out versus closing your doors, with Midchilda trying to intervene and save the planet while Siba is stuck in the system their Bureau has built for itself.

Everything comes full circle. Everyone has a voice. And sometimes the End is only the beginning...

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