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Hey! . I'm Morgan...well that's my middle name anyway...You shall not recieve my first name muahahahah!
Actually it's me and my co-writer who's name is also Morgan so...yea. lol. Good luck telling us apart. Anyway I'm the main writer.
Morgan 2 is just here for back up support.

Morgan 2: Glares at M1 I hate you
Morgan 1: luv you too

Anyway about me? I'm strange and odd and really wierd. Be my friend! Feel free to email me.
I have to get Morgan 2 to post up her little ditty (aka bio) here too soon as she gets her but on. -.- scowl

Moreover: I'm posting my new Inuyasha series. Years after, Kagome and Inuyasha have a son, Tanichi, who's determined to avenge his parents murder by the hands of Naraku's heir who has the jewel. The thing is only one shard is missing and to use the power of the jewel he needs the last shard. Symmi, a cynical american girl (need I say more?) with a drunkie mother is suddenly pulled into the mix when it's discovered she is the Carrier. The protectress of the shard (not by choice of course). Pulled into a struggle destined to repeat it self, Tanichi and Symmi have to get the jewel and make it whole before this new villan can fully corrupt and use it's powers...that is to say if Symmi and Tanichi don't drive each other mad first. r/r It's going to be a loooong series.

Also we now have an account at FictionPress! Yay! lol. You can find it here: http://www.fictionpress.com/~amemoryofwings

((6/14/05)) Update: Aaaaaaaand...it's back! Okay >.> So things have been kind muggy and slow for the last couple o' months. But the school year had ended, peace has been restored, and the summer is here! Which means, consistend and more frequent updates! Yay!

So for all you guys who stuck with me through my dry period: You are the most awesomest people ever and I love yew! Thanks for your support. I couldn't work without it.


Influence by Kanna-Ophelia reviews
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