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Empty I know well not for ever, oh BTW I'm an atheist now sorry

1) Gibbs

2) Haratio Caine

3) Mac Taylor

4) D.B Russle

5) Spongebob

6) Phineas

7) Randy Cunningham

8) Danny Phantom

9) Twilight Sparkle

10) Brain Griffon

1. 9 wakes up in the middle of the night to see 7 with a creepy smile and some duct tape in their hand. WTF?

Twilight, Randy

Randy: No tears, just Dreams

2. 10 gets a sex change, and 2 suddenly finds them attractive. Does he/she confess?

Brain, Haratio

What... Haratio ... Brain...

3. 4 is watching hardcoreyaoi when 7 walks into the room and sees this. What happens?

Russle, Randy

Randy would just back up slowly

4. 9 gets really drunk at a party and tries to kiss a sober 2. How does he/she react?

Twilight, Haratio .

He’ll push her down!! XD

5. 6 is dating 3, but is cheating on him/her with 1. 3 finds out and confronts 6 about it.

Phineas. Mac, Gibbs

I- umm Mac is married he proposed in the shows finally... well counting THAT out he’ll probably be mad at Gibbs and Phineas.

6. Choose colours that describe each OC.

1) Gibbs (Sliver)

2) Haratio Caine (Orange)

3) Mac Taylor (Black)

4) D.B Russle (Grey)

5) Spongebob (yellow)

6) Phineas (red)

7) Randy Cunningham (Purple)

8 ) Danny Phantom (green)

9) Twilight Sparkle (Dark blue)

10) Brain Griffon (White)

7. 8 and 2 try to gang rape 5 in an alley. Can 5 escape?

Danny, Haratio , Spongebob

RUN!!!!! SB RUN!!!

8. 1 and 2 switch lives for a week. What kind of havoc do they create?

Gibbs, Haratio

Tony: Why is Gibbs wearing sunglasses?

CSI Miami

Eric: Why isn’t Haratio wearing sun glasses?

9. 5 runs around without pants on, and 2 is passed out on the ground while wearing a princess dress. WTF?

Spongebob. Haratio


10. 10 just licked 6's face.

Brain, Phineas

This isn’t too weird... Brain is a dog... X3

11. 5 is on their first date for 9, and goes to meet 9's parents for dinner. How does that go?

Spongebob, Twilight


12. 9 wakes up to see 2 lying in bed with them. What do they do?

Twilight, Haratio

Twi: Im so scared

13. 1, 2, and 4 try out for American Idol. What songs do they sing, and who wins?

Gibbs ,Haratio , Russle

Omg this is hilarious. I honestly don’t know WHAT songs they’ll sing... But Haratio will win

14. 3 and 7 are on shrooms, what do they see?

Mac, Randy.

Oh god this is weird, since Mac is a cop and Randy is a kid, WHY DID MAC LET HIM DO SHROOMS!!!

Anyway... for what they will see, Mac will probably see everyone he’s put away, While Randy see’s ‘Monsters’.

15. 8 gets pregnant with 4's baby. After the baby is born, do they make good parents?

Danny, Russle

Uhhh i uhhm, i guess, DUDE DANNY IS A KID AND RUSSLE IS A COP, okay.. i guess they will.

16. While 8 and 4 were in the bedroom, a portal opens up in the middle of the room. Justin Bieber and Naruto step out of the portal. 2 has a gun with only one bullet.

Danny, Russle, Haratio

What where Danny and Russle doing... never mind.


17. 6 kidnaps 2 and traps them in the closet. 6 then calls 9 and says they will release 2 if 9 gives them a million dollars. What is 9 planning to do?

Phineas, Haratio , Twilight

This one is just random, one Haratio is an adult HOW THE HELL DID PHINEAS KIDNAPP HIM, not unless he built something...

18. 8 and 10 get into a fist fight while drunk at a bar. 2 tries to break them up, but gets punched in the face. 1 is watching all of this happen. How does it end?

Danny, Brain, Haratio

Lol Brain WILL TOTALLY get drunk, BUT DANNY, i guess Haratio will brake it up, mostly because he’s a cop, not a good idea fighting in front of him, Gibbs you coward, lol poor Haratio...

19. 1 goes to a theme park with 2 and 7. They are about to step on the biggest, most scary roller coaster. What happens to them?

Gibbs, Haratio , Randy

Randy will be all like ‘NOPE’ but then Gibbs and Haratio will drag him in.

20. 4 and 5 are a couple, and 10 is insanely jealous. 10 has a crush on 4, and wants to break the couple up. How do they do so?

Russle, Spongebob, Brain.

Oh god... Rusle and SB? BRAIN AND SB!??

Jumps off building*

21. While 3 and 7 are on shrooms, 2 meets up with them. 7 starts pressuring 2 to do shrooms with them.

Mac, Randy, Haratio .

Haratio will arrest them ON THE SPOT.

22. 10 is dancing to, "Sexy back", when 1 walks into the room. What happens?

Brain, Gibbs

Gibbs: Awkward...
23. What kind of music can you find on 5's ipod?


Pirate Music of course... if you know what i mean...

24. Describe each OC using only ONE word.

Gibbs: Loyal

Haratio : Brave

Mac: Strong

Russle: Smart

Spongebob: Funny

Phineas: Creative

Randy: Dumb

Danny: Cute

Twilight: Magical

Brain: Nerd

25. 8 starts using pick-up lines while flirting with 3. What do they say? And does 3 fall for this?

Danny, Mac

Mac will punch Danny...

26. 6 looks in the mirror and discovers that he/she now looks like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. 6 goes to talk to 2 for advice.

Phineas, Haratio

Lol to bad Brain isn’t there...

Phineas: HARATIO HELP!!!!

27. 10 and 8 throws eggs at 7's house, and 7 is pissed. How does 7 get his/her revenge?

Brain, Danny, Randy

Randy will ninjaout and HURT THEM BAD!!!

28. 7, Team Edward or Jacob?


Walks away*

Randy: I prefer to read the nomicon, or Steven King...

29. 2 is trying to go on a diet when 3, 6, and 10 drag them to a pizza place. They order the biggest, most fattening pizza there.

Haratio , Mac, Phineas, Brain.

Haratio : i hate you guys...
30. 5 dies and is having a funeral. All of the OCs attended. How did 5 die?


Boat crash...

31. 4 and 6 are in a relationship. Who wears the pants?

Russle, Phineas


32. 9 doesn't shower and is starting to smell really bad. 4 and 6 are having lunch with him/her. Does anyone say anything?

Twilight, Russle, Phineas

They would force her to shower

33. Everyone is on a plane when it starts to fall. Three people need to jump off in order to save the others. Who jumps off?

Haratio Danny and Randy.

34. 7 enters a hotdog eating contest, and so does 2 and 8. Who can eat the most?

Randy, Haratio , Danny

I don’t know...

35. 6 breaks though 2's window wearing no clothes and screams, "SURPRISE BUTT SEX!!!"

Phineas, Haratio

Haratio will arrest him...

36. 3 and 5 also walk into 2's house not wearing any clothes. 5 is wearing a fake moustache. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Mac, Spongebob, Haratio .

Uhhhhh... i don’t know how to answer this...

37. 1, 2, and 9 are eating at a fancy restaurant when suddenly they hear a REALLY loud fart. Who dealt it?

Gibbs, Haratio , Twilight.

It was... GIBB’S

38. Describe each OC as an animal.

Gibbs: Dog

Haratio : Bear

Mac: Cat

Russle: Wolf

Spongebob: Fish (Obviously)

Randy: Bat

Danny: Bird

Twi: Horse (Obviously)


39. 4 is playing Black Ops when an enraged 9 stomps into the room and breaks the disk. 9 demands that 4 to get a damn job! What happens?

Russle, Twilight

Russle has no time to play video games...

40. 5 pushes their gum into 1's hair.

Spongebob, Gibbs

Well it was nice knowing SB

41. 1 had a nightmare and goes to 3's room, asking if he/she can sleep with him/her. Does 3 allow this?

Gibbs, Mac

I guess...

42. Regardless of your answer, 1 returns to their room and sees that there are spiders—EVERYWHERE. Reaction?


43. 9 murders 10, and 1 watches this take place. 9 then tries to murder 1. Can 1 escape?

Twilight, Brain, Gibbs

Gibbs solves crimes for a living so yeah... Twilight is doomed

44. 2 becomes an old person and yells at 8 to get off their lawn. When 8 doesn't, how does 2 respond?

Haratio , Danny.


45. Everyone becomes toddlers and they are now in preschool. It is playtime. What are they all doing?

Gibbs, Haratio , Mac and Russle, ironically, will be playing cops, Spongebob will play tag with Danny, Twilight will be playing with her magic, Brain, Randy and Phineas will prank everyone.

46. 5 shows everyone 2's baby pictures. How do they react? Does 2 try to kill 5?

Spongebob, Haratio .


47. Everyone tries out for the play Romeo and Juliet. 5 gets the role of Juliet, and 9 gets the role of Romeo. During the kissing scene, what happens?

SpongeBob, Twilight.


48. 10 is getting really fat and 3 wants to tell him/her this. How does it go?

Brain, Mac.

Mac: Brain you’re getting fat, lose some weight.

49. All of the OCs are in school, and suddenly there is a food fight! Who started it? And does everyone take part?

Okay one lol, everyone WILL take part, Spongebob will have probably have started it

50. 5 becomes a pink unicorn with awesome sunglasses and baggy pants. Does 10 want to ride on his/her back?

Spongebob, Brain


51. 7 makes a Deviant art account. What kind of art do they create?


Dumb shit like in, ‘Wokin on the weekend’, Weiner fights!!

52. 9 becomes a police officer and pulls over 1 for speeding. Does 9 give 1 a break?

Twilight, Gibbs

Gibbs is a federal agent, i think he’s allowed to speed, especially if he’s going to catch a murderer.
53.7 and 10 go to a strip club, and they see 6 is performing on stage? WTF?

Randy, Brain, Phineas.

54. 2 gets a job at the bank. One day, 3 and 5 come in and try to rob the place. What happens?

Haratio , Mac, Spongebob

Haratio will shoot SB, but with Mac ITS A DEATH BATTLE
55. Everyone goes back to high school, and 9 asks 4 out to prom. Does he/she accept?

Twilight, Russle

Cute... kinnda since Russle is a nice guy... i guess he will...

56. 1 and 2 get horribly drunk, and wait up the next morning in the same bed.

Gibbs, Haratio

shoots self in head*

57. 4 turns into a dog and is sent to the pound. When 6 comes looking for a dog, does he/she recognize them?

Russle, Phineas.

IDK probably...

58. It's Halloween and 7 wants to prank 1. What do they do to create a hilariously awesome prank of scariness?

Randy, Gibbs

Drop down from the roof in a grudge girl costume and scream “BOO”!!!
59. 10 and 1 are fighting with light sabers to the death when 10 suddenly reveals that he/she is 1's FATHER! OMG!!!

Brain, Gibbs

No.. i thinks Gibbs dad is dead... and how can Brain be Gibbs dad, he’s already a father...

60. 2 is having a battle to the death with 8. Who wins? And does 9 help?

Haratio , Danny, Twilight

Yeah i see Twilight helping, teaching them why they should be friends and not enemies

61. 9 goes to 8 and says that he/she will give 8 a million dollars if 8 kills 1. Does 8 do it? And if so, what is 8's preferred method of murder?

Twilight, Danny, Gibbs

Danny wouldn’t commit murder for money, mostly because Gibbs is and federal GOD DAMN agent.

62. 3 walks into a room to discover that 7 is wearing the exact same outfit, right down to the shoes. Awkward, much?

Mac, Randy

Daww Randy wants to be like Mac SO CUTE.
63. 1 steps in dog crap.


“Ugh nasty”

64. 4 and 6 go on a date. At the end of a date, 4 confesses that they actually forget to bring any money. Are the two stuck doing dishes, or do they dine and ditch?

Russle, Phineas

Phineas will build something to do the dishes for them.

65. 10 can't swim and starts to drown in the ocean. Everyone has left except for 2. Does 2 play hero?

Brain, Haratio

Of course, Haratio may be scary... but he’s actually a really nice dude.

66. 1 develops a chronic fear of zombies and hides in his/her room all day. 2 suddenly becomes a zombie and tries breaking in through the window.

Gibbs, Haratio

Gibbs would have to shoot him DX> NO HARATIO

67. 4 writes a love poem to 9. Is it beautiful?

Russle, Twilight

Umm I guess, but she IS a pony so that will be awkward

68. Everyone goes to the beach. What are they all doing?

Randy and Spongebob are having a water fight, Mac, Danny and Brain will be just chilling, Phineas will be showing of his sand sculptures to Haratio and Twilight, Russle and Gibbs will be in the ocean swimming.

69. 6 has perverted pictures of 9 on his/her computer. When 9 finds out, does he/she confront 6? Btw this question has nothing to do with 69.

Phineas, Twilight

Twilight will turn him into a bug and squish him or something... XD

70. 3 becomes a girl scout and is trying to force 5 to buy cookies.

Mac, Spongebob


That’s disturbing, Mac in a squirt *shivers*.

71. 2 falls in love with 6, then figures out that they are siblings.

Haratio, Phineas

Uhhh, i don’t i can’t i UGH

72. 4, 5 and 6 are playing video games. 4 wants to play Black Ops, and 6 wants to play Mysims. 5 is getting a headache. How do they decide?

Russle, Spongebob, Phineas


73. Whatever you answered, they go with Blacktops. 5 is getting pissed off and chucks a remote at the television, destroying it. What happens?


Hahaha jokes on him IT WAS HIS TV!!!

74. 5 is forced to take anger management classes and 7 is the teacher. Can 7 help 5?

Spongebob, Randy

SB: This can only go bad...

RC: Hey...

75. 7 gives up on being an anger management teacher, and tries being a math teacher instead. Does that turn out pretty?



Wait you were serious?

76. 1 is married to 4. 1 wakes up one morning with 8 in their bed. They start hearing footsteps, 1 is coming into the room! QUICK! DO SOMETHING!

Gibbs, Russle, Danny.

I think im gonna throw up... i should have picked more girl characters.

77. Now let's get to some creepy stuff. 1, 2, 3, and 4 are having a party late at night. Suddenly the lights go off, and when they turn back on, 1 is lying on the ground with a knife in his/her back.

Gibbs, Haratio, Mac, Russle

Bad for the killer cause you killed someone in a room full of CSI’s and you killed a federal agent...

78. They hear a noise coming from upstairs. One of them should go check it out. Who acts as the brave one? Or more realistically, gets forced?

They will force Haratio, cause he is the bravest.

79. The person you chose goes upstairs. There has been no response for an hour. Now they must decide what to do. Do they run? Or do they check it out?

Mac will go, Russle will be right behind him.

80.. Regardless of what you answered, the monster exposes themselves. Barney the dinosaur comes in with blood running down his lips and a craving for human flesh. He also has a giant chainsaw. HOLY CRAP! Can they defeat him!?

Mac and Russle will shoot at him, XD... wait weres Haratio?

81. 2 is giving 7 a haircut, how does that turn out?

Haratio, Randy

Oh god, Haratio is cool and all but common, i don’t think he can give a haircut... poor Randy.
82. 8 becomes a police officer and pulls over 2 for speeding, what happens?

Danny, Haratio.

Umm Haratio is a cop, like Gibbs he is allowed to speed, trying to get a murderer and all...

83. 1 is in jail and 4 is their roommate. What kind of crime did they pull off together?

Gibbs, Russle.

Ironically murder

84. 3 grows a very manly beard. Do they look hot?



85. 9 becomes a brain surgeon and is operating on 4. Do they do a good job?

Twilight, Russle

Twi is smart so yeah, she can pull it off, but why is Russle having brain surgery, did he get shot in the head.
86. 10 just leaned in and kissed 1.

Brain, Gibbs


87. 4, 5, and 6 order a massive cake at a restaurant. But before they can eat any of it, 4 takes the entire thing and eats it whole! Reactions?

Russle, Spongebob, Phineas

88. 4 becomes a big time weeaboo and buys everything anime related, pretends they are Japanese, and starts calling everyone a baka. What does 7 do?

Russle, Randy

FACE PALM* Randy: First it was Yaio now this... someone take the internet away from him...

89. 2 corners 1 in a dark alleyway and tries to rape them, can 1 escape?

Haratio, Gibbs

Hangs self*

90. 6 wants to look more masculine, so he/she goes to 9 for advice. What does 9 tell them?

Phineas, Twilight

She’ll cast a spell for him, but this is kinda OOC for Phineas

91. 9 gets locked into a room and is forced to face their biggest fear. What is it, and what happens?


Quesada’s!!!! NO there SO cheesy!!!!

92. 8 suddenly becomes ruler of the world! How do they take advantage of this?



93. 5 gets really drunk at this same bar, and starts complaining to 2 about how miserable their life is. Suddenly they starting sobbing and hugging 2 to death, how does 2 handle it?

Spongebob, Russle

Russle: Aww SB its okay... uh um there, there.

94. 1, 2, and 3 all become unicorns. 1 and 2 try to convince 3 to come with them to candy mountain. Will 3 accept?

Gibbs, Haratio, Mac

Yeah i guess... idk kinda OOC for all of em

95. 5 sneaks into 7's room and starts to read their journal. They are almost done with it when 7 suddenly walks in and sees this. Reaction?

SpongeBob, Randy

Instead of a journal he will try to read the nomicon THAT WILL BE AWESOME

96. 5 becomes a therapist and starts talking to 1, can 5 cheer 1 up?

Spongebob, Gibbs


97. While the two are talking, 6 walks into the office wearing a chicken suit. Can 5 help them?

Phineas, Spongebob.

LOL i guess idk, yesh

98. 9 becomes an old lady and needs help crossing the street. Does 3 offer to help?

Twilight, Mac

Yesh! Mac is a gentlemen.

99. Let's go back to high school! 1 just shoved 2 into a locker. Later, 2 wants to get revenge. What does 2 do?

Gibbs, Haratio

In a few years... they will be AWESOME, also Haratio isn’t the one that keeps grudges.

100. 6 tells 1 that his/her momma is so fat. OH HALL NO, what will you do, 1?!

Phineas, Gibbs.

Gibbs: Atleast MY mom wasn’t a dumb bitch.

101. 3 walks into a bathroom and accidentally sees 7 taking a shower. Err…

Mac, Randy


102. 6 and 4 go shopping together! 4 sees the best pair of shoes ever, but they are way out of his/her budget. When 4 wants to steal them, does 6 agree with it?

Phineas, Russle

He’s a cop, i think he can afford SHOES, plus he cant steal because HES A COP

103. 10's older brother, 5, killed their entire clan. Now 10 has duck-butt hair, an annoying stalker with pink hair, and some old dude that keeps saying, "Tobi is a good boy!" Does 10 suffer from the emo disease?

Brain, Spongebob


104. 7 tries to convince 3 to go to a gay bar with him/her.

Randy, Mac

I don’t know if this is cute or gross...

105. The quiz has ended. How do you feel?

Good i guess, i love the SpongeBobXTwilight

106. Haha, I lied. Youmad, bro?

No not really... this was fun!!!

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the title is the summary added TV cause i have soooo many parody's for it
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it's in the story
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Jon Catbuger reviews
i dont know how to do a summary so yeah
Crossover - Nicktoons Unite! & Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,270 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/13/2013 - Randy C. - Complete