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Hiyas!! This is Celine Flac right now!! I bet that Kaz will see this soon!! Hiyas Kaz-chan!!!

Anyways, the bio for this?

Um...I suppose I'll post the reason why we have this screenname together.

I am Celine Flac the Sorceress or Tally-chan as most know me better as.Karizma or Kaz as we all know her, the most over-suspending writer ever. We all love her.

Anyway, We decided to co-author a story together called something we don't know yet. ^^;;;

The story will be so awesome and will be up soon.

Well, I'll post what I think about certain stuff:

[Yaoi: (Celine) I am not against it, but I do not happen to like huge amounts of it in every fanfic I read. I am mostly a hetero writer though I happen to like some Yaoi and I've written a few, but never posted any.

[Flames: (Celine) I do not like Flames. Most writers don't, but I happen to like expressive critiscm. Put that instead of quot"dis sux. I didn't even read it and it sux."". I prefer for you to express your angered opinion.

[Anzu-bashing: (Celine) I am Pro-Anzu. I can stand reading a slight bit of Anzu-bashing, but I am against all bashers. Just because Anzu is said to have a friendship speech for every five minutes it really isn't true. Shit, if you want to bash anyone I would bash Yami. It takes him almost a whole episode to decide something before he gets the reassurance of Yugi's friends and then he preaches with Yugi about the heart of the cards and friendship a hell lot more than Anzu.

Another reason why people bash her? Some people say she is a preppy slut. Well, she isn't. Knowing how it is to be bit of a tomboy and all, I understand the fact that she has guy friends. Guy friends may sometimes be assholes and jerks but at least out of everything, they will be there for you wether or not it concerns them. Preppy she may be and I don't like preps, she doesn't make anyone else do anything that they do not want to do with her unless its really important. And if you want to critiseze someone looking like a slut, Critisize Mai.

She dances so rockingly awesome and I would die to be her. U_U;; Hey, if it was me surrounded by those guys,(Maybe not Yami) I would be the happiest girl in the world. I love her talent and her ability to be optomistic over everything.

Lastly, like another said in her bio, and I respect her for it, the only ones who do bash her are jealous of her. I know most of you are probably scoffing at this but it is true.

I do not like bashing people in my fanfics and I know Kaz probably doesn't so I'm not going to say a mean word.

[Yuri];(Celine) I am okay with Yuri. Like I said with yaoi, I just don't like too much of it in one fic.

Anyway, that is my say on this stuff and I'll leave Kaz to do her takes if she wants to.

Hey guys this is Kaz here oh Hiya Tally-chan!!!

Anyway so I seen you stumbled onto mine and Tally-chan’s joint profile, well you’ve found out about Tally-chan so now you can learn about the major sappy writer me!

Soo copying Tally-chan’s idea lol I am going to write about my certain thoughts on various things,

[Yaoi: (Kaz) I am fine with this. I admit I usually write non Yaoi but I do love some Kaiba/Joey and Yami/Yugi. They are really the only two I like but whatever.

[Yuri: (Kaz) Fine with this too.

[Flames: (Kaz) No no no! I do not mind constructive critiscm, of course I don’t it help me to write better but a flame over coupling is just pathetic really. If you don’t like the idea then it’s simple, all you have to do is not read, it’s not actually that hard. I hate getting flames saying ‘Oh this couple sucks write better’ I have to ask WHY? If I want to write about a certain then I will, just like you can that’s the power of fan fiction.

[Anzu-bashing]; (Kaz) Okay so not everyone like Anzu, fine that’s your choice but Tally-chan and I are PRO-ANZU meaning our fics are going to be pro her so if you don’t like her then don’t read or don’t flame us about it.

Okay speaking about Anzu/Tea well I can’t tell you to like her but I have to say you do know some of the stuff she’s says is right. Trust me, certain things she says about friendship is true. And no I am sorry but I think you all tend to exaggerate about how much she goes on in her ‘speeches’.

She’s a slut? Ohh I see because she wears a mini skirt? Oh my alert the world of course she is I mean anyone who wears a skirt must be right? Lol I will have to tell my friends about that one Ha ha Becky-chan you’re a slut because you wear a skirt lol. Anyway moving on, I don’t particularly think she’s a tomboy but then she’s not a girly girly either so yahh (Oh the wonders of my descriptive talent).

In all honesty I wish I could be as optimistic as her, I really do.

Anyway to sign this off you can email me and Tally-chan at the above email address we both check that one, or you can email us separately by click on our profiles, lol we added ourselves to fav authors.

Anyway I hope you like our joint fic and remember this was mine and Tally-chan’s thoughts you don’t have to agree but at least have the decency to respect our thoughts and not flame us about them.


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