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Hrm, a bit about myself huh? I'm male, and in university, which is about all the personal identifying information I feel like sharing. You can probably tell from some of my work though that I use an odd mishmash of American and British Spellings, that would be because I am in Canada. I suppose I can also say that in real life, my personality is nothing like what the majority of the stories I write may lead you to guess. Instead look more at Those Left Behind if you want a feel for who I am. I'm sure many of my friends would agree in saying that I am a terribly evil person. This actually isn't my main account, but my main account doesn't actually have any stories on it. At least one of my friends knows my main account, which I use to keep track of favourites and alerts of which I have many.

I don't consider myself a great writer, or even necessarily a good writer, but I wouldn't consider myself bad either. The stuff I write aren't going to be winning any awards that's for sure, but they get the point across in a clear and coherent manner. They are serviceable. If you've got any tips or legitimate constructive criticism though, feel free to share as I haven't been writing for very long. Or if you notice any spelling errors, point 'em out. I hate rereading my own work. Note though, that I use both British and American spellings.

If you want to contact me, feel free to PM, or go to my RWBY forum. I typically try to respond personally to every review, but I don't really have a place to respond to anonymous reviews. So if you want a response, you'll probably have to make an account.

Other Places you can find me:

There's not much of a reason to find me in any other places, but just, y'know, if you come across me in these places, know that they are actually me and not just someone using my name.

Tumblr as BlackenedEssence. Bleh, I resisted getting a tumblr for so long, but I got drawn into the RWBY fandom there. Any stories I post will appear simultaneously both on FFN and tumblr. The rest of the stuff on my tumblr account is either reblogging stuff I like (mostly RWBY), or me complaining about various things.

DeviantArt and Livestream also as BlackenedEssence. I don't draw or stream. I literally post nothing to either of those accounts. Their sole purpose is so I can comment on other people's things or chat. Just putting them here to establish that if you see me on those places as BlackenedEssence it is in fact me.

For both DA and tumblr there are accounts called BlackenedHearts already that I have no affiliation with, and both probably existed before this account here on FFN. Purely coincidence in naming on everyone's parts. Look for BlackenedEssence on those two sites, yeah?

Completed Stories:

Crimson Snow (One-shot)

My first fic written or published. It was written because I couldn't stand the anticipation waiting for RWBY to come out. I actually saw the White trailer prior to the Red trailer, and loved them both, although to be honest, Weiss is my favourite of the two. Given all the waiting time and lack of real information I ended up writing my own headcanon for the characters. As they were the only two known characters, I ended up putting them together as a yuri couple, and now ship them fervently.

I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out, although as a first fic (and a lemon at that) I suppose it isn't too bad, but I still like to pretend it doesn't exist most of the time. It'll stay up since apparently others like it though. I think I tried to fit together too many ideas in here and it came out a little diluted or forced in some parts. Sections of this story make me cringe quite a bit. Anyways, I put this in the same continuity as Red and White, and I'd like to think my writing has gotten at least a little better, so go read that.

It is currently in a C2 called "Reportable offense!" which is affiliated with the Eliminator Forum. Presumably because of the lemon. If the story disappears one day, it is probably due to this. This story was also plagiarized at one point, complete copypaste job. While this may not be my proudest piece of work, it was still my first, and that really pissed me off. The offending story has since been removed.

White Ice (One-shot)

I wandered onto some RP ask blogs on tumblr which inspired this. It's a younger less jaded version of Weiss with her elder brother who is essentially a genderbend of her. It's kind of so-so overall, and it has definitely been a flop compared to pretty much everything else. Lowest view count despite being the third thing I released.

Cold and Yearning (One-Shot)

This one was written because I was put into a bad mood after having Crimson Snow stolen and didn't want to work on anything else at the time. Quickly written somewhat angsty one-shot fic examining Weiss's thoughts.

Stockholm Syndrome (One-shot)

I blame art of Blake/Weiss I've seen on both DeviantArt and tumblr for this. It's not the fluffiest thing ever, I mean, look at the title. It's not devoid of it either though, and is probably still fluffier than a lot of the Blake/Weiss stuff I've seen around so far. Rated M for some darker themes, but no lemon. This is the largest single chapter thing I've written, and hopefully it'll be one of the better things I've written. I kinda like it overall, but I'm still a little iffy on Weiss's characterization in it.

Connected (One-shot)

I dunno where this came from. Quick 100 word drabble. I kinda wanted to see what I could do without being so verbose. It's 100 words, doesn't need a whole lot of explanation about what it's about.

Wolves and Puppies (One-Shot), Christmas Traditions (One-Shot), and Valentine's Misunderstandings (One-Shot)

Holiday one shots. What else is there to say? I wanted to write some things for the holidays, and they weren't necessarily within the R&W or B&B continuities.

In-Progress Stories:

Red and White

Ruby/Weiss is easily my most favourite pairing, and thus this was spawned. I had multiple ideas about them, but none that formed any coherent overarching story, so Red and White was originally released as a one-shot collection. Eventually I decided that they fit well enough together that I may as well consider them as a single timeline, but the order of the chapters is still disjointed chronologically. Each chapter still works as a stand-alone, though some may refer to events from other chapters.

A lot of the early characterizations are kind these days given how much more has been shown since I initially started writing. A lot of it could be hand waved off as due to the achronological order of the series, changing personalities with time and all that. I have a tendency to ramble in Author's Notes and I often mention latest episodes in them so you can probably tell how characterizations change as more stuff is released if you pay attention.

I'm not a fan of many of the earlier chapters to be honest, some of it due to my writing(Which I like to think has improved since then), and some of it due to how badly it now clashes with canon. Red and White will still continue for a while until my ideas run dry, but it will end eventually to make way for better things in the future.

Rough R&W and CS Chronological Timeline: 2, 12, 8, 3, 11, 1, 10, 5, 14, 7, 6, 9, CS, 4, 13.

Beauty and the Beast

A collection of Blake/Yang stories similar to Red and White. Not in chronological order either. It may or may not be considered part of the Red and White universe, haven't decided yet. Doesn't matter much either way.

'I think...' [Warning: Bumblebee] by VnixxiR Art of the chapter 1 ending. It is wonderful. You should go look at it.

Those Left Behind

Each chapter features the death of one of the RWBY girls. They will occur in order. Each death is separate from the others, and the stories are not connected, i.e. the other 3 members of the team will be alive in each chapter minus the one dead character. Everybody gets a different death, not just gonna be swapping their places in some kind of generic battle or anything.

Go here for my thoughts on it.

A Few Years Early

Inspirations (Thank you Angie): 1, 2, 3, 4. Now a specially made cover as well (Declaration of undying love for Angie).

I'd been wanting to write a sort of AU for a while where the members of Team RWBY had gotten to know each other earlier, a world where they had met before Beacon. I originally wasn't totally sure at what point in time I wanted to set it, or the specific circumstances of their meeting. Seeing the pictures from Angie, ideas took root surrounding them.

Weiss was basically the biggest problem amongst the four, especially her relationship with Blake. So ideas came about with her father abusing her and Weiss escaping from that with some help from Blake. It also helps that I get quite the sadistic glee from picking on Weiss. Later on as RWBY Vol.1 was finishing, Blake's relationship to the White Fang became a problem as well, and I needed to get her away from them too. Thus they became linked with what happened to Weiss as well which Blake did not approve of, and if you read the first couple chapters, you'll see what happens.

The main focus of the story will of course be on little Blake and Weiss, but Ruby and Yang will appear. They won't show up until probably like chapter 10, whenever the hell I manage to write my way up there, but they'll be fairly important characters once they do get introduced. Until then things will be a little rough for the two street urchins, but expect things to take a happier turn later on. I mean, you can't expect things to stay serious when you've got little Team RWBY all together do you? That's not to say I don't have some serious things planned either of course.

Story Updates:

-Expect word count estimates to constantly be adjusted as I approach them (typically upward). Word counts do not include Author's Notes.

-I usually update about one chapter a week. No specific cycle on which story it is that gets updated.

-I will designate AM or PM (by my timezone) to show whether or not I posted a message in the morning or afternoon as I don't feel like putting specific timestamps.

Progress on Untitled (19/07/2014; AM): 7659 words. Editing. Birthday fic for momoxtoshiro. Man I really put this off. I have to finish this today.

Progress on Drifting (18/05/2014 ; AM): 4059 words. Complete. Birthday fic for risefromshadows.

Progress on R&W Chapter 16: The Loneliest of All(Title will likely change) (12/02/2014 ; AM): 617 words. No word count estimate yet. Mreeegh. Gonna need to rewrite most of what I had written for this chapter. I started it ages ago, and it needs to be changed to account for eps 15 and 16.

Too many ideas, too little time.


(09/11/2015 ; AM): Holy fuck its been a year. Things happen, life interferes. I am not in fact dead, but I am terribly unmotivated to write despite having ideas, and I don't have a whole lot of free writing time either. We'll see what happens.

(21/05/2014 ; AM): Horrifying writer's block and lack of motivation across the board for every story.

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They were acting on unstable miracles and premature science, two things that clashed entirely. "Are you sure? Will you... be okay...?" They were the words of insecurity and great fear. Weiss understood her wife's concerns, but the white-haired girl had long-since steeled herself to the decision. She breathed gently and kissed Ruby's collar. "I'll be fine." [Future AU].
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Mama Bear reviews
They were idiots. All of them. One day they were probably going to get themselves killed, and it was probably going to be stupid. Unfortunately they were also HER idiots. As such, that meant that looking after them and keeping them safe was also her responsibility. Happy birthday Hana (momoxtoshiro) !
RWBY - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,955 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 86 - Follows: 33 - Published: 7/19/2014 - Ruby R., Weiss S., Blake B., Yang X.L. - Complete
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Few give thoughts to the true nature of the Grimm and the forces that drive them. They are monsters to be killed, simple as that. But such thinking is naive. The creatures themselves are but a means to an end, a vessel that houses the darkness. A vessel is always replaceable. "Just hang on a little longer Yang. I'm coming for you." Grimmdark AU. Happy birthday Angie!
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They'd been friends for a long time. Ruby could fairly confidently say that she cared for Weiss Schnee more than she did anybody else. Of course at some point she realized that it was in a way that meant more than friendship. But sometimes life doesn't go your way, and what's left behind is only regrets. Normal AU. Ruby and Weiss are the same age. Ruby/Weiss.
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The White Fang. Once a peaceful group of faunus protesters, but in more recent years they have grown violent and radical. What would have happened though if they had tried something just a little bit earlier? An attack on the Schnee Company has its consequences, and a certain young Schnee and cat faunus meet a few years early. Pre-series AU (11 years old), no romance.
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She had never liked the plan to begin with, but she had little choice but to go with it. The Schnee heiress was now captive to their organization. Chained and cuffed she was helpless. But nevertheless, she would need a guard, and that was to be her job. Blake/Weiss. Rated M for dark themes. One-shot.
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She thinks that she hates her. Surrounded by friends as she stands alone. But perhaps, it was better this way. After all, the only one she could rely on was herself.
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