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Author has written 14 stories for Land Before Time, Forgotten Realms, Naruto, Gargoyles, and Read or Die.

Notes: New Blood message boards at http://www.fanfiction.net/forum/New_Blood/29526/, enjoy them, use them as the place for all New Blood related voting and rants not relevant or appropriate for reviews, discussions can be about New Blood, its sequel or any of the spinoff/gaidens.

Gender: Male

Age: Too Old

Height: Tall enough to reach the cookie jar, what else really matters?

Bio: Born to reasonably loving parents some years ago, JFalcon greatly enjoyed being read to as a child. The odd thing was he enjoyed chapter books more than picture books. He doesn't really remember why but it probably had to do with chapter books being much longer. When he was finally able to read to himself, he tackled Narnia, Dinotopia, Animorphs, even Lord of the Rings.

But he was not truly motivated to write until he was introduced to the masterful works the Battletech series. With its charismatic villains, dashing heroes and those crazy Jade Falcons, a boy at the age of twelve simply couldn't resist. Having been mildly interested in the TV series when it first came out, and a collector of the cards he was amazed at how much . . . bigger, the universe in the books was, and how many fantastic writers were telling its tales. It was due to the Battletech series that J Falcon decided to begin writting, and it was from there that he took his pen name.

He'd go on to read series like Bone, Magic the Gathering, Red Wall, Forgotten Realms, some Star Wars, JtHM and Squee, a couple of the old classics, and of course Harry Potter, but it was Battletech that inspired him to be a writer.

Like just about every Battletech fan he devised his own mercenary unit, the Solaris Blues. At school or home he wrote pen and paper stories of their exploits, always trying to capture the same, sometimes grim feel of the Battletech universe. These stories were very rarely shared, but always seemed to be enjoyed by others. Unfortunately to his knowledge no stories about the Blues survive to this day, though he somtimes gets the urge to continue them, and did carry on their legacy when Battletech became Mech Warrior: Dark Age. Though some of the stories set during the Dark Age still exist on computer, he's stopped writing them (at least for now) and they'll probably never be on this site.

One day, as either a teen or pre-teen (he doesnt remember which) he found this magical web site, and after reading for some time decided it'd be fun to get some feedback on his writing. His first stories for Fan Fiction (dot net) were of the Digimon category. He branched to ZOIDs, Final Fantasy, Armored Core 2, Ranma, Forgotten Realms, Wing Commander, Gargoyles and currently has the majority of his attention focused on New Blood, a Naruto story.

Though his humor may sometimes be lewd he has never written an NC-17 story. He is firmly of the belief that children will read a story they want to read regardless of its rating (he knows because he himself often did so as a child) and so while there may be some mature content, or suggestive talk, the actual act of sex is never, and will never be depicted in his stories.

These days he mostly reads Forgotten Realms, though with the exception of the War of the Spider Queen series he's shocked to find he doesn't much care for any book not written by R.A. Salvatore, still he gives them each their shot. He reads manga, watches some Anime, plays video games and wonders why he has a cat when he really wanted a dog (don't tell the cat). His favorite writer to this day remains Michael A. Stackpole.

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