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Hello everyone!

I'm not going to use this to post any personal information because, frankly, it's not really anyone's business but mine. Mostly what I'll use this for is posting writing prompts for anyone who feels like taking up the challenge. They'll range from Harry Potter to Animorphs to Dresden Files to... well, anything I feel inspired to provide a prompt for. Full disclosure: this is really just a way for me to get ideas out there that I won't have time to write on my own. Just PM me if you feel like writing one of them and I'll probably get back to you within 48 hours.

Notice(10/05/2016, 11:42 pm.)

I got board with the name Son of Zeus 0001. As a result I have changed it to what you see now.

Random Theories

The reason Dumbledore doesn't want them to take him off the chocolate frog cards is because they work like all other portraits. They can visit each other, gather information, look out at people, and do other similar things. This is also why he's always at least two or three steps ahead of everyone else.

In Dead Beat of the Dresden Files, Ebenezer McCoy is controlling Mavra with the Black Staff. I have no support for this one. It's just a random wild guess.

Karin Murphy dies in Peace Talks.

Shardplate is made of non-sentient spren that correspond to a Knight's order. Or, stormlight rising from a Knight's skin.

Harry's mind scape at the end of Deathly Hallows had nothing to do with having a Horcrux in his head. Instead, due to the Phoenix tears in his veins, and his exposure to chronomancy(time magic), he has been made immortal. Whenever he is killed, he just gets back up again - like we saw him do in the previously mentioned scene.

Dumbledore is a time-traveling Ron Weasley. For support, I offer up that both have a scar on their knee(the same knee), and are described as tall and thin. It also explains how Dumbledore knows some things are going to happen, and why he lets Harry do certain things that - as a teacher - he really shouldn't. Why do I support this theory? Well, it makes me feel a lot better about both characters, neither of whom I really liked all that much in canon because of Ron's assholitude and Dumbledore's apparent irresponsibility.

Draco Malfoy is a werewolf. In the sixth book he is constantly described as looking ill and rather ragged, a trait that Lupin is also described as exhibiting. Also, he shows Borgin his arm and says Graybeack is a friend of the family. Harry assumes it's a dark mark, but why not say that Voldy is a friend of the family then, or Bellatrix?

Pairings I Ship

Harry Potter x Anyone but Ginny: I get that it's canon, but she's a fangirl and a marry sue. I've only ever seen it done well once or twice, and I can't find those fanfics anymore. Hermione is towards the top of my ship list for this, as long as it happens before book seven, because honestly, book seven Hermione has gone off the deep end. She goes into the Horcrux hunt without a plan(horribly out of character) and mind-rapes her parents. I don't give a damn about good intentions, that's just not okay.

Neville x Luna: How can you not support this? That's like saying you don't like chocolate.

Harry Dresden x Molly Carpenter: I'm not old enough for this ship to qualify me for creepy old man status. Thank goodness.

Harry Dresden x Karin Murphy: As long as it happens before Small Favor, I completely support this pairing.

Ms. Guard x Hendricks: Yes Please.

Andi x Butters: Butters is living the nerd dream. He's also a story of average guy ascending to super hero in a world where average gets eaten.

Molly x Danny: I love this pairing for Danny Phantom and Dresden Files crossovers. I don't know why. At its core it's quite similar to Dresden x Molly. But... well, something about this pairing just does it for me.

Hannah Ascher x Danny: This is another one of those Danny Phantom and Dresden Files crossovers that I really love the concept of. And, before you hit the close button on this tab, I just want you to hear me out. With a Danny Phantom and Dresden Files crossover, there are two key possibilities for how things play out. First, Danny gets hit with the Doom of Damocles. This has a lot of potential, and one of my first - incomplete - stories was about this. The other option is that Danny doesn't get sentenced to the Doom, and has to go on the run as a warlock. This has, arguably, more potential. The story could end up showing off a lot more of both worlds, and is likely the route you should go if you want a darker, grittier story. Hannah, in this situation, would make a really good partner for Danny - though you've gotta fiddle with the timelines a bit(... maybe?). She only shows up in one book, and is something of a tragic character. She likes what she can do with magic, and that's largely blowing stuff up. Danny, on the other hand, probably gets discovered some time after mystery meat. That means he's already made up his mind about how he wants to use his powers. Therefore, where Hannah would have a... darkening... effect on Danny, he would probably keep her sane enough not to pick up one of the coins. Besides, seeing Hannah and Sam's interactions when Sam finds out Danny and Hannah are together would be hilarious on a dark and twisted level...

Danny x Jazz: Yeah... this one qualifies me for creepy status. But, Sam... there are so many problems with her character. And, for all the times she scolds Danny for using his powers selfishly, she turns around and tries to get him to use his powers for her activist agenda. Jazz, on the other hand is there for Danny every step of the way, and tells him if she thinks he's doing something wrong. Valerie is a good choice too. Though, I'm curious how they'd get to that with Val being so single-minded about Danny ruining her life that she doesn't even let him try to explain what happened.

Tucker x Paulina: It's not all that common. But, I like to think it would lead to some character growth for both of them.

Danny : If we're talking a Danny Phantom and Overwatch crossover, these two have a lot of fun potential. They're both gamers and heroes. So, they've got at least a couple things they can do together.

Danny x Star: We never get enough information about any of the A-Listers to truly judge their characters or view them as people. This is especially true of Star. Everyone else gets about one episode(Paulina, Kwan, and Dash). Personally, I kind of picture her as a closet gamer girl, but that could just be wishful thinking...

Mr. Lancer x Briefcase: Yes. This is a thing. I've seen it done before. It is amazing.

Danny x Raven: I know this is the standard for any Danny Phantom and Teen Titans crossover, but... well, it's just so good! How can anyone not love it? Some people might argue that it's just Danny x Sam with superpowers. But, it's not. Sam and Raven are very different, despite both having a very dark appearance.

Danny x Jinx: Another good pairing for a Danny Phantom and Teen Titans crossover. I particularly enjoyed it in HIVE Minded and DC Phantom, even if the latter is still incomplete.

Robin x Starfire x Raven: I was never comfortable with the Raven x Beast Boy pairing from Teen Titans. It always seemed like this had a lot more potential.

Wheel of Time Canon: I... have very few problems here. Other than the rampant hypocrisy of the Ais Sedai, and the crushing amounts of sexism, I kind of enjoyed these. Especially Matt and Tuon. Though, that storyline between Matt and the queen who constantly raped him was really creepy.

Dick Grayson x Barbra Gordon or Starfire: Yup. 'Nuff said.

Kaladin x Shallan: Sanderson has written enough happily ever after arranged marriages already. He needs to do something different with Shaman and Adolin.

Artemis x Holly: I never got the chance to read the last book. I'm still looking for an opportunity. But, yeah. This is still my favorite pairing from that series. We never get enough screen time with the human girl to find out how her and Artemis would have worked out.

Marco x Rachel: I get what Applegate was going for... but I still support this over Tobias 100%.

Jake x Rachel: This is another one that qualifies me for creepy, but I'll still stand by it. I was really sad that Cassie was the only one to get out alive in the end. She was my least favorite character. So many of the things she said made no sense at all.

Vin x Elend: What can I say? I enjoy this pairing. Mistborn was fun.

Kim Possible x Ron Stoppable: Yup.

Kim Possible x Danny Fenton: I'm rather sad there aren't more crossovers between these two shows with this pairing.

Brekke x F'nor: I was always SO much more comfortable with this pairing than F'lar and Lessa, due to an off-hand comment from F'lar in Dragonflight. He basically says that he's Lessa has been reluctant to have sex with him- repeatedly - and they've been doing it anyway - repeatedly. But, f'nor and Brekky is cute... until all the horrible badness happens. But, he sticks by her, and that's what matters.

x Lucio: Yup.

Reinhardt x Ana: Yes Please.

Phara x Mercy: Pharmacy for the win. No other pairing has every had my support more than this one or caused me more frustration while trying to write a crossover.

Genji x Mercy: I think it could work quite interestingly.

Tracer x Brian: It's legal in England as of the new year! Brian is now sixteen! But, really... I don't know. This just does it for me for some reason.

Tracer x Emily: I don't know much about Emily's character - none of us really do. But, I look forward to finding out more.

Current Projects in Order of Priority

College Classes - Senior Year(Taking time off)

Original Work - Historical Fantasy Novel, the contents of which I will not divulge.

Harriet: What would have happened had Harry been born a girl? Well, I can tell you she wouldn't be the Girl-Who-Lived, and Neville wouldn't be the Boy-Who-Lived. And, the world would be darker. More dangerous. With no miracle child, the Ministry lost the first war against Voldemort. Muggleborns fled to the Muggle world. Hogwarts was taken, and reforged in the Death Eaters' image. Though, the Order of the Phoenix did manage to take the Book of Enrollment Records before they left - removing a tool to hunt muggleborns from the Death Eaters' grasp. Now, at the age of fifteen, Harriet Lilly Potter finds herself in the middle of a war with no apparent path to victory.

Lost Soul: The White Council is not kind to those who dabble in dark magic. Even those ignorant of the Laws, who break them without knowing, are hunted and persecuted with little - if any - hesitation. Into this world comes an unfortunate young man - Danny Fenton. A Danny Phantom and Dresden Files crossover, this story is kind of hard to describe in terms of the plot - though it will eventually lead up to Pariah Dark as the final boss. The story is meant to explore both what it means to be a warlock in the Dresdenverse, and how the Amity Park crew would interact with the various factions therein. It's kind of surprising, to be honest. We've seen Danny shatter both the fourth and fifth laws repeatedly, and an argument could be made for one or two others as well. Tucker has two entire episodes devoted to showing that he can't handle power well - the first with Desiree, and the second with Hotep-Ra. Sam, though her only powers manifest while enthralled by Undergrowth, is the ultimate example of first world problems. The stuff that goes on in Amity Park... would not fly with the Council. And, what about Fentontech? It's clearly not normal. Maybe it works around wizards? This will probably be in the form of a series of one-shots since I don't have time for anything more.

Harry Potter and the Cult that Follows: Petunia dies before Harry Potter is delivered to the Dursley doorstep, leaving Vernon uneducated as to the ways of the magical world. A businessman, Vernon is not prepared for what this brings into his life. A boy with strange powers? A letter proclaiming him the savior of "their world..." What is a man to think? What is he to do? But... it makes sense, in a strange sort of way. Petunia's childhood... could it have been so terrible because of this "prophecy?" because her sister was foretold to be the one to give birth to "the savior?" Had she been neglected in favor of her sister? Vernon Dursley was not one to believe in superstition and hocus pocus nonsense. But... how could he deny the evidence of his own eyes?

Gamers Gone Wild: A Danny Phantom and Overwatch crossover, the story begins some years after Danny gets his powers(when he is about seventeen). A professional gamer, he and his teem are invited to attend Bliz Con as special guests and several of them are asked to speak on panels. Unfortunately, things can never be simple. Reaper has discovered Danny's secret and is looking to figure out why - with such similar conditions - Danny is so stable while he is not. Too, just for a bit of fun, others are attending the convention as well. Hana Song(D:Va) is asked to attend. Lucio is visiting the city as part of his world tour. Soldier 76 and Ana Amari are chasing their old friend. And, Reinhardt is there to see two of his favorite gamers, though their autographs are... he-hem... for a friend.

Necromancer: A reimagining of the Danny Phantom universe that includes necromancy, a desperate war to keep the chaos of Amity Park under control, and a darker mood and themes. Probably rated M, if I ever get around to it.

Potter watch: Afraid of the magical community in England, the Dursley family moves while Harry and Dudley are still young. And, when no-one comes for him at eleven... well, it is obvious that the Freaks didn't want him. He clearly lacked what they valued. Magic. Harry - after the age of eleven - lives a fairly normal life. Or, he would have. The years after the Omnic Crisis... The Overwatch Generation... Pro Gaming. Harry Potter was never meant for a quiet life. A normal life. Harry Potter would never live in the shadow of his cousin, no matter how much his aunt and uncle wished he would.

Dragonflight: Basically, Lilly Potter was Alexstrasza in her mortal-looking from. As a result, Harry is the son of the Aspect and Ruler of the Red Dragonflight. I'm not sure what I'd do for the story, but for some reason I find this idea vastly amusing. The idea for this story was born from an off-hand joke made about Lilly Potter and Alexstrasza(from Warcraft) looking kind of similar. Needless to say, the one who made this joke was quickly slapped upside the head for basically saying that all red-heads look the same. Though, I started thinking about it more, and thought it would provide a fun way to poke fun at creature!Harry stories, so I figured: What the heck, I'll put it on the list. Also, I've never seen this done before. There have been Warlock!Harry, Death Knight!Harry, and even God-Moding!Harry stories that run rampant throughout the fandom of Harry Potter and Warcraft crossovers. Good god... the god-moding. But, I've never - not ONCE! - seen a Dragonflight!Harry.

Let's be honest: I'm never getting around to writing any of these.

Pick one and have fun with it!

Please let me know, so I can read what you write!

It Worked: There's a lot of things you can do with a Danny Phantom alternate universe story. Manny have been saddled, ridden, pushed to exhaustion, then beaten with clubs until they're mostly must click-bait now. One story that I've never seen done, however, is a story where the portal simple worked right off the bat. What would happen if Danny hadn't gotten the chance to be inside the portal when it turned on? What would happen if his parents had put the on button on the outside, and he and Jazz had simply been dragged down to watch as it turned on? Honestly, I have no idea...

To Be A Hero: I've been sitting here for a while, trying to figure out a way to phrase this in some epic and articulate description that includes such philosophical contents as the question of free will and the destiny of mankind. I was thinking of including a quote from Jim Butcher's Skin Game, from Michael. He says something about some men choosing their path, and others being pushed down it without a full understanding of what they're doing. There was also going to be a remark about how rare true heroism is, and what kind of qualities are required of a true hero. Unfortunately, I can't word it in a satisfying way. So, clearly, it's not going to happen. In short, this story is about Jack Morrison(Soldier 76, of the Overwatch franchise) adopting and raising Harry Potter. It takes place during the Golden Age of Overwatch continuing up through its fall and maybe to modern day. I don't know yet. So, yeah. That's the gist of it, as far as no spoilers goes.

Harry Potter and the Mists: A crossover between Harry Potter and Mistborn. Someone somewhere somewhen screwed up! The mists begin to appear on Earth, and with them people begin to Snap. The wizarding world sees a sudden drop-off in those attending magical schools, and some Pure-blood families find themselves giving birth to magic-less some cases, with the harsher families... it isn't pretty. Mistings and Mistborn gain powers they can't understand, and in some cases never truly figure out. But, eventually, people start to realize what's going on. People start to get a handle on the ins and outs of it all. And things get complicated. This story is - as many of mine tend to be - a political fic. It deals with the question of what would happen should Mistborn start being born into the Potterverse.

Guardian: In his dying moments, Medihve - The Guardian, The Prophet - was stricken with an image of terrifying clarity. The world in ruins. The Burning legion marching upon an alien world. And, one boy at the center of it all, struggling with herculean effort to keep everything from crumbling into emerald ash. He saw the boy's life, filled with horrors akin to his own. Left on the doorstep of his relatives as a baby, crying in the night for his murdered parents. Gripping a sword in bloody hands, fighting a monstrous serpent far beneath the halls of an ancient, magical castle. Heart breaking as he stood powerless, watching his parents' betrayer run, damning his Godfather to a life on the run. Held above a gravestone by an animated statue as his blood was forcibly taken and used to restore a loch's physical form. When Medihve saw the boy running... running through an twisting maze of corridors into a room filled with exploding hourglasses, he acted. He could feel it even so far away as Azoroth - the magics of time were not subtle or quiet arts. He made his decision. After all, the world needed a Guardian.

Basically: As Medihve dies, he catches a glimpse of Harry Potter fighting in his own world. He sees that, while the Burning Legion doesn't have a foot-hold there yet, they soon. will. So, he acts. He bestows the powers of a Guardian upon Harry Potter and shit starts getting crazier from there. The war against the Burning Legion is coming to Earth. Or, well... the Potterverse Earth, anyway.

Dragonflight: Basically, Lilly Potter was Alexstrasza in her mortal-looking from. As a result, Harry is the son of the Aspect and Ruler of the Red Dragonflight. I'm not sure what I'd do for the story, but for some reason I find this idea vastly amusing. The idea for this story was born from an off-hand joke made about Lilly Potter and Alexstrasza(from Warcraft) looking kind of similar. Needless to say, the one who made this joke was quickly slapped upside the head for basically saying that all red-heads look the same. Though, I started thinking about it more, and thought it would provide a fun way to poke fun at creature!Harry stories, so I figured: What the heck, I'll put it on the list. Also, I've never seen this done before. There have been Warlock!Harry, Death Knight!Harry, and even God-Moding!Harry stories that run rampant throughout the fandom of Harry Potter and Warcraft crossovers. Good god... the god-moding. But, I've never - not ONCE! - seen a Dragonflight!Harry. Which, brings us to...

Dragonflight: Not to be confused with the story idea above, this one is a Dragon Riders of PERN idea in which the Potterverse is on PERN. And, because he just can't NOT get into trouble, Harry gets snapped up by the Dragon Riders. Also, because Dudley desperately needs stories in which he gets character development and isn't just a brainwashed, monster-raised, magic-user killing machine... he goes along for the ride. Though, obviously, Harry gets a better color than he does. So, when Harry gets his letter to Hogwarts... things get a bit interesting. the wizarding world does not have the best view of Dragons, as all of the ones they are used to are un-bonded and less-inteligant.

Warlock: For a while, I've been comparing the Potterverse and Dresdenverse wizards, their behavior, powers, etc... It's really kind of an interesting mental exercise. Some things that are completely commonplace in the Potterverse are worthy of execution in the Dresdenverse. And, the Dresden wizards tend to be a lot more powerful in general. They use logic, tactics, and they interact far more with the non-magical world. But, one thought struck me recently while re-watching the finale of the sixth season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Hermione is a prime example of a Dresdenverse warlock. She starts out in book two, getting a pass into the restricted section from Lockhart. But, we don't see a lot of it there. She starts butting heads with the Laws in book three, when she uses the time-turner. And, from there we see her start breaking rules for what she considers to be good reason. In book five, we se her send Umbridge to her - hopeful - death. This is something she'd never have considered in the early books. She descends further into darkness until, finally, we see her mind wipe her parents in book seven. And, she does this without a second thought. I'm probably missing a few examples, but... yeah.

This plot-bunny could be taken a couple ways. The obvious way would be to have her get noticed by the White Council, and have to go on the run. But, seeing as how I've already suggested a similar story with Dark Side, I'm going to throw out another idea. I suspect that the letters she sends home begin as not entirely truthful. I mean, she finally has friends! She can't give that up because a troll got into the school! But, over the years, the letters probably end up as completely fabricated lies. So, what if her mother or father catches on, and asks for help from someone - Ebenezer - in order to set her straight. They ship her off to Ebenezer's farm where she spends the time with an old hillbilly trying to get through to her, not only about being honest with her parents, but also about limiting herself magically.

Holding on to Tomorrow: After the Second Voldemort War, it was like a mountain had been lifted from Harry's shoulders. Their dreams of equality and recognition for those not raised in the magical world - for those without wizard parents - were right there. All they had to do was see it through to the end. Unfortunately, some beliefs are too ingrained. Some traditions are stronger than law. A story about the struggles following the war, in a world that doesn't want to change.

Gamers Gone Wild: This is another crossover. More specifically, it's a Danny Phantom and Overwatch crossover in which either Mr. Lancer or Danny(or both) receive an invite to speak on a panel at a gaming convention along side a number of others(including Hana Song). Hilarity ensues... though I have no idea what that hilarity would be yet. Maybe Reaper has figured out Danny is Phantom, and is feeling bitchy because someone else ALSO has death-like powers. Or, it's something that makes a lot more sense than that. I have no idea...

NOTATION: Perhaps Jack and Maddy were involved in designing the mechs used by South Korea, with the suit in "Reign Storm" being somehow related to that.

Dark Side: Explore what it means to be part of the dark side in the Dresdenverse. Or, really, any other verse. I just think of the Dresdenverse because the title fits.

The World Could Always Use More Heroes: A shorter piece based on the first Overwatch short film - the one with the two kids in the museum. Tracer's words rang louder in the older brother's head than she probably meant them to, especially after using Doomfist's Gauntlet. All he could think about was how it had felt when he'd taken down the strange blue woman, how it had felt to make a difference. He wanted to feel like that again. Besides, looking around him at all his friends, his family... he just... he didn't feel the same.

Time is Relative: A Harry Potter and Overwatch crossover, this begins during the battle in the Department of Mysteries. Though, honestly, it could be a the start of a crossover for anything with Harry Potter. Anyway... The idea is that, instead of them breaking all the time-turners and there being ABSOLUTELY NO SIDE EFFECTS FROM IT, something actually goes wrong. I mean, there's no way on earth chronomancy(time magic) is stable. As result, Harry is cast through time and, while there, meets a strange girl by the name of Lena Oxton. Neither of them is entirely sure what's going on, but there's nothing else to do so they start talking and grow to know one another. Eventually, they figure out that - working together - they can touch the physical world. But... only one of them can make it back entirely. The other one will be trapped in-between. Lena, being an Overwatch agent, insists that Harry be the one to make it back entirely. Saving people is Overmatches thing, after all. And he's a fifteen year old kid. But, again, aiming for a specific time isn't an easy thing to do. just look at Doctor Who. And, like so many TARDIS adventures, they miss when they're aiming for. Harry ends up over a decade before the events of Hogwarts. But hey, this gives him plenty of time. So, with his saving people thing firmly motivating him, he tries to contact Overwatch. They've already noticed Lena flickering in and out of existence. But... they aren't really sure what to do. He convinces them - Winston in particular - they CAN'T give up! They CAN'T just let her drift with coronal disassociation. And events carry out from there. Harry becomes a part of the Overwatch team, using magic to help out. Whether he just uses a wand, or gets a nifty suit that controls and amplifies the fields of energy his body puts off, i haven't decided yet. They don't start messing with the wizard world noticeable until fifth year. The can't risk disrupting the events Harry remembers, or how would he have gotten to where he is now? It's a daunting question that weighs heavy on each of them over the years. Allowing a neglected child to be neglected when they could help him in more than just small, unnoticeable ways... it's hard to stomach. Harry x Tracer pairing.

Black Staff: "To kill. To enthrall. To invade the thoughts of another mortal. To seek knowledge and power from beyond the Outer Gates. To transform others. To reach beyond the borders of life. To swim against the currents of time." Those were Ebenezer's words to Dresden the night he discovered the existence of the Black Staff. That is the duty of the role. To violate the Laws when all other options have been expended, when there is no other choice. And, that is what Harry does. The Black Staff after Ebenezer, after Dresden... Harry Potter swims against the currents of time in order to prevent his dreadful future from coming to pass.

In short, Voldemort won, went insane from his use of dark magic, and started summoning Outsiders into reality. Shit went downhill fast, and the BAT happened earlier than anyone was expecting. Harry was forced to take up the Black Staff after Dresden - the greatest Blackstaff the world had ever known. Using the Black Staff, Harry goes back to shortly before fifth year and vows to not only kill Voldemort, but bring down the corrupt Ministry as well. No set parings. The characters are to be treated as such, not set to extremes in which they barely resemble their canon counterparts. The story is meant to be something of a deconstruction of other Time-Travel stories, exploring not only what could have happened, but WHY Harry is able to time travel, WHY he is so much more powerful, and the effects of that upon his re-lived life.

Prefect: In book five, Dumbledore makes a different choice. He decides to start preparing Harry to take on more responsibility. As such, he gives Harry the prefect badge instead of Ron. This seems like an obvious divergence point to me. I'm not sure why. I've never actually seen it done. Even in other stories where this isn't the actual divergence point, I can count the number of times Harry gets the badge on one hand. I don't even need all my fingers. So, I'm just throwing this out there. Curious what people come up with.

A World For Children: A simple AU of the Harry Potter series in which Harry is born three years earlier(James and Lilly clearly weren't as careful while fooling around in this timeline). As a result, the war with Voldy takes something of a backseat to the crisis of dealing with a massively corrupt system of government.

Bruce Wayne, Father of Heroes: This is sort of crack-ish joke fic that revolves around Bruce's tendency to take in stray teens and his reputation for being a playboy. The basic idea is that he's the father of every teen here out there(such as Harry Potter, Danny Phantom, etc...), and each chapter would revolve around a different teen finding out he's their father, going to the manor, and figuring out that he's batman. Then... joining the team. Needless to say, Bruce is quite surprised by this, and some of the teens are very conflicted on an emotional level.

Harry Dresden, Boy Wonder: Harry Dresden is clipped by a rather expensive car as he runs from Justin DuMourne. Soon, things spiral out of control as the passenger - Bruce Wayne of all people! - insists on helping him. It is Bruce's Thing, after all - helping out orphaned boys in need. Takes place some time during the Bat Family's history when it is convenient for Harry to become Robin, and continues on to the rest of his life. Yes, it's a kind of off-the-wall idea... But, who knows. It might make Dresden a better investigated for his later cases.

Keep These Feelings: There comes a time in every writers career when he or she looks at the story they are writing and realizes that the backstory is one-hundred times more interesting. This is an AU of Danny Phantom, except with wizards instead of ghosts. It covers the events of a war between the accursed necromancer, Pariah Dark, and the Observants' Council. The story was inspired by my re-read of Garth Nix's "Abhorsen" some time ago, and I've been playing with it ever since. It was originally set as a crossover with Harry Potter, and would have happened after the war with Pariah Dark... but the backstory seemed FAR more interesting.

Time Won't Wait: A Harry Potter and Warcraft crossover in which Nazdormu takes offense when Earth's wizards - only beginning to meddle with powers they cannot possibly understand - start messing around with time travel. It is, after all, his duty to keep watch over time itself and ensure that none manipulate it to their own ends or abuse their ability to manipulate it. Given his particular talents, and the vast powers at his command, he sees that the removal of a single child would bring about a halt to experiments with said powers. While said fault is not instantaneous, he is known for his patience and ability to play the long game.

Harry is taken from Privet Drive and presented to the King of Lorderon. He is raised as the brother of Arthus Menathil. And, though few know of it, he still fulfills his destiny when he confronts and brings down a dark lord. The story does include a Harry x Janna pairing, and eventually traveling back to Earth to confront Voldemort. Though, after warring with the Lich King and his Scourge, one little pretender to power shouldn't be a true threat... right? No bashing. Though I enjoy the occasional bash as much as the next reader, I don't personally believe in writing them. Characters are characters, despite their flaws or failures. And, they should be treated as such.

Harry Potter and the Prince of the Dawn: It's really surprising how well Harry Potter fits as the Dragon Reborn of his Age. It doesn't even take that much effort on the writer's part to weave the two universes together. Wands could simply be Tir'angreal that weave threads of the One Power, created during a time where doing so directly was made dangerous or difficult. The prophecy given by Professor T could simply have been misinterpreted by Dumbledore. Where he thought of it as the entire foretelling of what was to come, it could simply be meant as a warning that the Dragon was soon to be born. Rand had one, why not Harry? Expanding the story is all one needs to do in order to meld the two stories together. That... and cutting down on the extreme excess of fluff in Wheel of Time. If I ever write this... well, we'll see what comes with the dawn of a new Age.

City of Broken Souls: This one is an idea that's been nagging at me for a while now. However, we just don't have enough information yet if I am to do it justice. The idea revolves around the Harry Potter and Starlight Archive books. Originally, I had thought to have Hoid pick baby Harry up off the doorstep, bring him to Roshar, and drop him off somewhere during one of the Desolations. Harry would grow up there, and eventually become a Wind Runner. Then, during an accident with an Oathgate, he gets sent back to Earth and falls in with the resistance against Voldemort. However... that seems too similar to a lot of what's been done before. And, it lacks a certain... something... that I feel most of my good ideas(okay... passable ideas) have. Instead, after much thought, I came upon another incarnation of combining the two series: What if people in the Potterverse began bonding with spren? From there, international politics, the mystery of what's going on, fighting Voldemort, and an even greater looming darkness soon take over the story. But, like I said, we don't have anywhere NEAR enough information to write this yet... sadly.

Infinity: This idea is something that has probably been attempted hundreds of times. But, I figure I'll put it out there. This is the simple idea of a retelling of Harry Potter. However, instead of the focus on martyrdom and sacrifice, the story will focus on the idea of honor and achievement. The characters won't simply settle for trying to maintain what is. Instead, they will work towards a world that is better than the one that is already there. Not quite as dark as how I imagine A World for Children, I'm not entirely sure where the inspiration came from. I was reading some story about Dudly having a which for a daughter, and him falling to his knees when he got the letter. then, I got this image of Hermione in my head, dancing obliviously with a book in hand while her parents talked to McGonagall. If I write this, it will also probably include some exploration into the various types of magical foci that a wizard can use - staffs in particular. We know for a fact that it's possible, but I've only ever seen one pic that explores it. And, that one's dead. So... yeah. Basically,

The title - and tone - of this story is inspired by the song Infinity by Against the Current. It talks about seizing the moment, and living while you have the chance, but avoids the darker overtones that most songs with similar themes tend to have. I highly suggest you go listen to it if you get the chance, and look into some of Against the Current's other works.

He Will Have Power the Dark Lord Knows Not: This is yet another idea for a Harry Potter and Dresden Files crossover. The basic premise behind it is that Nicodemus is finishing up a job in London when he hears about Harry being dropped off. While I haven't really pinned down how he hears about Harry, I would guess that he keeps an eye on certain individuals within the Ministry of Magic because there is no way in Hell(haha!) that they would get along with the White Council. So, Nick hears Harry is sitting on a doorstep somewhere and either picks him up, or drops off a coin. Harry is raised with the influence of the Fallen, and it becomes an entirely different kind of ball game when he goes to Pimplipig's.

A Study In Fifth Grade Genetics: Rowling has said in the past that, in the Harry Potter universe, the gene that governs whether one is capable of using magic or not is dominate. This has a whole bunch of really weird implications that can basically be chalked up to “Rowling don’t understand genetics.” Chief among these implications is that the non-magically born – Muggleborns – would not exist if this were the case. In this circumstance, those born to non-magical parents are likely the offspring of a wayward wizard out for a good time. Either the parent was accosted against their will and obliviated afterwards, or simply didn’t want to hurt their spouse’s feelings.

So, basically, the challenge is to explore this and the implications and effects that it would have on the wizarding world. I have a horrible fealing that there are a lot more half-blood offspring of “noble” pureblood houses out there than previously thought.

Love Is For Fools: Dumbledore claims that the protections around the Dursley house were fed by love, and required Harry to call the place home. However, didn't we discover in book two that both Tom and Harry called Hogwarts home? And really, if what the Dursleys do is love... Well, somehow I doubt it. So, logically, shouldn't the protections have never been there at all? The fallout of such a thing is frightening.

Project Merlin: The non-magicals aren't stupid. During the late stages of the first war against Voldimort, there were many dissatisfied muggleborns and half-bloods. Things were chaotic. The wizarding world seemed to be experiencing one giant meltdown. And the Purebloods were winning. The non-magical government decided it was time to set things in motion so that another war didn't end how it had the last time.

A top secret, government-funded project was proposed and enacted. Project Merlin. Making contact with accomplished half-bloods and muggleborns dissatisfied with how the fallout had left most of the Death Eater slime free to continue their bigotry, the government gathered men and women willing to turn their backs on the wizarding culture. They gathered boys and girls from around the country, using incident reports of unexplained events to track them down. These children were pooled into a top-secret, private day-school in which they were taught by grown muggleborn and half-blood wizards. Taught not only math, science, english, and other mundane subjects, but magical theory, history, and skills that would help them against the wizards.

How would Harry Potter's years at Hogwarts have been different had this been the case?

Ghosts of the Weaving: Time. Given time, the light in which we see all things changes. Details are lost. Chunks of history are exaggerated, or purged entirely. The stories of the good once done by those who commit atrocities that cannot be forgiven, are forgotten or set aside as wishful fantasies. Likewise, the stories of our greatest heroes and saviors, are added to. Their actions in the moments of our greatest need, are exalted and raised up as virtuous and right. The actions that show less favorably upon them are hidden from the world or deemed necessary. Sometimes, even names fade to obscurity, or are held aloft as holy. The point is, all stories change, given Time.

In one age – in one weaving – they called him Pariah Dark. They called him The Ghost King. He ruled the land known as the Ghost Zone – a land of chaos and darkness and death – with an Iron fist. As its most powerful leader, he crushed any who dared defy him. And, he shaped the world in the image of his own twisted desires. In this weaving – in this time – they say that he was overthrown. In the age long gone, the most powerful of the most powerful gathered. They ventured forth to his dark citadel. And they sealed him away.

In another age – in another weaving – he was known by a different name. In truth, he was known by many names, but all were feared. Sightblinder. The Father of Lies. The Dark One. The Lord of the Grave. Shai’tan. In this age – In this weaving – it was also said that he was sealed away. They say it was Lews Therin Telemon, The Dragon, who called together The Hundred Companions for the final assault on Shayol Ghul. And, like with the other weaving, imprisoned him.

These two weavings, both incalculably different, both oddly similar, are brought together by the wondering eye of one Jasmine Fenton. Late one night, while working on a paper, she is startled into wakefulness by the beeping of one of her parents inventions. Curious, she glances at the scanner – one of many scattered around the house – and does not recognize the readings it is displaying. Slightly worried, and against her better judgment, she wakes her parents and shows them the scanner. But, they don’t recognize it either.

And so, the Fentons search for the source of the anomaly. What they find is… interesting. A grey, stone pillar, carved with countless glyphs and runes that do not in fact, appear to be ghostly in origin. No, they seem far more human, like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, though they do not match anything found in or around the pyramids – or in other places that used similar means to record knowledge. Surrounded by a number of multicolored steps leading up to the half-buried base upon which it sits, the stone is a mystery.

Curious – and with their standard disregard for anything but the search for scientific knowledge – the Fenton parents begin their investigation into what the object could possibly be, not caring in the slightest that the object is in a very obtrusive and public location. And, unable to ignore the curious experimentation and researching of the Fentons, others soon join them – if only out of a desire to get the whole thing over with.

But, that’s when it happens. No one is sure what exactly occurred that day. Whether someone spilled a chemical in the wrong place, or brought an energy source too close to something they shouldn’t have, no one is quite sure. But, the research team, made up of the Fenton family, agents from the government organization known as the Guys In White, a few members of Axium Labs staff, and several civilians, vanish off the face of the earth.

In truth, they are not gone, only gone from that world. The gathering finds themselves standing atop a hill in the middle of what appears to be a desert. A massive city stands in the distance, situated near a lake and what appears to be another city – one made of tents. Artfully sculpted palaces and architectural marvels tower high above the ground, dwarfing everything nearby. Rhuidean.

As the group discovers almost immediately, this world is very different. There is no advanced technology – to the horror of one Tucker Foley. Dangers exist in strange places. Men and women with spears that seem to almost be able to turn invisible as they move across the desert landscape. Women and men – though the latter is far less common – who can do what they can only describe as magic, and the locals call “Using the One Power.” Even dreams do not appear to be safe.

The lost party must keep it together, and adapt to the new world, in order to find a way home… if such a feat is even possible…

2012: Progress. To evolve and adapt... and change. This is something that the wizarding world has not done in hundreds of years. Muggle society, however, has. They have risen from the time of pitchforks and torches and fear of the dark into an age ruled by knowledge and instantaneous communication. How can a society dependent on making those it pulls in feel isolated and confused cope with a world where a simple internet search can bring you to parental and child support groups based on the idea that wizards born to muggle parents aren't alone? A look at what would happen if the story of Harry Potter took place in the modern era, and what kinds of changes that would make - such as confused and desperate parents reaching out to each other for reassurance that their child wasn't a freak and that they weren't alone.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Crossover - Harry Potter & Warcraft - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 143 - Words: 944,158 - Reviews: 1563 - Favs: 2,324 - Follows: 2,463 - Updated: 11/22 - Published: 5/31/2016 - Harry P., Gul’dan
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Crossover - Star Wars & Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Chapters: 7 - Words: 24,160 - Reviews: 59 - Favs: 380 - Follows: 506 - Updated: 8/21/2020 - Published: 7/6/2016
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 14 - Words: 48,229 - Reviews: 85 - Favs: 487 - Follows: 665 - Updated: 8/5/2020 - Published: 1/24/2016 - Harry P., Daphne G.
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