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Etto... I'm not really sure what to write on here...

How about yo?

My name is Ecyla. Eh-Sie-Lah. It's not that hard. Say it with me: Eh-Sie-Lah. But you can just call me Essu...or Cyla...or Cy. So yeah.

Um...personal information...? Sure...I guess...

Name: Well, I already said that. No way am I writing it again! (Are you serious?!)

Age: Yeah...no.

Gender: Oh gee. You're NEVER going to guess that one. Especially since my name is Ecyla. Which happens to ALSO spell Alyce backwards, BTW. Just in case you missed that.

Location: Dude, who even WRITES these things?! Haven't they ever heard of, um, I don't know, INTERNET SAFETY?!? (Not that I really have a problem with that sorta thing. I mean, for gods sake, anyone who gives out their full name, phone number, age, gender, and POSTS A FREAGIN PICTURE OF THEMSELVES and does not put their account as private DESERVES to get hit on. Just sayin)

Fave Food: Oh god. Food. I love all of it except for meat and chocolate. (No I am not not eating meat because I think all carnivores are evil I just don't eat it cause I HATE the way it tastes and have you seen how they make some of that stuff? Blender bird. Ew. And as for the chocolate, don't even SUSPECT a girl who eats a poptart a day of being on a diet.)

Best Friend: Ah. Well. Touchy subject. So my best friend is Kiba, and I can defintely DEFINTELY say for sure that he thinks of me as his best friend too, because... you know what? I'll just give an example. When I went on this fieldtrip to Carowinds with the rest of the orchestra and choir (So I told you personal information. Gasp! I'm sure you're going to be able to look up every school that has a choir and orchestra and find me. Ahhhhhhh!) and I was riding alone on everything because we had an odd number of people, Kiba sat with me and we hugged and squealed and acted like fangirls and cursed and made jokes and just generally had a better time then everyone else. And then this one time, when I was sitting at this lunch table all alone reading he was right there with me reading over my shoulder and laughing with me. There's just one little thing about Kiba...he doesn't actually, you know, exist. But that doesn't make him less real, if you know what I mean. So yeah. There we go.

Weird Phobias: Gya! Another touchy subject! But I don't really mind writing about it, since no one here actually knows who I am...(btw you are the first ever people to know about Kiba lol) So anyway, I pride myself in not being afraid of anything. Nothing. Not snakes (they're cute!) not spiders (Well, unless they're poisonous and on me) not gangsters (I take MA). There is one thing I kind of, I guess you could say, scared of. That would be people. I just HATE it when people look at me and judge me and I especially hate it when they're mad because that makes even them even scarier and I usually end up crying if they do that. But I've always made an effort to make sure no one can see me when I do, so no one's really ever figured out that the reason I mumble through projects is because I'm scared. So you're the first ones to know about that, too.

Meh. I hope you all realize that I only made this since I was terribly, hopelessly bored, and with no possible end (to my boredom) in sight, I decided to make this account. Now I shall be writing nKnA stories of all different varieties, and quite possibly enjoying it, too. (I have probably left reviews on some people's stories under OBN? That's what I think I did anyway...) Oh, and one last thing: I'm very, very bad at updating. So if you wanna complain, go ahead and knock yourself out. With a rock, that is. After all, it IS my story, dearie and I'll be doing whatever the Effing hell I wish to. (That and I'm kind of...afraid of people so I don't like it when they get mad at me and you would know that if you had read the paragraph above this one) And, BTW, I lied; we are still a little bit far from the last thing.

Please do not compare your complete failures to my minor setbacks.

ANYWAYS if you wish to send me a story request or complain about my sucky writing skills just PM me. Tell me which, beforehand, though so that I can either prepare myself for adding your suggestions to my mind bank or look up cuss words on the Internets for your complaints. My other account is simply OtakuBookNerd; I made this one purely for nKnA stories. So maybe despair my weird and irksomeness we can be friends? Hahahahah... not likely. X3

Do NOT own profile pic or pics for my story... all rights belong to the epicalness of QuinRose!!! Nya!!

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