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Author has written 4 stories for Fault in Our Stars, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Update 29/3/14

I have finally started posting my PJO drabble/one-shot series :-) although it is currently only character introspection on Annabeth and Leo. Ideas welcome! Check it out, it's not bad if I say so myself.

My J/L fic is moving along slowly - first chapter should be posted soon!

Update 4/3/14

So I am thinking I will now put profile updates at the top instead of the bottom, so that anyone who happens across my profile can see just how excited I am because, after almost a year on , I am finally publishing something!

Firstly (and quite unexpectedly), there is my TFIOS fic, The Best Part of Imperfect, which is centred on Hazel. It was inspired by me, coming home from school and doodling on the first piece of paper I found with the first pen I found.

Secondly, there is Nine Hearts, which I wrote in a fit of inspiration at 7am in the morning waiting for someone to come and open the doors to the music centre for band practice. I was cold and wet while writing it, so if it's a bit morose... oh well.

Finally, I am sort of working on a multi-chaptered fic, which may end up having over 10,000 words, if I don't get bored writing it. Inspiration is in fits and starts, so I'll see how I go. I started writing it as a character development in English before realising after four pages that instead of coming up with my own original characters, I was writing my view of James and Lily, so I filed it away and wrote something else for English. It's moving along slowly but nicely, but no promises - I'm just going to see where it takes me.

3/5/13 (day after 15th anniversary of the battle of Hogwarts)

Help! What does one write in a profile? I only just worked out how to put this up... After sending off a PM to SiriuslyClara begging (I'm not kidding) her (I think it's a her) to let me use bits from her profile. I like to read a long, amusing, meaningful, serious, motivated, Harry Potter oriented profile. Hers doesn't mention the only fanfics I ever read, but other than that it is amazing. If you see this Clara, you will see how serious I was in that PM.

Yes I did use the word Serious twice in that paragraph. Yes, I am expecting someone to make a Siriusly awful joke about it. Oh look. I just did. What an awful joke. (that was so apalling it counts as a minus 17 on my list of bad jokes.)

Anyhow. Me.

*awkward empty space*

This is the internet. Did you expect me to pour out my life here? I'm not fond of stalkers, I do actually like my privacy! Guess I'd better be conistent then... Here it comes.

I'm Tara. I'm in high school, and I live in South Australia. A long way from fanfic writers who update at crazy hours of (my) nighttime. I like to put *dot dot dot* at the end of stuff... I play bassoon, the most awesome instrument ever, and my life goals are to play contrabassoon and go on a year's road trip around Australia with my best friend. And become a paediatrician. Am I setting the bar too high? You tell me. Hey... I'm getting way too into this pouring out my life stuff. Better stop...
Ooh. Found the single line breaks button. Actually, I like the double line breaks. No more squishy yucky hard to read stuff.

Okay. Starting to get stuck for things to write (yes me, the chatterbox) so this update is ending here. Hopefully I'll see you when I get permission to use Siriusly Clara's stuff... Wish me luck!

Whoops. Meant to say before what I actually ike to read. I read Harry Potter fanfiction, but:

no slash no Malfoy stuff anywhere no pairing Harry and Ginny apart no pairing Hermione and Ron apart no pairing Lily and James apart (my favourite couple, but not the most important) and yes, I do read M rated stuff.

update sometime in August

So the funny thing is, I re-read my profile the other day, and the really sad thing is that I have started to get into many fics outside those lines that I had above. I read a couple of great Harmony fics, and a slightly-odd-but-none-the-worse-for-it LE/JP/SB fic, and now I've even broadened my horizons as far as Dramione! However, I do expect really good writing when outside of my ships, so I was lucky to find RZZMG while searching for a new Scorose fic (I think I was remiss in not mentioning above that as much as I used to get annoyed my Lucius and Draco, I have always loved Scorpius. He, even more than Snape, is the sign that someone can not only turn over a new leaf, but go beyond whta is expected of them by everyone from their family, to their friends, to their enemies; or ex-enemies,and ex-friends - and sometimes, unfortunately, ex-family.) So, read RZZMG's stuff, and know that I am broader-minded than I once was.

update 4 Nov. 2013

So unfortunately, some mean girl in my maths class who is usually perfectly lovely, was horrible enough to intriduce me to Percy Jackson. And POOF. Just like that, I have another fandom. In a week and a half, I read the first five books, battling my sister for first-to-read rights (yay for older sibling privileges) and whammo, there we go, Tara has dived into PJO fangirl status. And then I found out that it continued. So in a week, and actually really just four days due to excruciating waits between books as I waited for them to come into the library, I read all four Heroes of Olympus books, including HoH which had barely arrived before I got my claws on it. And so unfortunately, I found myself dragged into the Charybdis (brush up on your Greek myths if you don't know what that is) that is PJO fanfiction. And it was amazing, and I may have turned in an assignment or two a little late reading through the wonderfulness that is HecateA's oneshots...
Oh well.

So I found this the other day on HecateA's profile... and yes. PLEASE!

The 27 Commandments of Fanfiction (I'm sorry, I had to, I love this, and it really needs to be resepcted more. I do my best with this!)

1. Thou shalt not post a fic until it has been checked for grammar and spelling errors. The fanfiction gods hath given you a spellchecker on the computer for good reason. Use it.

2.Thou shalt not post a chapter of less than 100 words, unless it is a drabble. This displeases the masses.

3.Thou shalt not put author's notes in the middle of the story.

4.Thou shalt NEVER use text-speak in a fic, unless the characters are actually texting.

5.Thou shalt keep to one tense, and only one, throughout the story. Do not switch randomly.

6.Apply the above number 5 to POVs as well.

7. Thou shalt not get offended when someone makes fun of the crack pairing featured in your fanfiction. It probably is rather hilarious.

8.Thou shalt not use emoticons in a fanfiction to show the emotion exhibited by a character.

9.Thou shall try-eth to keep characters in character!

10.Thou shall not treat every criticism as a flame.

11.The author's note is not a spot for your personal drama, and thou shalt not make it so.

12.Thou shalt not put any form of the phrase "first fic" in thy summary.

13. Thy created characters must not have names that exceed five syllables in length. Nor shall thy name have more than five words in length.

14. Thou shall not insert thyself into the story line as thyself or as a character- yes we know that you are in love with yourself and are very narcissistic, we just don’t want to read about how you end up with the main character.

15.If thou art writing a story that does not follow the original story line, point it out in the beginning.

16.Thou shall not make a person randomly smart or powerful unless stating a reason for the change (a good reason).

17.Thou shalt show and not tell.

18.Thou shalt not EVER use the phrase "I suck at summaries" in-est thine summary. This annoys thine readers.

19.Thou shalt not write the same way thou speak-est- writing is an art.

20.Thou shalt ALWAYS spell the word "okay" correctly. Using the letter "K" is an unacceptable compromise.

21. Thou shalt only use clichés when thou a) art writing a parody or b) find a new and interesting twist to make such clichés bearable to thine reader.

22. Thou shalt always separate dialogue from two separate speakers in two separate paragraphs. Otherwise thine readers shalt be confuse-ed.

23. Thou shalt not EVER make a chapter all one paragraph. THIS INFURIATES BOTH THINE READER AND THE FANFICTION GODS. They have given thee an ENTER key with good reason.

24. Thou shalt not write with thy caps lock on, it displeases the masses and causes thy readers to lose their vision and make angels weep.

25. Thou shalt know how to spell the character's names correctly before you writeth the fic. Misspelling the name of the main characters makes readers angry and distracts from the story.

26. Thou shalt not say in thine summary "summary inside". This shows lack of creativeness and infuriates the masses. The only exception is when a summary is cut short and a continuation of it lies inside.

27. Thou shall use paragraphs and space the story so it is not terrifyingly daunting to thine readers.

update 19th November

SiriuslyClara gave me permission!!!! Yay, check out her profile, it's amazing!


Give a person a fish and feed them for a day, teach them how to use the internet and they won't bother you for weeks

Edward Cullen: he sparkels and can jump really high in the air. Let's face it- he's not a vampire, he's a freakin' fairy

When life gives you lemons make orange juice and make people wonder how you did it... Or throw them back and yell I WANT CHOCOLATE!

Normal people worry me

Started to feel normal, so I laid down until the feeling went away

Kids are the future, so be afraid. VERY afraid

Whoever said nothing is impossible obviously never tried slamming a revolving door...

The other day I wanted to do something productive, so I laid down on the couch and waited until the feeling had gone VERY far away

I intend to live forever... So far so good!

I hear voices, and they don't like you

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese

You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at you because you're all the same

You say psycho like it's a bad thing

I often bust out with random dance moves

Out of my mind; please leave a message

In a room full of people, you're always the first one I look for

Start every day with a smile and get over it. You never know if it's gonna be the last

If you're gonna be two-faced, sweetie, at least make one of them pretty

He broke my heart. I broke his jaw

There's nothing that can't be fixed with: duct tape, chocolate, or by running it over

Dream as if you’ll live forever… Live as if you die today

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?

Sarcasm isn't an attitude, it's an ART

A loser is a window washer on the 44th floor who steps back to admire his work

Save trees. No more homework

I walk the line between brilliance and insanity

You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me

Don't worry the world coming to an end today; its already tomorrow in Australia

I talk to myself because my answers are the only ones that I accept

If at first you don't succed, then skydiving isn't for you

The dinosaurs' extinction was no accident. Barney came and they all commited suicide

Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us to walk and talk, and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up

Your weirdness is creeping out my imaginary friend

Be insane; because well behaved girls never made history

It's always the last place you look. Of course it is, why would I keep looking after I've found it?

WARNING: Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again

Save the Earth. It's the only planet with chocolate

Mothers of teens know why some animals eat their young

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do

Yes, I do use my hairbrush as a microphone and dance around in my underwear. Thank you very much

Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional

Everyone has photographic memory; some just don't have the film

Smile; it makes people wonder what you're up to

When Life gives you lemons, squirt them in Life's eye, and see how much Life likes lemons then

You cry, I cry. You laugh, I laugh. You jump off a cliff, I laugh even harder

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

My mind works like lightning... one brilliant flash and it's gone

Why be difficult, when with just a little bit of effort, you can be impossible?

I was going to take over the world, but I got distracted by something sparkly

Don't hit kids. No, seriously, they have guns now

If your heart was really broken you'd be dead, so shut up

History doesn't repeat itself. It yells, 'Didn't you hear what I just said?!' and lets the hammer fly

I find "good morning" contradictory

Let's flip a coin: heads, we'll be together; tails, we'll flip again

Opps! I appear to have fallen on your lips!

One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject

They call it PMS because "Mad cow disease" was already taken.

Why do they use sterilized needles for lethal injections?

Whenever a choice is made based on the excuse "life's too short", it’s certain that life will be just long enough to punish you for it

It's the kind of relationship where we have a secret handshake, and I begs him to watch Disney movies with me, while he begs me to watch a scary movie instead. It's where we laugh and joke all the time, but we're serious when it's time to be serious. It's where neither of us have to say 'I love you' because we know with all our hearts they love each other. It's where we can mess around on the couch, and then I'll laugh at him when he tries not to look guilty in front of my dad. It's the kind of love everyone dreams about. And I have it.

You're a good friend and I love you and all...but if we ever get chased by zombies, I'm totally tripping you


1. When you are scared, I will rag on you about it every chance I get.

2. When you are worried, I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining.

3. When you are confused, I will use little words.

4. When you are sick, stay the heck away from me until you are well. I don't want whatever you have.

5. When you fall, I will point and laugh at your clumsy butt.

6. You laugh, I laugh. You cry, I cry. You hurt, I hurt. You jump off a bridge, I get a paddle boat and save your stupid...

7. When you smile, I will know you are plotting something that I must be involved in.

Good Friends...and BEST Friends!

A good friend helps you up when you fall down. A best friend laughs and trips you again. Or sits on you back and forces you to stay down...

A good friend will comfort you when he rejects you. A best friend will go up and ask him, "It's because you're gay, isn't it?"

A good friend will be there for you when he breaks up with you. A best friend will prank call him and whisper, " You will die in seven days..."

A good friend helps you up when you fall. A best friend keeps on walking saying, "Walk much?"

A good friend helps you find your prince. A best friend kidnaps him and brings him to you.

A good friend gives you their umbrella in the rain. A best friend takes yours and says, "Run - beep - run!"

A good friend will help you move. A best friend will help you move the bodies.

A good friend will bail you out of jail. A best friend would be in the room next to you saying, "That was awesome! Let's do it again!"

A good friend never asks for anything to eat or drink. A best friend Helps themselves and are the reason why you have no food.

A good friend Call your parents by Mr. and Mrs. and Grandpa, by Grandpa. A best friend Call your parents DAD and MOM and Grandpa, GRAMPS!

A good friend asks you to write down your number. A best friend has you on speed dial.

A good friend borrows your stuff for a few days then gives it back. A best friend loses your junk and tells you, "My's a tissue."

A good friend only knows a few things about you. A best friend Could write a very embarrassing biography on your life story...

A good friend will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing. A best friend will kick the whole crowds butt that left you.

A good friend would knock on your front door. A best friend will walk right in and say "I'M HOME."

A friend will help me find my way when I'm lost. A best friend will be the one messing with my compass, stealing my map and giving me bad directions

A friend will help me learn to drive. A best friend will help me roll the car into the lake so I can collect insurance.

A friend will watch my pets when I go away. A best friend won't let me go away without them.

A friend will go to a concert with me. A best friend will kidnap the band with me.

A good friend hides me from the cops. A best friend is probably the reason they are after me in the first place.

A good friend lets me make an idiot of myself in public. A best friend is up there with me making an idiot out of herself too.

A good friend is only through school/college. A best friend is for life.

Two man were at a bar... One white, one black.

The white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here."

The black man turned around and stood up. He then said: "Listen sir... When I was born I was BLACK, when I grew up I was BLACK, when I'm sick I'm BLACK, when I go in the sun I'm BLACK, when I'm cold I'm BLACK, when I die I'll be BLACK. But what about you sir? "

The white man said. "Well?"

"When you're born you're PINK, when you grow up you're WHITE, when you're sick, you're GREEN when you're sick, when you go in the sun you turn RED, when you're cold you turn BLUE, and when you die you turn PURPLE. And you have the nerve to call me colored?"

The black man then sat back down.

STOP RACISM! Copy this into your profile if you think judging people by their color is absurd.

update 23rd November

I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.
I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.
I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.
We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.
I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.
I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever had. I wish they could adopt me.
I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.
I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.
We are the couple who had the realtor hang up on us when she found out we wanted to rent a one-bedroom for two men.
I am the person who never knows which bathroom I should use if I want to avoid getting the management called on me.
I am the mother who is not allowed to even visit the children I bore, nursed, and raised. The court says I am an unfit mother because I now live with another woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who found the support system grow suddenly cold and distant when they found out my abusive partner is also a woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who has no support system to turn to because I am male.
I am the father who has never hugged his son because I grew up afraid to show affection to other men.
I am the home-economics teacher who always wanted to teach gym until someone told me that only lesbians do that.
I am the man who died when the paramedics stopped treating me as soon as they realized I was transsexual.
I am the person who feels guilty because I think I could be a much better person if I didn't have to always deal with society hating me.
I am the man who stopped attending church, not because I don't believe, but because they closed their doors to my kind.
I am the person who has to hide what this world needs most: love.

update 22nd February 2014

Goddammit John Green. I offered a hand, a pair of eyes to read, a a pair of ears to listen, and you took my hand and dragged me into the abyss. I have read Looking for Alaska, The Fault in our Stars, and An Abundance of Katherines, and I'm impatiently waiting on Paper Towns to come in from the library. I have cried copious amounts of tears of TFIOS, and drunk pots and pots of tea to make it through all of them. I think I am moving towards a tea addiction. Whatever. Just don't give me Earl Grey.

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Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad! by Meltha reviews
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How to Train Your Dragon - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 43 - Words: 238,787 - Reviews: 3673 - Favs: 6,925 - Follows: 5,923 - Updated: 7/29/2018 - Published: 10/6/2014 - [Astrid, Hiccup] Stoick, Toothless - Complete
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