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I bolded the important parts...

I'm a girl in high school (which seems to be pretty typical for this website :)) I like art, writing and apparently rapping. I'm also very obsessive, so if I start a story it will probably be done pretty quickly, but then there might be three months where I do it will average. Probably. Of course, I might just spam this site for all eternity, but hopefully life will get too busy for that. Please leave tons of reviews! I know this site says no negative reviews but if you really hate something please let me know. I won't turn you in I promise. I guess if you hate something, you probably won't be looking at my profile know...yeah.

If you're interested, I love Russian literature (but not Tolstoy), and drinking tea. I'm a really bad cook, (except for making tea, but I don't think that counts). I can only eat gummy vitamins, otherwise I forget. I hate socks? Uhh... I have a thing about unbreakable passwords/passcodes, so...I am also the first anti-procrastinator I've met. I do everything super fast and sloppy at the beginning instead of at the end (not sure how much my teachers appreciate that)...I've got the world's best volunteer job, where all I do is hang around x-ray machines, go to code traumas and check out paramedic helicopters.

Oh yeah, and I like Elementary and Sherlock, and have been schooled in the ways of Person of Interest by friends...

Also I have a new's called Fyodor the Rat's Basement Closet. Pretty much I'm managing a blog for a writing group at my school, and you should check it out. It'll be great, I promise. We also have a discussy forumy thing going on which we're trying to get off the ground so...if you ever get bored with fanfic.

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