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I'm just your typical anime fanboy, only multiplied by about six. I'll take suggestions for stories, provided that I'm aware of the anime and I'm actually interested in your idea. I'm mostly a romance writer, but I can write adventure stories. I am interested in things outside of anime, and if by some extraordinary means you manage to guess what those are and send me a request, I will be willing to consider your idea. I want it known that I'm not normally this blunt. However, right now, I'm in a bad mood, and therefore I am speaking rather monotonously. If you want my opinions on your writing I will gladly give it, regardless of subject matter. If you are reading my profile, odds are that you have read my work, and would like to thank you for your support, as every little bit counts towards a smile on my face. Please keep reading, writing, drawing, and letting your creative juices flow.

Well, I'm leaving the last bit up, but you should know that I am in a much better mood as I am writing this paragraph than I was when I wrote the last one, which was a while ago. I'm going to give you a little more information about myself because I feel like it, so yeah. I want to point out that The Accidental Fall was the very first story I ever wrote, and it is probably the lamest thing you will ever read. However, if you like Envy from FMAB, you'd probably have some interest in it. Although it does suck balls, just saying. I am currently working on two Death Note stories. One is a plot twisting of all the LxLight fanfics that I have been particularly impressed with. Some of them just aren't in there yet, but that does not mean I have not read and appreciated your work. The other is an LxLight that is mine, aside from the characters, the pairing, the setting, etc. I have full intentions of finishing both, and I plan on writing a sequel to the plot twister, Collaboration. After I finish those, and maybe before then, I plan on writing something for Ed and Envy. I know, I know, you either just had a fangirl squeal or barfed. I might write something for Grell and Will as well, but I have absolutely no plans written down for that. Aside from what I just typed. Now, if you like my writing style, you may request any pairing from Naruto, Black Butler, Fruits Basket, Baka and Test, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, or Death Note. No promises I'll write it though. It has to spark my interest. Now, if anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, unless it's something really stupid along the lines of "Do you like cake?". I have eaten three slices of cake within the past two hours. Of course I like cake.

Alright, this is just a simple update as far as what animes I've seen. I looked back up at the my last post, and I missed a couple. I'll also write fics for Soul Eater, Rosario Vampire, and High School of the Dead. I'm in the middle of watching Blood, so I might be able to write for that too. Well, Please check out what I've written. And, I've got plans for a Fruits Basket fic as well, but I want to to finish my LxLight ones before I start on it. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew, if you will. I also have ideas for more in the way of LxLight, but I have to let myself take a deep breath before I do anything else for them. The sequel to Collaboration won't be a long wait, but the other might be. That one wil be my first AU, so it might be a little crappy. Oh well, we'll find out when it comes. I would like to thank all of you wonderful people who have been reviewing my work. I'm very glad you all seem to be enjoying it. Well, until my next paragraph! Huh, this is sort of turning out to be like a journal.

I've decided this is a journal. Should I date my entries? Nah. Anyway, uh... oh! Chobits is now in my list of animes I've seen. Oh, and I have some news that I just find awesome, so I'm going to put it on the internet. Yeah, that's how my brain works. Anyway, I formed a cosplay group. For Fruits Basket so far... since costumes and wigs and all that are either expensive, time consuming, or both. As a result, I'm not super eager to cosplay anything else for a LONG time. But, we all have our parts cast, and we've been practicing getting into character, so our first video should come out as soon as I'm better. Oh, yeah I forgot. There's a really bad fire locally, and I'm an asthmatic. As a result, I'm all icky feeling because of the smoke. I can't sing currently, so I'm taking it out on my piano by playing whenever I feel like singing. It doesn't feel the same though, you know? Anyway, back to the cosplay group. I'm Yuki, (which is funny, considering I'm an asthmatic with a vegetable garden) and then there's my friend who goes by thinkinghasapoint on this site to my knowledge... maybe it's capitalized, but anyway. She plays Tohru, so yay I get to flirt with her without being totally rejected. Then there's Annabeth (I don't think she has a fanfiction account) who plays Shigure. All other names will be withheld because I don't have their permission, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I'll probably tell you all about it when we actually start shooting.

Back again! Wow I feel sorry for people who happen across my lame profile. I've had plenty of time to watch new animes, though. Free! and Attack on Titan are also now on my list of things I will write for. And, just to clear up any misunderstandings, I'm a pansexual male, not a gay male, or a lesbian or whatever. There were just some misunderstandings. Oh, and I'm thinking of asking this one guy who cosplays Eren Jeager out, what do you think? I actually would like messages involving this. He's in the year below me, and I cosplay Levi. It's literally perfect but I'm still nervous to ask him. Not to mention I just broke up with my girlfriend, who plays Petra.

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