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Who am I?

I'm a person who enjoys the internet wayyyyyy too much.

Full name: That my friend is classified information.

Age: 15

Gender: Gurlllllllllllieeeeeeeeee (girl)

Eye Colour: An awesome kind of icy blue. :)

Siblings: 3

Useless/Interesting Facts/ Extra stuff about Moi:

- I can speak 3 (4 ish) languages: English (obviously), French (fluently) and German (almost-ish fluently) and a bit of Dutch (like maybe 60% of da language)

- I'm learning Danish (family thing but it goes really far back like WAYYYYY far back) so soon I'll speak 5 languages!!!!!! Yay, I'm thinking about teaching myself some Italian.

- I talk (more like ramble) way too much. But people in my school say that's what makes me awesome. Hehe.

- I like cooking desserts such as crème brulees, tartes, cakes, etc...

- I am one of THE clumsiest people on earth.

- I like watching TV, surfing da interwebs and I stumbled across fanfiction through a youtube video. And I was like hmmmm, "Maybe, I could write my own fanfictions...?" So here I am.

- I am one of the laziest, stupid, sarcastic person you will ever know/meet. Wow. Don't I just sound pleasant.

Oh my god, get it together. I'm so embarrassing myself now. I should seriously shut up now.

...BUT...I shall NOT!

Sports that I do/like:

Gymnastics (Level 8)

Judo- Blue belt

Tennis- Not like professionally

Soccer/Football (if you're from the UK)

Can't think of anymore if I'm being honest but I know there is more.

Favourite Colour(s)

Sky Blue

Lime Green

Neon Colours!!!!!!!!!

Favourite Food:

Wait? Are you expecting me to choose between my life necessities?!

My favourite subjects are P.E (don't judge, I love it), Drama and Chemistry. I love Jennifer Lawrence (and I knew about her before the whole Hunger Games fiasco) so don't be like 'You only like her cuz she was in the hunger games and that's she's all famous and stuff.' Hush! I knew her before. (not personally though)

That's pretty much me. Maybe I'll add on more stuff but I'll probably be too lazy and will find myself sitting down eating fruit. I like plums. Plums are red, juicy and unfortunately small. I would love a HUGE plum to eat (size of a watermelon). Ok maybe not a watermelon perhaps as big as an orange. Nah. Now that I think about it their size is perfectly fine.

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