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Getting To Know Me.

By no means do I like Rin/Sesshoumaru pairings... So don't bother suggesting one to me, and don't think that by my name I like them. All I ever see with those two and WILL ever see is a sweet fluffy daughter father relationship nothing more and nothing less. If you are one of those people who like such stories or write them good for you, just don't get me involved with them for I loath them.

Name: ... Wouldn't you like to know...
Age: 26
Sex: Well gee..I'm a girl... I'd of hoped you'd of noticed that.
Nickname: Sin Mortis (also known better as Yasha or even responds to Mommy.. O_o; )
Known as: The Flamer Killer and the Anonymous Reviewer Kagome including email
Favorite Quote: "I know I'm insane, but who said I was suffering from it?" -By RSG

I should warn you... I'm not the quickest on my feet when it comes to writing. I write when it comes to me and that's how it works. Writing is a side thing and I don't consider myself the greatest at it admittedly, so don't rub that in my face. Drawing is by far my life long doing, requests are welcomed. Request something and I'll draw it for you simple as that. You'd be lucky if you get anything updated by me, for things come slowly to me and I don't always have the inspiration to continue writing a chapter I might be possibly working on and will come back to it later some time in my life. All I'm saying is you must know a lot of patience when it comes to me, for after all this is just a side thing. But I will point you in the direction of four of the most unique writers I know from the top of my head. Tsubasa Kya, Bestest best friend in the entire world in real life and RP addict buddy, Striking Falcon, I love this girl really I do, Cappie, I adore her she's like my biggest idol I swear and profiler120, Love and always will love all her stories.

Favorite Animes

InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, S-CRY-ed, Wolfs Rain, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, Fruit Basket, DN Angel, Samurai Champloo, Yu-Gi-Oh, Trinity Blood, Blood, Bleach and Eureka Seven

For Better Summeries Read Below This Line!

What Summeries that rest here are stories that were lost and never placed up. The ones that were here have been moved into the stories themselves.

A Dream That Became Reality

Anime: InuYasha AU

Disclaimer: Wouldn't you like to know? Until I have the prologue completed there won't be one here for the time being... Aren't I just evil...? It might just be a one shot though too...we'll see how things go...

Important: Unfortunately this story was lost in a computer failure and can not be regained. It sucks I know.

The People We Seek

Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh ( Dear God I just touched another Yu-Gi-Oh! XD )

Disclaimer: ( Believe it or not this was inspired from my subconscious mind and for those who don't understand what that is it would be my dreams... Yeah your author has weird dreams... not to mention all these things you read are based off those dreams except RMSM... that was a fling with no plot till now... A definite story for Seto lovers I assure you...) Suzaki takes something the wrong way so she seeks out someone quite different for her to think things over. Seto Kaiba. He was possibly the best person to seek even if not truly a close friend in anyway, for after all who would think to bother asking Seto if he's seen her? But who knew Seto could find sparks of emotion towards a woman he couldn't have... ( Ok to make one thing clear this is not in anyway a Seto/OC cause you'll quickly find out Suzaki was intentionally meant for someone else. So no flames please.. xX;; )

News Update:

November 04, 2007: Another far in-between news report.. LOL Anyway I have gotten my original story back and it's going to be placed up on FictionPress since FF.net does not put originals up... So if you are looking for it or are interested, you'll need to go there. I won't be RSG there however. You'll need to find the Name Sin Mortis there. That's all I feel like saying... Oh wait..I lied... Also look for ThoseTwoSuspects here. It's a joint thing with yours truly and Tsubasa Kya so if you like Naruto, humor, and chaos and OOCness than go ahead and go laugh at it my darlings. XD Ciao.

July 19, 2012: After a long session of watching Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged on youtube my inner fan girl has been reawaken. ( I also watched Dragon Ball Z abridged as well and looking forward to new episode updates from both.) The only problem with this is my brain is currently swamped with ideas for a Yu-Gi-Oh fic, which I know I shouldn't dare start on. After all I have quite a few things going on as it is. Unfortunately with new idea's comes with a plague that refuses to leave one alone. In short my attention span is booked up on this idea and doesn't want to even play with Kidnapped, Death Becomes You, or Let Me Love You. I will make this very clear once more though. I am not discontinuing any of those stories! They are just on a back board for I am a master at procrastination. However this fic will actually leave open room for The People We Seek that was thrown to the curb and never started. In short it will give character development so in The People We Seek does not seem so random.

January 27, 2013: It's come to my attention that for some ungodly reason my brain seems to be on a Death Note fixation. I find it a lot easier to dabble in then any of my other stories. Just so you are aware Death Becomes You happens to be the highlight of my attention span at the moment. Don't fret though. Only worry if you start seeing Discontinued popping up in the summary's.

August 16, 2013: Wow, um hi everyone! Certainly has been a long time since an update hasn't it? Well thanks to a certain someone by the name of Albinos and our idle little chit chats amongst each other, I've been able to finally pick up Let Me Love You again. It's a slow start and just minor dabbles into the next chapter, but at least now I have a beginning of said chapter. So who knows how things will turn out from here on out. Here's hoping I update something soon. haha...

June 14, 2015: Holy christ...It's been years since I've been on here. If anyone still pays attention to this I commend you for your patience. My life has been a hectic stressful roller coaster I'm afraid to say... But I certainly have not forgotten anyone here regardless of how long of an absence I've taken. If anyone still watches my stories that aren't on the discontinued status, again I commend you for sticking out this long. I would not blame anyone for having left on me or are thoroughly angry about it. With a five day work schedule it makes finding time to even think about writing all that more difficult. On top of that I'm hectically trying to get things sorted out for a cruise ship vacation in September so my attention span is certainly not the best for the time being. Do to having my computer up and running again however I've been taking the time to re-read some of the stories I've not discontinued. I'm hoping by doing so I'll spark a muse of idea's or simply just start typing away. I admit looking back at them now I wish I had not started the writing process purely on the computer. I find my best ideas spark while in bed where I can write in a notebook as I go along. Alas, Death Becomes You, Let Me Love You, Kidnapped, and Sands of Time were unfortunately not started in a notebook... So getting ideas in bed does pose a problem when I can't whip open a notebook and continue on with it. Fear not though these stories aren't dead yet. I'm hoping to find the time to start on them once more so bare with me. Until than I appreciate all your patience you've given thus far!

Good Bye For Now...


Rin Sessy's Girl

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