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Author has written 7 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, and Kirby.

Real Name - Now why would you want to know that?

All Usernames- SSJ-Sonic, Crystal Metaknight, SSJ-Sonic 254

Age - 16 (DoB: March 18, 1990)

Interests - Kirby series, Sonic series, Megaman X series, Metal Gear series, Castlevania series, Bomberman 64, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, drawing, occasional writing and reading stories

Can Be Found At - Kirby's Rainbow Resort forums (Crystal Metaknight), Kirby's Pink Paradise forums (SSJ-Sonic), Bomberman Board (as SSJ-Sonic 254), LiveJournal (SSJ-Sonic), GreatestJournal (Sir-Kibble)

Current Projects - Rise of Dark Matter (chapter 3 releashed as of September 1, 2006)


Hello. I'm SSJ-Sonic. A former writer. I don't write too much nowadays, with my "fanfiction feeling" dying down over the past couple of years. I do, however, have a couple of fanfics in the making that I may or may not post up here. I've been working on them at my own pace. I've been recently showing myself here now, mainly around the Kirby section (with a couple of glances to the very active Bomberman section XD).

About My Fics

Just about all of my works contains original characters based arround whatever game francise I write the story about. In fact, I can't think of any that do not! XD I try to make them as non-perfect as possiable, as I do not believe in Mary/Gary Stus, or in other words, "perfect" fan characters. Can't stand them.

But anyways, I write mainly action/adventure stories, as that's pretty much all I'm really good at writing. I might try my hand at another catergory, but it's not often. At all. My stories can also be pretty violent and vulger, with additions to swearing and blood. Just a head's up for you kiddies out there.

I always appericate consturctive critism on my stories! Just as long as they aren't too rude and/or have no flaming/bashing in between. I really don't like that. It just really irrates me when I read a extremely rude review or a review with all flaming and no courtasy at all. But I'm sure you can all agree with me on this one.

Status of Storys (in order of release)

Sonic's Quest
This is one of my first stories, and it shows quite well, really. Compared to some of my later works, this really looks like a pile of dung. It has a couple of made-up characters, but not too too many. It is completed, although I may consider rewriting it, but I probably won't. XD It's not a bad story to read, may I say so myself.
Rated K for violence.
Progress: Completed (may get a rewritten version, but probably not)

Sonic's Quest 2
The (crappy) sequel to Sonic's Quest, obvisously. I didn't like this one too much, mainly because it didn't really seem to star Sonic or his friends, but rather my own set of characters from a completely different universe. I understand if people say that this story sucks, for I agree. It is finished, but I'm not proud of this work. I might even delete it, but I don't know.
Rated K for violence.
Progress: Completed (on erge of deleting, mainly cuz I didn't like it at all)

Sonic Meets Mario & Kirby
This is a story I had a fun time writing. It's kinda like a crossover between the Mario, Sonic, and Kirby series. I kinda rushed at the end, as the last two chapters can show that. I could've made them a lot better, but what can you do? It's finished, and it also has a single chapter version with correct spelling and grammer... supposedly, but I don't know for sure.XD
Rated T for violence, blood, and mild lanugage.
Progress: Completed (Rewritten Version also Completed)

When Demons Attack
This is a really weird dream I had several years ago relating to Pokemon and demons. Only reason why I described it as detailed as it was because I wrote it in a journal the next morning. I haven't had any dreams (at least, any rememberable ones) since. It could've been written MUCH better had I remembered every detail and not relay on a journal entry. One shot, and it is completed as well. and I also know how ridicusously tiny the story is. XD
Rated T for violence, blood, and mild lanugage.
Progress: Completed (might delete, only cause it was a waste of time to actullay write up)

The School Life of Bomberman & Friends
This is a story that I worked on with my brother. It was fun writing it, but it became kinda boring after a while. This can be found at my brother's profile, Regulus 777. His stories are pretty good too, at least to me. It is imcomplete, and I believe it will stay this way for a long long time...
Rated K+ for... whatever reasons it is that rating. XD Probably only mild langage and violence, but I'm not too sure myself.
Progress: On hold... for a long time

Meta-Knight's Apprentice
My first real Kirby story, I think that this is one of my best works. I'm kinda surprised some people still manage to dig this oldie up and give it good reviews. You could say thatimspired me to take up my virtual pen and attempt to write again. It is finished, and a sequal is currently in develpment, but it probably won't have the same spirit as this story did. Just to warn those interested in this one story, it is a pretty violent and vulger story later on. (I also regret making Meta Knight swear as much as he did in this story. XD What was I thinking then?)
Rated M for violence, blood and gore, and lanugage.
Progress: Completed

Rise of Dark Matter
The sequal of Meta-Knight's Apprentice, this is my latest story that I'm working. Don't worry, you don't have to read Meta-Knight's Apprentice to enjoy this story. XD Anyway, I'm currently working on this story at a "whenever I feel like working on it" pace, so you should rarely expect frequent updates. However, I do not plan on making this story kick-the-bucket during my time of writing it, so don't expect any notes like "DISCOUNTIUED'ED!" or something like that. I uploaded only the prolouge so far, but I already finished typing out chapters 1 and 2, which I'll put up sometime after reading through to remove any possiable errors and such. This story contains several original characters, but don't worry, none of them will steal the spot light from Meta Knight. I'd really appericate constructive critism on this one, I'd like to improve my writing in any way possiable.
Rated T (possiably M later on) for violence, blood, lanugage, alchol and smoking references.
Progress: Work In Progress

About My Reviews
I will stat my honest opinion of a story I read into a review. I may also offer consturctive critism when needed. If I sound rude or mean, that would only be because I'm ethier grumpy or you misread it. I'm hardly ever grumpy, so I'd appericate it if you don't misread my message. Otherwise, it will make me quite grumpy and annoyed.

Other Stuff

My life as of right now:
My brother recently bought a Slim PS2, and he's definatly getting prepared for the release of Phantasy Star Universe, we're both very excited about it. Nothing else really...

Future plans:
None as of right now...

Favorite Quotes (it's what all the cool kids do! XD)

Kirby, this is it! Prepare to die! - Meta-Knight, KSS

Shut up. Just die. - Zero, MMX6

You (Zero) must be really busy, dying all the time. - Dymano, MMX6

I'd say, nice knowing you, but I'd be lying. - Vile, The Mega Man anime.

You can go to hell... I'm going to Texas. - Davy Crockett

Nu uh uh, you didn't say the magic word! - Dennis Nedry's computer, Jurassic Park

Had it been this side of the blade, you would've been sliced in half - Meta Knight, Kirby of the Stars (original version of Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)

It is not Kirby who is your enemy, it is myself, Meta Knight! - Meta Knight in episode 18, "Knuckle Joe Arrives"

Beyond the Veil... (disappears)

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