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Hey all, I'm DemonRogue and a fairly new fanfiction writer. I recently joined the scene after reading some X-Men fanfiction and getting hooked. Soon after I decided to try my luck at it and see what I could do myself. I hope you like what I have to bring. Cha!

Things I like:

Harry Potter

Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles


Anime: Inuyasha

Cowboy Bebop



FullMetal Alchemist


Eureka Seven


Avatar: Last Airbender

Big O

Blue Gender

Ghost in the Shell

Yu Yu Hakusho

Mirage of Blaze.

Then there's...


Fantasy Art


Creatures of myth and fantasy; Vampires, Werewolves, Succubus, Incubus.

X-men and almost any Mavel comics

The movies Sin City, Barb Wire (Its stars Pamela Anderson for those who don't know), Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Craft. There's other's but too many to list.

Things I don't like:

Close-minded people




My Dad

Large crowds of people

People who think Self-mutilators are cowards who can't commit suicide

Fungus ( Don't ask)

Clowns (Again...don't ask)

People who pick on others because they're different.

~ Favorite Pairings ~
Harry Potter:

Harry/Draco (Fave pairing with Top!Harry)






Fred/George (Incest, I know, but the twin thing is kinda cool)




Naruto/Sasuke (Seme/Uke)


Kakashi/Iruka or Iruka/Kakashi (I'm not picky on this one)

Kakashi/Naruto (Seme/Uke)

Naruto/Garra (Seme/Uke)

Kisame/Itachi (Seme/Uke)

FullMetal Alchemist:

Roy/Ed (This pairing just seems right! Seme/Uke)

Al/Winry (They seem like they'd make a good couple)

About Me:

I live in Delaware, which is a really boring state most the time, and spend most my time at home. I'm a computer junky with a liking for reading, writing and watching anime. I'm 5'1 and African American (don't like, too bad) with red and black mid-back length braids - most the time anyway. I love putting different colors in my hair and have had it red, orange, pink, blue, lime green and white. I'm into the punk and goth styles and mix them into my own. I'm a loner by nature and always have been. I'm an anti-social, pessimistic, bipolar, self-mutilating, somewhat homicidal psychotic with low self-esteem and social anxiety. I'm a psychologist's wet dream come true, cha. I spent the majority of my years between 14 and 17 in and out of mental behavioral facilities and Residential Treatment Centers (RTC's). I'm pretty messed up and use writing, along with listening to music and other things, as a form of release.

I've been writing for awhile now and love to do so. I love all types of stories from humor to angst and more. I don't discriminate against any writing because it has slash in it, or incest (which I have read a few of). I believe all have the right to write whatever the hell they want to. Besides I love reading all kinds of things. So read my work please and review (I don't care if you flame me).

Other sites to check me out (In case of NC-17 material) at are: under: TheLostSoul13 under: BitchOfDarkness under: NightmareDemon under: DemonRogue13

Hey guys! I hope you stop and read this. As something new I plan to keep a summary of everything going on with my fics on my profile. This is a way to keep everyone up-to-date on what is going on.

Works In Progress that are currently posted:

Razorblade Connection: Is really a WIP, but my main priority right now. Currently at 24 chapters, this Harry/Draco novel length fic will reach somewhere around 30 or 31 chapters. Now, for the news. I'm currently working on the last few chapters for this fic and will not be updating for awhile - I say a month at most. This fic will be done. It will just take a bit before the rest comes. Also, if anyone out there wouldn't mind being a beta for this fic it would be much appreciated.

Update on RC as of 5/2/08: Okay, sorry for the long wait on this story, but it has been bumped to the back burner until I can work on it some more. I am currently using the library computer because my personal one is dead...I'm working on getting another one but until then things will be slow. So to compensate I will be posting some other stuff I've had in the archives. I hope all my reader stick with me in this terrible time! Thanks.

The End...or the Beginning: Is currently on hiatus! I've become stumped with what to do with this fic, but I will inform you all if I end up abandoning it. This was also a Harry/Draco fic with a side of Severus/Remus as the two main pairings, and then several background pairings.

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