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--Upcoming Stories--

Inu Yasha

One day Kagome is killed during a battle by one of Naraku's men. 15 years later Miroku and Sango have 5 children, Sesshomaru and Rin are living together, and Naraku has died shortly after Kagome. Still the Shikon no Tama is nowhere to be seen, has it been cremated with Kagome? What will happen to the heroes now since Kagome is dead? Who is this new girl?

The Shikon jewel is complete, but a strange priestess casts a spell on Kagome. Her soul is trapped within the jewel and her body now wanders without a soul. The group doesn't realize Kagome's soulles body until she begins to act stramgely. How will Kagome escape the prison that she ventured so long for?

Leather-Bound Book
Kagome wasn't your average girl. she wasn't popular, she was quiet, but had a fiery temper. Once she used to have crowds of friends until her parent's divorce. One day she meets the jerk, Inu Yasha, and his group of friends. Life is pretty normal after the encounter though until she gets hit by a car...droven by Inu Yasha. Follow Inu Yasha as he reads her journal about her troubles in life as Kagome is in a coma. Will anything save her from dying?
(Modern Fanstasy)

Kagome was the daughter of the head scientist at a scientific lab. She thought that they were trying to find cures for diseases, but she was wrong like many others. Inside were humans being treated horribly. One day she sneaks into one of the room that holds the experimented on Humans. It held sleeping experiments, rows of hibernations berths filling the room. One of them held a white haired boy. She changed her whole life by awakening him...

The Demon Curse (Near done. Will premier after I finish Hold Me)
Princess Kagome was merely an innocent girl who gets herself caught up in an adventure of her lifetime. Naraku puts a curse on her that once she is kissed, she will become a full blooded youkai who has a thirst for blood. Fear that the curse is true, her parents keep her locked up in a tower, away from people. Life is boring and kissless until that rogue prince, Inu Yasha shows up and kisses her!

King Sesshomaru and the Diamond Kingdom
This is a tale about King Sesshomaru and his life as the king of the Diamond Kingdom. From being a child to finding out his parent's death to adopting Princess Rin. This is a sidetale from the Demon Curse.

The Prince of the Western Jades
This is a side tale from the Demon Curse. It is about the Prince Shippo and his siblings. How their parents die from an unknown cause and how Shippo, the eldest of the three siblings, is supposed to become a king when he marries the beautiful Lady Odette. Is Shippo and Odette truly in love? Is their unity going to cause troubles in the kingdoms? What is Naraku planning with Lady Odette?

Marriage to a Bodyguard
This is a sidetale of the Demon Curse. Sango was the bodyguard to Prince Miroku. Her line were the best and now she was assigned to live and grow up with him until he dies. What is it like to live with a flirt, hentai of a prince? Will Prince Miroku win the heart of Sango?

Two Dogs Together
A sidetale of the Demon Curse. (I will not add the description yet since it will expose spoilers =P)


Soul For Sale
She needed the help, she had no choice. Kagome made a deal with Naraku, she would sell her soul to him and in exchange Naraku would save her brother from a deadly disease. Little did she know, she had been tricked. Kagome knew that she had more then one soul, so the deal wouldn't be that bad, but by accident the deal was made so all of her souls were sold. To regain her souls, Kagome has to work for Naraku for a century. Naraku has given immortality and powers just for one purpose, get to know Inu Yasha and betray him. Kag/IY

Life or Death (IY, Sequel to Hold Me Tight and Never Let Go)
Two years pass since the previous events in the Feudal Era. Kagome visited the Feudal Era constantly despite the painful memories. She has yet to see Eden again. One day she is suddenly unable to go to the Feudal Era. Has Irizu returned?

Resurrection of Naraku
Guess who's coming back? Naraku. Kikyo plans to resurrect Naraku, but one problem. To resurrect him she must take the soul of a pure one. Her eyes are set on Kagome, not only will she get rid of Kagome, but she will have Inu Yasha for herself.

The Bloody War
With the combined forces of another kingdom which Naraku now has control of through marriage. Naraku declares war upon the Gemstone Kingdoms. How will they ever win when most of the rulers are still in youth and have little experience!? Who win in this supposed devastating when they are up against an empire which seems to be unconquerable.

The High King
This is a sidetale from the Demon Curse. It takes place 10 years after it. Prince Souta married Princess Rin, through forced engagement and through love. A war breaks out when a foreign army invading the area. King Kenta has died from battle and now Prince Souta shall follow the troubles and rewards of the highest king.

Orb of the Demonic
(IYYYHX-Men Combo ^^)
Life goes on for Kagome Higurashi. It's an average day when she goes to the Feudal Era. There she goes off shard hunting until they come across a strange and new villian. The villian carries a magical item that has extrodinary powers. With it he can make any human any type of demon he wishes. The benefits of this? The villian, Zolarix, has the ability to corrupt demons (Like mind control, but he just makes them all evil and stuff ^^) and because of his immense power with not only the mind, but with strength, he seems like a hard challenge. Already he has corrupted Inuyasha and wishes to make every single human on Earth a demon. Kagome is able to escape, but what about Sango, Miroku, Shippou and the rest? Kagome must find help before Zolarix disrupts time altogether! (The X-men people and the YYH cast will mix in with it, you'll see.)

Anime School Go Camping
The group go camping, but somehow Kaede is knocked out for four days straight! How will they survive when Legato eats all the supplies and a crazed pyro maniac burns all their supplies? Join the gang as they try to survive in the lonely wilderness with each other and the environment.

Anime School: The Golden Days
The crew are living in Golden Days Retirement Home. Most of the cast are either toothless, bald, deaf, or blind. How will they ever live in a retirement home filled with luneys? Will Knives find the Golden Prune? Will Nicky ever getaway from his grandkids? Is Knives still plotting against the human race...still?

Anime School Go Undercover
The crew are spies, double agents, and bad guys. Knives and his ally Shishio are trying to destroy the world while they live in their newfound home on the moon. How can Agent Vash, Agent Kenshin, Agent Kazuma, and Agent Inu Yasha stop them along with their other comrades? Who are these damsels in distress and what is the seductress Kikyo planning...against Vash and the gang.

Anime School: The Dark Tournament
The kiddie version of the Dark Tournament. The kids have been split up into groups. Who will win and what will they wish for? What's with foul-play? What is Knives scheming?

Anime School: Lost On Another PLanet/Dimension
When the kid genius/idiot Kazuma creates a time travel device that suddenly goes haywire and strands the whole class in another dimension and another planet what happens? Who are these radioactive lions and black sheep? Why do the lions and sheep elect Shippo as their Chosen One? What is Knives plotting...again?

Anime School Go Acting
Nicky holds a play which is Harry and the Light Saber Wielding Romeo and the Rings (Harry Potter+Star Wars+Romeo and Juliet+Lord of the Rings) Who will get what role? What type of director is Nicky? Will it be a success? What will Knives do to achieve the main villian role?

Anime School: Star Wars
This is an Anime School Version of Star Wars. How did Nicky ever end up as Yoda? How did Knives ever get his hands on a light saber? Who is the next Jedi apprentice? Why is Nicky Yoda eating all these sweets? Let's see what happens in this crazy edition of Star Wars.

Anime School: Harry Potter
This is an Anime School version of Harry Potter except It's Vashi Saverem. Eh? What's this? Knivesemort is Vashi's brother? Who is this Lego Malfoy? What is Knivesemort planning? Hogwarts will never be the same...

Anime School: Lord of the Rings
This is an Anime School version of Lord of the Rings. Vasho, a hobbit and his friends Mippin (Miroku), Merry (Meryl), Samo(Sano) go off on adventure to destroy the one ring. Along the way Nickalf the Grey assists them with his pipe and his nifty staff. What is the evil Kniveson planning? Legollum wants his hands on the One Ring too ^^

Anime School: Virtual Nightmare
Kazuma is at it again. He accidently creates a rip in the dimension when Souta is playing his Gameboy Advance SP nearby. The whole class is sent into a world where reality is not reality and everything you know is a game. There they meet the crew from .Hack//Sign and journey to retrieve the Shikon no Tama to go back to the real world.

Clash of the Celestials
A meteor has crashed on Earth bringing a new force here. Coming from an unknown planet thought to be lost. Yusuke and the gang are on the case, but what's with these girls in the sailor outfits? Will the Sailor Scouts help the Spirit Detectives against the demonic creatures from the meteor? What does Keiko have that the creatures want? YYH+SM (Sailor Moon)

Heart of Darkness
Earth is in danger of having the same fate as the other worlds. The Spirit Detectives are sent on a mission to try and stop this. Unfortuneatly their effots are in vain, Earth falls to that fate. Yusuke and the group are split up amoung different worlds and Ansem has something up his sleeve. It's a race against time to try and stop Ansem. Along with the Spirit Detectives, Kagome and the group try to stop Ansem. Who will be the one to go to the dark side? YYHxIYxKH Sora/Kairi Mir/San

Yu Yu Hakusho

Kazuma in Kittyland
A tale about Kazuma Kuwabara and his adventures as the unnoticed sidekick who everyone seems to despise. Deep inside the red hair and the fiery attitude lies the caring Kazuma, a lover of kitties.

Love Gone Wrong
Yusuke buys a potion from a mysterious woman on the streets. Told that it was supposed to cause the drinker warts and all that jazz, Yusuke decides to play a prank on Keiko. What he doesn't know is that he was accidentally given a love potion. Keiko drinks the potion and falls in love with Yusuke! Now how will Yusuke deal with a girl who's just swooning over him? How will he be able to do his cases with Keiko contacting him constantly? How will he deal with the guilt of knowing that he made Keiko into this love-sick girl? Will he find the old woman for the possible antidote?

Alone in the Shadows
While on a mission, Hiei meets a mysterious demon. As the story progresses, Hiei begins to form feelings for this demon. Everything changes when the demon suddenly dies. Who was the killer? What will Hiei do? What really happened to the one that Hiei seems to love?


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