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Hey guys. I suppose you want to know my name, or my age and where I live so you can stalk, so I'll give it to you :P

Name: Slendie

Age: Somewhere between 10 and 100

I live in: Somewhere in the world.

40. Zoey: Do not get me started on little miss Mary-Sue, whenever she gets her Godplay on it makes me want to shove my head through a wall. And in Revenge of the Island it was all, 'Oh like I'm shy and I want to make friends and I'm the Indie Chick, yet that has no relevance to my character at all, hahaha, oh and don't forget the fact I now have God-like powers and went on an immunity run throughout the entire All Stars merge because I'm a Mary-Sue.' I just don't like her, and then when she won it, I nearly lost all hope in the show at all, Total Drama All-Stars, was already an extremely shoddy season, so the producers probably said, "Let's make the fans hate us by making this horrible season even worse with the Mary-Sue finals!" I would almost rather compete in the Hunger Games then watch that, almost. Let's face it Zoke is the worst pairing in existence, Zoey is a hypocrite, please face exhibit A: She says she is lonely and just wants friends but then brutally decines Dawn's friendship because she is 'weird' then when referring to mike she states "I love oddballs," what the hell Zoey, make up your bloody mind, do you like oddballs or don't you because either way, YOU'RE A HYPOCRITE! Where's Zoey's redeeming qualities? She has none. I just don't like her, no no no no no no no, I would go on for hours about how I hate her but I don't think there is need too, you get the jist. WORST CHARACTER EVER!

39. Mike: Ok we just had Miss Mary-Sue, meet Mr Gary-Stu, the second worst character in existence, I would've put him last but his personalities (which show more personality than him) are like his one good quality, Zoey, has none. I really liked Mike in RotI, he was a character in love trying to make friends without them thinking he was a freak, and I like him in that season, I think he should've come third instead of Zoey. I also really liked his personalities, I think they were funny, and gave Mike even more depth. But then All-Stars came around, nearly all of his personalities forgotten once Mal comes around, as he captured them but still, I think they should be given more screen time, and then the RESET BUTTON! Did the producers know how offensive that is to people with conditions like DID and Schizophrenia, they go through a lot, and the producers basically tell them that all their problems can be fixed with a press of a red button, DOUCHE ALERT! Without his personalities, Mike is about as 1-D as Zoey, boring as watching paint dry, I would rather watch paint dry then them, at least that isn't making me want to punch a wall. And then the finale, well just look above for my feelings on that.

38. B:And now onto B; he can't talk, well done Total Drama, OH NO! We only have enough characters for twelve episodes, we have thirteen, quick make a another that doesn't need a voice actor!" That was a reenactment of B's creation. All he does is make gestures, has Dawn read him like a book and then get voted off, useless, I think so.

37. Blaineley:Blaineley existed to stir up drama, that's it, that is why she lasted for TWO! episodes, sure she was on the aftermath, but that was only because she threw Bridgette to Siberia, she was just a boring character who was too old to compete.

36. Cameron:Ugh, he won RotI which we know, he never would've done in real life because he is scrawny and deadweight and all around useless. Then in All-Stars, I get he deserved to be on that team, and then he had his moment to shine and was voted off, and then oh no, he needs to get back in and his simply moved to the other team where he is promptly injured and eliminated, and he is boring.

35. Beth:Beth was an okay character in TDI, she was roped into Heather's alliance but then told her where to stick it once she realised what she was doing to her. I loved in when she gave Heather a piece of her mind. But in TDA she was shoved down our throats and only survived because there were bigger threats in the game. Then all of a sudden, there she was at the finals because everyone else probably barely knew she was there. And she is boring and only exists to be Lindsay's friend and be used by other people.

34. Sam: First answer me how this guy even got on All-Stars? He performed mediocrely in RotI and wasn't even given development, he was just offed right away, his only reason for coming back was so he could be mutated like Dakota. USELESS!

33. Justin:All he does is admire himself in the mirror, be vain, and fail at being an antagonist. In his run as antagonist, for the most of TDA, he manipulated two people, voted off three people, only two of which were actually valid and a slightly sneaky way of doing it, he eliminated Izzy because she didn't call him cute?! A useless antagonist role for a useless character.

32. Dakota:I never liked Dakota, it was nice when she got with Sam, but she was clingy, constantly returning, she should've accepted her fate and moved on.

31. Duncan: Look up Writer's pet, see Duncan. He is the biggest Writer's pet, Owen places second. He places best on his team for TDI, is a finalist on TDA, is eliminated finally in TDWT only to come back in TDWT, and places mege in TDAS. He was good in TDI, I didn't mind him placing fourth, he earned it and Duncney is an amazing ship. In TDA I thought he shouldn't of won it considering he got so far in TDA, I think Courtney or Harold would've been better candidates for the final. In TDWT was when he really started to grind my gears, he was rightfully eliminated but of course they needed him for Gwuncan, so why not bring him back, just so Courtney gets pissy at Gwen, sure just make us live with him for longer, and then he outlasts the two characters he was brought back for! Of course he had never shown interest in Courtney after dating Gwen, but then come All-Stars, he then miraculously wants to know if she sees him, thankfully, Gwuncan ended and Duncan was arrested and is all on his own, a place worthy of someone who I plan not to see for at least another season thankfully.

30: Owen:Owen was a nice character in TDI, even if his toilet humour was over played and got very boring. I don't think he should've won anyway, Gwen is the better victor in my opinion. In TDA he was shoved down our throats he was eliminated rightfully but then just had to return so the writers could play of more cheap toilet jokes, I don't like that, let the lines make it funny, not an overused gag. In World Tour, for once he did not make merge and I was thankful he left when he did because otherwise that season would officially be a lot worse than my current favorite. I was surprised he was not in All Stars but they just had to bring him back for Fart Bubbles?! DAFUQ?! I know let's get Owen to place contestants placed in balloons filled with his emissions that smell worse than a dying corpse covered in dog poop! I don't like him.

29. Dawn:Dawn is overrated, she appeared for what three or four episodes then disappeared never to be seen again, all she could do was read auras, I don't see what all the hype about her is about.

28. Brick: Brick, Brick, Brickity Brick, I am indifferent about this guy, sure he had his moral code and his rivalry with Jo was funny, but other than that, I don't see the good with him.

27. EzekielEzekiel is a character that didn't get much screen time as a normal person, and when he was a normal person, he was sexist or boring or both. But when he turned feral it all went into a nosedive into the watery grave of overused gag that got boring after the first time. He is only so high on the list because of fanon Zeke, more specifically, The Kobbold Necromancer's Zeke.

26. DJ: DJ was an amazing character in TDI, his love of animals, his amazingly friendly demeanor and how everyone loved him really, he was just a nice guy. In TDA his character went down a bot when he made an alliance with Chef which was sorta interesting but short lived when DJ voted himself out in a season he could've done a lot better in. But TDWT was where DJ just got on my nerves, the animal curse was boring and overused and made DJ out to be a lot worse then he actually is and he is placed here due to his first two seasons, if TDWT never happened, he would be a lot higher.

25. Jo:Jo is a fun character who takes no lip from anyone, she was really good in RotI and her rivalries with everyone was amusing, and how she was voted out was ironic how she was betrayed by her alliance member sort of and her rival. But her performance in AS was appalling, she was third eliminated so there isn't much to say about that really.

24. Eva: Ah, the other Jo, I prefer Eva because she came first and was a lot more violent and aggressive which made me laugh a lot, which I like in a character.

23. Geoff

22. Cody

21. Noah

20. Tyler

19. Staci

18. Katie

17. Sadie

16. Lightning

15. Chris

14. Sierra

13.Anne Maria

12. Chef

11. Scott

10. Harold

9. Bridgette

8. Gwen

7. Leshawna

6. Trent

5. Izzy

4. Lindsay

3. Alejandro

2. Courtney

1. Heather

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I mainly write for Total Drama, so expect me to be in that fandom a lot. I have been a fan since it aired in 2007, but unfortunately, it just went down a hill since TD: ROTI and do not get me started on Total Drama: Jersey Shore The Animated Series. Um I am really bad at these profiles so bye I guess.

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