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Yeah, so since this is my sister's profile under my usage (can't have more than one on an e-mail =/) I'm switching her intro out for mine. Anyway...

I'm currently writing fanfics on the Teen Titans, although I may move on to other shows. Yugioh interested me until they started that GX crap. But Teen Titans is a show that I really love, and I hope to see a sixth season someday.

List of things Season Six will have to explain.

Slade: Is he gone or still out there? He wasn't seen since The End part 3, because after that episode The Brain took his place.

Relationships: Starfire and Robin have been confirmed in Trouble in Tokyo. Hopefully Season Six will delve further into that relationship, and create some other confirmed ones. Hopefully, BB will be paired with Raven, because those two have been hinted at almost as much as Star/Rob. Cyborg... I don't know why people pair him up with Jinx. She had a one-sided crush on him for exactly one episode. Bumblebee is slightly more understandable, and that pairing is a distinct possibility.

Terra: To be honest, I think "Things Change" should be an alternate ending, as many fans consider it non-canon anyway. The episode left way too much open: Is the girl Terra? Did the Titans ever actually beat whatever the hell it was that was attacking them?

Pasts: We've already seen and been through Raven's past, and some of Starfire's. I'd like Season 6 to explore Robin and Beast Boy's pasts predominately, because Cyborg's is somewhat mundane and doesn't present much room for a new adventure to rise from it. Teen Titans vs. Joker/Two-Face/Mr.Freeze/The Riddler/other various Batman villains? Check. Beast Boy's home village under attack? Check.

Argent: Self- explanatory. Argent is badass enough to have a couple episodes of her own.

That's about it, really.


On the subject of Raven's mantra:

I know that I am not the only one that sees stories that say stuff like "Asarath Metiran Zynthos (sp?)" or other various spelling mistakes involving her words. In Episode 257-494 (first episode of Season 4. Gotta love having all the episodes on your computer), at roughly half of the episode the Titans enter a spoof ad for Zinthos. And as the announcer is saying "From the makers of Azarath and Metrion," the words CLEARLY APPEAR. Seriously, she show has an official spelling. How you can manage to misspell it is a mystery to me.

On the subject of Raven's powers:

Okay, so in The End Part 3 Raven clearly says that her powers came from Trigon. Now, when she beats Trigon, her powers are white. This is understandable, since she has now gained her own powers and no longer relies on Trigon for them. So why the hell are her powers still black for the rest of the series? It doesn't make sense.

On the subject of the first episode:

Am I the only one who noticed that they left all Robin's weapons in his utility belt? I would have thought Gizmo might've wanted the freeze disks, and Mammoth might want the staff. But no, rather than empty it and use Robin's weapons against the Titans they gift wrap them for Robin. What the hell?

On the subject of Slade being a pervert:

I'm pretty sure that Trigon didn't order Slade to rip half of Raven's clothes off. I mean, come on. She's down to bra and panties and some points. I'm gonna guess Slade took some personal liberties so he'd have something to do naughty things in his mind with later on. And I'm also guessing that Terra was probably hired in for the same reasons.

On the subject of copyright infringement:

Episode 257-494 must have cost an ass load of money to write. They spoofed Star Wars, Nightmare on Elm Street, Steve Erwin, any number of B-Rated horror flicks with the Jones Lake thing, The Matrix, James Bond, and Wonder Woman. Seriously. I know they directly infringed on Star Wars when Beast Boy did the Obi-Wan line.

Yeah...That's just a few of my many rants.

Welp, Later.

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