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Name: Suzie melody Cat (My Sonic OC name) But in Japanese its spelled Sūjīmerodī neko
Brithday: 1/20 (that is my B-Day)
Friends:Amy, Rosy, Rouge, Blaze, Cream, Tikal, Shade, Maria, Sonic, Scourge, Shadow, Silver, Tails, Knuckles, Manic, Sonia, Cosmo, Megan, Blood, Abby, Spike, Jacob, Daril, Xasondera, Tigerlilly, Rocker, Isaac: NIGHTS, Reala, Jackle: Panty, Stocking: TMNT: Kirby: SWATkats: Yakko, Wakko, Dot: Puss in Boots: Starfox, krystel: MLP, LSP, Digimon Pokemon: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Bugs and lola Bunny.
Frenemies: Sally and Fiona
Loves:Singing, Dance, Anime, Cartoons, Rollerskating, reading, Adventures, meeting new friends, ghostbusters, Sweets
Hate:emenys, show offs, broken bones, Justin Bever, jerks, Tuna, being picked on, being called freak, Trolls, being mean, and just asses
Bff:Amy and Rosy
Boyfriend: Rocker or Manic Hedgehog
Info: Suzie: So you wan't to know about my story of how I got my family I lived on earth in New York city, well under New York city. I lived there as long as I can remember. I beat you are wondering why I lived under New York well it is a long story. My father/Sensei found my brothers in the sewer covered with some weird green Ooze. Not that long after that My father took them to japan to see his old master. One of my brothers saw a basket in a river he told my father, he wan't in the water to get it, when he got the basket out he opened it to find me sleeping inside. My father was wondering what I was doing in there, one of my brothers said "Can we keep her". From that day on I lived with my family. I beat you are wondering how I got to Mobius. Well one word Shredder. He was making a weird portal or something and I got sucked into it. and then I showed up Mobius. After some crazy things. I could go home, But I wan't to stay In Mobius. So after telling my family but Raph was not happy about it. But I stilled moved to Mobius. Seeing Sonic and the gang, meeting new friends and new enemies. But I every time I feel home sick I go visit Home. Thank you Tails and Donnie. Well that is my story and I'm sticking to it.
P.s I'm am half blind
Theme song: Lost my music…

Favorite Couples: Sonamy, Shadouge, Silvaze, Tailream, Knuxikal, Scourosy, Jet X Wave Bugs X lola, Gallade X Garidevoir, Lucario X lopunny, umbreon X Glaceon, Pikachu X Bunery, Chowder and Panini, Jack X Sally, Shadaria, Knuxouge, Tailmo, Knuxade, khansal, Manic X Mina, Knuxiona, Shadoina, Danny X Sawyer, Espio X Nicole, Espio X Honey.

My Couples
Manic X Suzie, Rocker X Suzie, Storm X Kayla, Blood X Megan, Charmy X Jayleen, Spike X Abby, Jacob X Daril, NIGHTS x Suzie, Reala x Megan, Xasondera x Jackle

Teams: Team Fantasy, Team ABC, and Team Rockin

Here are 10 facts about me
1: I am half blind, I can't see out of my left eye.
2: I may be a teen but, I still act like a little kid sometimes.
3: I have 2 brothers in there 20
4:I love animals
5:I am a gamer girl
6:I am very shy around new people and new places.
7:I love making new friends.
8:I have 6 dogs
9:I don't like fighting with friends, but my brothers yes.
10: I LOVE LIFE!!!!!!!!!

Why I love Sonamy

I love Sonamy, because I think they are the cutest couple I have ever seen. I know for a fact that Sonic loves Amy, he just runs away from her to protect her from danger. WHY ELSE!!!! Sonic cares for Amy a lot. He stills has that sea shell bracelet Amy had made for him in Sonic X. because he care for her.

Why I love Shadouge.

Now I you maybe a knuxouge fan, I am too. I just love Shadouge more. Why? There a evil couple. I think evil couples are AWESOME!!!! Now you may say well they are just partners. and all that well To me and a hole lot others they are more then . I love these to together.

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Mickey Donald Goofy Suzie and John the 5 Musketeers
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