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Author has written 7 stories for Misc. Books, Prince of Tennis, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mirage of Blaze, and Prince of Persia.

Once upon a time I had an old authors account and I published many stories and all was at peace with the world. But then this name was discosed to my mother, who proceded to tell it to her friends, who proceded to tell it to their friends, until the whole parental world knew. Thus it was that when I wanted to write a rather fluffly little peice of yaoi I...hesitated. And got a new account. So, all stuff posted under this name will either be slashy or citris-y. If that bugs you, run away. waves Ah. Well. Let's be a little oragnized, shall we?

Current Projects:

All stories will be on hold for the next six weeks.

Mortvi Non Mordant: Chapter Five (May or may not get picked up again, depending on life and how it goes)

Random!FMA One-shots: Tossed. Not going to happen.

Random!Janny Wurts stuff: done~! Probably won't be posted here

Diplomatic 2: Naoe/Takaya. Their batshit love is my happyness. May or may not happen, depending on my time schedual.


Berserk!Fic: ..aha. Berserk is so total love. >D ...this fic is so long and sprawling. May or may not get done.

Prince of Persia!Fic: Featuring Dark!prince (who is my utter, total, evil darling). Guh. Not sure if I want to test the Prince of Persia waters more than I've already done. But...so tempting. DARK PRINCE.

Favorite Pairings:


And now for a comercial break. Sapphy and I were both sucked into the obsession which is Full Metal Alchemist and decided to do some writing for it together. This brand new and spiffy account is Phantasian. Fear the shameless advertising.
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