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Author has written 11 stories for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Twilight.

Hello I’m Jrose452 and welcome to my little world!

For those who are actually interested, I’m an English girly and my favourite pairings tend to be.

Twilight – Bella/Edward, Bella/Jacob, Alice/Jasper, Carlisle/Edward (not sexual) Jasper/Bella (more friend than sex but some sex works well)

Harry Potter – Harry/Sirius (not sexual) Remus/Tonks, Draco/Harry (not always sexual but some is good), Harry/Hermione, Harry/Cho (if it’s done well), Sirius/Snape (so long as Snape looses)

Lord of the Rings – Legolas/simply anyone, Aragorn/his many women.

I tend to write for fanfiction.net but I do also write original things for myself. So far though, I haven’t got around to posting these on any websites but when I’m ready I will find a place for them and put the address in here.

Please don’t be rude to me but please, please do review things as and when you have the time to because the more comments I get to follow up, the better my work will become and we can all enjoy it even more. If I can I will try and reply nice things back to anyone who asks me a question. Please enjoy whatever you feel like reading today and if you don’t feel like reading anything today please do come back another time as hopefully I’m going to keep updating things quiet regularly.

I like to write mostly Harry Potter and Twilight fiction and occasionally some pirates and mythical lord of the rings creatures pop up because lets face it, they’re just so dam sexy sometimes. They are cheeky like that so if you spot one somewhere where they shouldn’t be, be sure to let me know. If you think I've made some major annoying flaw with any of my Twilight characters, it's not true, it's meant to be like that. (But my friend stole my books, so I can't check and I haven't actually read Breaking Dawn yet.) I will do soon but in the land where the sky constantly rains down from the heavens I haven't found the time and I’m having far too much fun making up my own endings to the series.

I swear I only like these books because of the miserable climate and I'm sure I've seen the ugly Scottish versions of Veggie Vamp's walking round here. Or maybe it's because it's a Friday night? Who knows?!

I’ve recently being given the wonderful opportunity to spend much more time on Fanfiction.net cough unemployed cough, the site that I’ve loved with a passion since first finding it all those years ago and so hopefully all those back burning one-shot ideas and short stories will get posted very quickly. Although if it starts to look like I’ve been eaten alive by evil plot-bunnies be sure to review, it’s a sure way to tame them and appease the Goddess of plot-bunnies ‘Bunny-o-iah’ so I only post good plot-bunnies from then on.

Although my wonderful best mate WackoJacko helps with various beta duties I could really do with a second set of eyes sometimes. I’m more than willing to return the favour to anyone that offer’s there services but you all know what it’s like with your own work I’m sure.

A few notes about the stories I’ve already posted.

The Trouble with Vampire Boyfriends and Small Cats - this is a one-shot plot bunny I wanted to have a go at since coming across many cat stories I may well do another 'Bella and her cat' based story but I doubt it would be a follow on from this one unless the plot-bunny's mate comes along and bites me on the arse!

Family Advice – is a small section from a much larger tale I’ve being working on for some time called 'A Tale of Broken Bones and Viagra'. I’ve being having so much fun I wanted to share it with you however I’m stuck in certain area’s and don’t want to post it until it’s much nearer completion. I probably will post another little section from the same story as a one-shot soon so stay with me and be patient if you particularly like this piece.

Jasper’s Tempting Snack! – was just too interesting to ignore, I like the idea of doing a story along the lines of 100 different ways to get a hungry blood lusting vampire to not feed on you and this is what popped out me. It’s a far cry from 100 but if you have any ideas and want to work with me on this little I’d love to give it a go with someone.

The Feeling of Belonging – Well it was starting to get rather long, I put it on hold for a while so I could dive into a bit of Twilight work that was itching to be written. I will return to it some day I have more to post but I’m unsure as to how to finish the story and this is why I’ve being holding off. I just love Weatherly Woolnough but I don’t want to rush an ending and cock up a perfectly enjoyable peace I’ve worked on for so long.

For Once Harry’s Actually Sick – This was a nibbling plot-bunny that seemed to just flow out and wanted to be posted much more than anything else I was working on at the time. It’s set as a one-shot AU piece and is unlikely to be continued further.

Diggory’s Tale – This was one of my more earlier pieces that will soon come down to be re-worked into a reasonable short story with an ending.

Legolas the Agoney Aunt/Uncle – This was just a bit of fun after seeing the movies, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously.

Harry and Serious decided to cook! – More fun with a favourite Harry Potter pairing of mine. You can never have too much Harry/Sirius time in my eyes.

Harry Potter and the New Life – this is permanently on hold at the moment and although I’d love to go back and re-work it better it’s unlikely to happen now I’ve got so many other new things on the go. Apologies if it annoys you in someway as I’ll probably take it down with my next major update.

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What didn't happen by KimberleyIonaSmith reviews
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 20 - Words: 74,490 - Reviews: 71 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 5/28/2004 - Published: 5/24/2004 - Harry P., Sirius B.