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Hey All,

I am currently a part-time beta for Vampireacoholic. That is taking most of my time since I am helping her with editing her older work and multiple new ones.

I am new to the fan fiction world and I am possibly thinking of writing some of my own. My taste in literature is broad, but finite as well.

I am not opposed to beta-ing other people's work, but I will be critical of what I choose to work on. I have low tolerance for Really horrible and frequent grammatical errors.

Aside from that, I hope you guys enjoy the stories I work on with other authors as their beta.

I hope you guys will also enjoy my own work. They will vary from anime, books and TV shows. It will be very broad and maybe in the future, some crossovers.

About Me: For those who want to consider me to beta for them.

-My taste in literature is very mature (i.e.: Dan Brown novels, Frankenstein etc.)

-I can write 'lemon' scenes with ease because it does not really bother me. I can write them without being too pervy or graphic (i.e.: Check out vampireacoholic's Under the Sky Ch. 4)

-Most importantly, your story is your story. Do no expect me to write it for you.


I would like to thank all of the fans of vampireacoholic. Your comments, kind words and ideas make her really happy. Keep at it.

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