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Hello Everyone, I write a lot but never thought to publish it or show anyone, until recently (Hence the name). Now here I am! Yes I do love Twilight, most of my fan fiction stories are from that until I think of something else. I do love other books/shows/movies, but I just get more inspiration from Twilight. Other than that I have a very old soul despite my age, I love old music and the rock and roll classics. I read whenever I get the chance. Its actually really sad how much I would rather stay inside and read and write than to go out party and socialize. But hey! If everyone was like that than there would be no books or stories! So I guess that's a good thing...I think. Please everyone remember that in my stories not everything will be correct factually and I am aware of that, I an NOT an expert, I am just trying to do my best, but for the sake of my stories it just has to go like that. There is always a reason for why I do things.

-That's all for now, Thank You-

-The Undisclosed Writer


Chapter 3:

Bella's Ball Gown (I know it is a wedding gown just go along with it):

Edwards Outfit:

Chapter 4:

Isabella's First day of School Outfit:

Isabella's Car:

Isabella's House:

Chapter 5:

Edward's School Outfit (I know sort-of dressy, but just go along with it. It was the best thing I could find):

Chapter 6:

Bella's Outfit when she see's her dad again (Basically just all of Chapter 6):

Chapter 7:

Bella's School Outfit:

Edward's School Outfit:

Chapter 8:

Bella's School Outfit:

Soul Mates:

Characters: Basically same from movie (Easier to remember) except just remember to imagine their correct eye color and hair that is described in my story-Thank You-

Bella as a Teenager (around 17):

Edward as a Teenager (around 17):

Renee Swan:

Esme Cullen:

Carlisle Cullen:

Charlie Swan:

Alice Cullen and Jasper Whitlock:

Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale:

I will add more characters as the story goes on

Chapter 2:

Esme and Renee's Outfits/basically my Polyvore Account, most outfits will be found here:

Edward's Outfit:

Bella's Outfit:

Portable Crib:

The Cullen House:

Edward's Nursery:

Chapter 3:

1st Birthday Cake:


Edwards Birthday Outfit:

Bella’s Birthday Outfit:

Baby Playpen:

Carlisle's Outfit:

Charlie's Outfit (just ignores james francos face as much as you can;) focus on the outfit):

Chapter 4:

Esme and Renee's outfits when they find out the gender:

Chapter 5:

Bella's First Day of Kindergarten Outfit:

Edwards First Day of Kindergarten Outfit:

Bella's 13th B-Day Party (Just imagine the right size for a thirteen year old):

Bella's Eye Makeup:

Edward's 13th B-Day Party (Just imagine the right size for a thirteen year old):

Alice's Party Outfit:


Chapter 6:

Bella's Outfit:

Edward's Outfit:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Pioneer Square:

Voodoo Donuts:

Willamette Park:

Hilton Hotel:

The Melting Pot:

The Oregon Zoo:

Chapter 7:

Bella's Outfit when she goes over to Edwards house and at dinner when she gets 'the news':

Chapter 8:

Bella's Outfit:

Bella's Car:

I am not going to put Edwards car up, you should all know what his car looks like.

Chapter 9:

Bella's Prom Outfit:

Rosalie's Prom Outfit:

Alice's Prom Outfit:

Edward's Prom Outfit:

Emmett's Prom Outfit:

Jasper's Prom Outfit:

'The Enchanted Forest' Prom :

The Engagement Ring:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:

Midnight Blue Lingerie Gown-

Bella’s Honeymoon Lingerie-

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