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Blaze (Don't you just love it!)

"B" ,"Da Blaze", "Puff" "Poifa", "Star"

14 B-Day is 09/09/89

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Things that I enjoy:
Writing, drawing, sleeping, listening to music, surfing the web, talking to myself, sleeping, acting, humming, dancing, singing, sleeping, playing video games, reading, learning, watching TV, and did I mention sleeping?

Things that tick me off:
I hate people that lie. I can't stand bratts because I am a bratt. I can't stand people that show-off because I'm a show-off too. So basically I can't stand people who are just like me. But then again after what you can see from this info, I am a very unique 14 year old that cannot be matched. I am stubborn as hell. I hate being wrong so I always make sure I'm right. Not many can prove me wrong which is why I'm a champ at debate.

Writing Plans:
Teen Titans

My Signature Sayings:
'Get your own'

>I'm the little flame that could never be put out

I've been burned once but It wasn't because of Fire

We aren't what we're born to be, we're what we choose to be

If Angels are our guardians then why are they falling out of the sky

Fate isn't what has to happen, it's what we let happen

It's better to not know what Tomorrow is and be happy with what Today brings

When they gave out the gift of love I was last in line, when they gave out the gift of hate I cut in line

Courage isn't the absence of fear, it's the presence of fear and yet the will to go on

Story News:
'Robin's Rival' is on fire! I am happy to see all the positive reaction I'm getting and it makes me just keep on going. 'Fiery Fury' is on hold as I lost the disc it was saved on...OOPS! Season 2 of Teen Titans is currently on hold. There are still 4 episodes left in the season and they won't be shown for months. Re-runs and more Re-runs and more re-runs await you. Yet Saturday April 10, Cartoon Network will have a special Teen Titans and Clone Wars night with multiple airings of each show. Best way to catch up on missed episodes. Posted 03/21/04
Go to
for more info on season 2.


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SkinDeep Beauty by Spidersense reviews
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Hopelessly Devoted by SuNsHiNe10 reviews
A simple, innocent question from one naive girl mounts to something so blissfully unexpected, it seems sureal. Robin and Starfire soon find themselves caught in a whirlwind of new, frighteningly exciting emotions, with only eachother as an escape.
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Robin's Rival reviews
When Robin's and Starfire's relationship starts to bloom, a new guy from Starfire's past shows up. Will Robin be able to overcome his new rival before it's too late,or is the new guy not what he seems?RS RB COC R&R YES! Chapter 19 finally up!
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