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Hey guys, this is Benjamin Ellimist, blue fluffy alien hero. check around my stories if you like. Thanks!

Favorite TD pairings

Dawn X B- Ok, look here Dott people, that pairing is a piece of crap! These two are meant for each other! A silent genius and a nature lover! They are perfect! Why don't you see my logic?! Ugh!

Mike X Zoey- This is a basic pairing that we all know and should love. Peoples, this pairing is amazing! Live with it!

Izzy X Harold- These two for some reason just connect to me. Crazy lovable girl and a nerd. Both of which are red heads? whats not to love?

Sierra X Cody- Cody needs to buck up and except it. Sure, Sierra, back off a little, but they could make a great couple if they just worked out their differences. That would be one amazing pairing!

Alejandro X Zoey- Crack up to eleven. But I was watch TDAS and you know, this pairing could work. Don't beleive me? Fine, don't. But a friendship could work. Just sha-watch/

DJ X Katie- You know, they fit. They just click with each other. Am I making any sense? They just fit to me, that's all.

Ezekiel X Sadie- You can't say no to this one. You can say no to Katie and DJ, but not this one! They just click! Get over it!

Harold X Dawn- Now look, this is totally parody based. They may make a good couple in reals, but I based this off my parodies. So this isn't a real pairing, just one made up in my head.

Noah X Katie- What? Ok, this one is more random than the other one, but still! It makes sense to me!

Duncan X Zoey- Ever since Mike turned into Mal, him and Zoey seemed a little distant. So why not Duncan? It just clicks too.

Gwen X Cameron: I ship it! They may not be official, but in the finale, they sure act like it! So I ship it!

A Little Help, from Fan to Alien

Hey guys, I could use some help. You see, people are pulling crap about some of my thoughts and I would like some input. So every so often I will change my poll up top. I would appreciate it if you would vote on it. I need this input for parody needs to random questions. Thanks for your time! Ben Ellimist.

I'm a Guy who likes Girly Things

MLP:FiM- Okay, yes, I am a major Brony. But becoming one was so not my fault! All my guys friends are Bronies as well, plus my little brothers and my sis is a Pegasister or whatever they call themselves! It was prone to happen eventually!

My Little Pet Shop- Ask and Death will pursue you!

My Scream- This has haunted me since birth. Every single time I scream, I scream like a little girl. Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want, but this is a serious thing! I didn't want this scream, it just came up behind me and boom I have it. So get over it!

Barbie- Not a major thing! I only see one twice a year and that is it! I like it only because Ken is funny. That is the only reason I like it!

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