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A little About Me:

Name: Nina Marie
Age: 18
Gender: Female School:
Current Employment: Private Excersize Rider (Horses)

Pets: 5 Guinea Pigs, 1 Black and White Cat, 1 Drawf Rabbit, Set of Batam (Miniature) chickens

Horses: 6 Thoroughbreds (4 mares, 2 stallions), 1 welsh Pony (mare), 1 Shetland Pony (gelding), 1 ArabX Pony (mare), 1 American Paint (mare), 1 Wild Chincoteague Pony (mare)

Gift of life: Horses/Animals

My Words: Hiya! Guess you're visiting my profile eh? Well, not much here I don't think that would interest anyone... whatever, here it goes. I'm a RPer (role player) if you don't know what that is, don't bother even asking. I love X Men, Jak and Daxter, the Fifth Element and more! I love photography, so visit my gallery ne? I also have tons of horses and have been riding since I could walk... so don't mess with the rider? K? Mm kay... I'm slightly a business woman... I love business... it's that simple. K... think I'm done... oh yes... bash my pairings for my fics and DIE!

I'm ALWAYS interested in Email! As long as you don't bash... not that I'm intimidated... trust me, I'll have something to say about you too. I'm always up for Role Play games! Drop me a line ~_

Favorite Pairings!

Jak and Daxter:

Keira/Tess (Yuri)
Jak/Torn (Yaoi)
Jak/Jinx (Yaoi)
Jinx/Torn (Yaoi)

Ashelin is too much of a mary sue... I'm sorry, I can't stand her. KEIRA AND JAK SHALL PWN ALL! Ok, I'm done...

X Men:


I DO NOT LIKE JEAN! Too dramatic and always has an issue.. sheesh.

Dragon Ball Z:


Favorite Charries!


Vegeta 3
Trunks 3

Jak and Daxter:

Torn Tess

Fifth Element:


X Men:

X 23


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Fics Coming soon/Update:

Jak and Daxter Fan Fiction Story/Pairings (MAIN THING ON LIST!)
Finish X-Men OC story - Trash it maybe?
Finish Fifth Element OC Story
Finish Edward Scissorhands Story - Another Trash?

About My characters:


(X Men Version) Brooke isn't your normal mutant, but she certainly knows how to get the ball rolling in a fight! This human/feline hybrid is Wolverine's new worry wart, mainly since he has to nearly kill her everytime they meet! She's full of fire and strict anger, yet we all find out that she was a serious project and weapon created BY mutants FOR mutants. (Sorta like FuBu?) She's one mean, lean, demon tiger machine with the power of psychic and energy components, this one isn't going to fool around.

(Fifth Element version) Ah, nothing like a newly created super human with serious anger issues to bring down the house... and kill herself. Who knew a chrysalis was implanted into the girl? And WHY is she ALWAYS getting screwed over? Too bad the ending is always so sad... no one can ever cut her a break, not even her own feelings which are her number one weakness. Pain, sorrow and tears eventually will break her body in two and kill her, unless Zorg can send her back to normal. Poor tortured soul...

(Pirates of the Carribean version) AYE MATEY! Brooke is about ready to kick ass if she doesn't get some answers, and soon! 15 years after pirates raided the girl's house, took her brother and killed her parents, the frightened lass had nothing to do but teach herself the laws of the street. Now she's back for revenge, but can Captain Jack Sparrow possibly hold the information she needs to find the scallywags responsible for breaking her family? That is, if he can remain sober for a day!

(Harry Potter version) Oh, another Slytherin, just great, and she WANTS to be evil! Will Professor Snape show her the way? And how far WILL she go to get to Malfoy to bring the biggest scare to Hogwarts in history? Geez, she's always in trouble... but Hogwarts already knew that, since she's TRYING TO BREAK HER PARENT'S PRANK RECORDS!

Faux (version of Brooke):

Jak and Daxter version) Something about Faux makes you wonder if you've met her before. Origionally found by Jak with the literal pulp beaten by her, she's currently being healed by Torn, who has taken a fond liking to her. Something about this chick is more than freaky and Jak finding her was no accident, but was wished by the Precursors. Can Faux remember WHY she was sent to find Jak? And what will everyone say about those flaming fangs and claws?

RPG's/Boards I own:
The Fifth Element

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Eco Rumble reviews
Something new has come to town which could either calm or set everything off. Will Ashelin finally be put in her place? Will happiness or tragic consequences bring grief? And why is Torn so confused about himself? JakKeira, Torn?, DaxTess, SigSeem, slight
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