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So, I haven't been on here in almost seven years, so I think it's about time to update my profile =P

Hi, my name's Brody. I'm 24, and I'm Canadian. I will hopefully be headed into my final year of university this year. I'm studying English, and minoring in Classical Studies. I think it's fairly safe to say, I like writing a lot. I quite enjoy making characters and character bios, although I'm kinda ADD, so I quickly grow bored of things, which means, most of the time, my stories don't end up getting very far before I've shifted my focus on to something else.

As anyone who might have frequented my profile before knows, I once listed tons of different writing projects, most of which centred around my favourite game, Final Fantasy VIII, almost none of which were past the "I like this title and this is a rough overview of what the story might be about" phase. As it's unlikely I'll ever actually get to these stories, I have decided, with this update, to take that information down. I have little free time and energy to write much anymore, and whatever little I do have, I generally try to syphon into original projects.

That said, I have been contemplating for quite some time the possiblility of reviving, or at least wrapping up, some old stories, and I'm seriously contemplating an update for YFFEaE, involving a complete re-edit and possibly some vague tweaking. It's been about seven years since I put the finishing touches on the original version, and as my only finished story (and general opus when it comes to fanfiction, anyway), I think the project deserves a bit of shining to make the story glow with the brilliance it deserves, and not the half-done dull gleam it has now, thanks to my seventeen/eighteen year old English skills and other general ineptitude.

Anyway, as you can see, most of my fics are about Final Fantasy VIII. I have (had?) my own Final Fantasy VIII roleplaying site, Children of Fate, that also has other FF series and Kingdom Hearts characters and GFs as well. There's also some OCs too. While the site has been inactive about as long as my account has been (the last real updates were probably back in 2005), it should still be hosting whatever little of the plot to the RP we managed to get finished before we all moved on to other projects. If you are interested, you can find the link under the "homepage" section. Please do feel free to check it out, as it's a much more complete version of the "Children of Fate" story you can find below.

Anyway, I did manage to write up four fanfics before more-or-less abandoning the site six-ish years ago, and I divided them into two sections: Related FFVIII fics, or stories that share a universe with one another, and Independant FFVIII fics, which don't. Anyway, here's the info on what few fanfics I did manage to write during my glory days. Please enjoy.

Related Final Fantasy Eight fics:

Your Final Fantasy Ends at Eight: A story about Ultimecia and her reasons behind time compression and why she hates SeeD so much. Set during the final moments of Ultimecia's life, the future sorceress flashes back to major moments in her past, all while battling the time-trekked SeeDs destined to overthrow her. Good and evil are merely states of mind--witness the rise and fall of the silver-haired sorceress and realize everything is merely shades of grey--and all fantasies must inevitably come to an end.

It's first person PoV, and as my opus, is easily the best of the four stories posted. It is also the only COMPLETE one. Please check it out. Depending on whether I remember, and deem the project worthy, I may end up tweaking chapters later, and giving the story a much needed overhaul to streamline it, make it less awkward to read, and generally make it more awesome.

Different Beat: This is a story about Ultimecia's Dark Knight, Geoff. It has a twist, so keep an open mind while you read. This story is a direct prequel to the events in Your Final Fantasy Ends at Eight, and fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle, eventually leading up to the moments where things go tragically wrong.

Chapter 2 is the most recent update made, although plans (and some actual writing) for further chapters, particularly the third, are haunting my laptop somewhere, so if I feel inspired, I might one day continue this project, as it was close to my heart at one time. Like with YFFEaE, there is a less likely chance I may overhaul the original and edit it to make it more polished and professional looking. We'll see whether that happens or not.

Children of Fate: This is my multi-PoV'd, very long story. It will follow the lives of the main cast of FFVIII, from after the defeat of Ultimecia to an unspecified time of new calamity in the future. It will be from many different points of view, and there will be a number of original characters introduced as well.

If interested in this, my best suggestion is to use the link to my homepage to read the whole story--it will likely be the only way any interested parties will see any further entries in this project, as odds are I'm unlikely to rewrite the RP's posts into further chapters, and no further content has been added to the RP itself in years, so no future for the story is likely either. Your best bet, if you end up enjoying this, is to check out the site provided, and bounce around there reading all my friends and I managed to accomplish before we all "grew up" too much to continue.

Independent FFVIII fics:

Silver Frost: This is independent of my other fics. Ultimecia has a son--his name is Frost. Ultimecia massacres the SeeD of her time protecting her son from their lust for his power, but dies not long after during her final battle with the SeeDs from the past. Frost swears his revenge on the people who killed his mother, and finds his way to the past. One by one, the young man takes his vengeance on the Fated Children who took away all he had.

Four chapters were supposedly written, although the last has yet to be posted, and I'm not honestly sure if I still have the information for chapter four of this fanfic. If I do happen to find it, and it is more-or-less finished, I might update it and, while less likely, continue it, if I'm still happy with the content. This was the darkest of my four posted stories, and I had such plans for killing off all six of our heroes over the course of the story. Whether or not we'll see the end to the tale depends entirely on if I can convince myself to revive the project or not, and whether or not I still have any notes regarding future plotlines, since I can honestly say I no longer have any idea what my plans were with this, aside from brutally killing off all of FF8's heroes in the most horrific way possible.

I once had a section detailing my original characters and muses, but neither seemed very necessary anymore. Suffice to say, aside from Frost, any original character you see in my stories was likely a muse, at one point or another, and I make no qualms about using FF8 and other characters as muses and inspiration when I see fit.

I suppose I should, however, rewrite brief explanations of both Damien and Devas, since they cameo as my own personal disclaimer-makers. Damien is a bit of an airhead, none too bright, and terribly annoying. Devas is snarky, misunderstood, and loathes the fact that I own his soul. And I suppose this is as good a time as any to state that my crack!verse version of myself is totally obsessed with all things icy, abuses cloning machines to pump out one-brain-celled freaks of nature, and have a tendancy of borrowing-in-the-sense-of-never-returning characters from whatever game, movie, or TV show catch my current fancy.

Anyway, there's a small chance I might one day add more fanfics, or update/edit the ones I have posted, but until that mythical day occurs, I wish you all much awesomeness and happy times, and stay frosty, kids. I know I will. =D

Updated: June 23rd, 2011

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